How Victoria Doramus is Supporting Businesses after Overcoming Drug Addiction

The final measure of a man lies in his attitude when there are challenges and not when there are comfort and convenience. Those are the words of Martin Luther Junior King. Perhaps you have heard of these words. One person who has stood the test of time over the last few years is Victoria Doramus.

A Preview of Doramus and her Career

Victoria Doramus is prominent for overcoming her challenges. Strength and dedication define her character as an individual. Today, she speaks more of her career success. As an experienced marketer and brand ambassador, she has cultivated the virtue of patience. She has also worked hard to ensure that she is consistent with the current brands in the industry. As such, Doramus is known for having a rich culture and history in creative work, design, including consumer retail trends. Apart from that, she has worked as Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, in addition to Trendera. Besides, Doramus has also worked as Peter Borg’s assistant.


There has never been a more thrilling moment to be a marketing guru. Today, new technologies are popping up on a daily basis. They have been designed to assist marketing professionals in analysing data as well as automate tasks. Even with all the tools, there is a demand for an excellent range of skills. That is where Victoria Doramus comes in again. She is an experienced marketer with a never-ending aura of cocktails and parties to deliver speeches on behalf of glamorous makeup companies while celebrating the success stories of different brands.

Overcoming Challenges

Even though Doramus has been successful in her business, it did not come the easy way. She is a former substance abuser and has spent most of her time recovering from the addiction. She terms this as a long process coupled with difficulties especially after she hit rock bottom. But, thanks to her courage and determination, she is now sober. She uses her story to empower people experiencing challenges in life to be better especially when battling drug use. Apart from that, Doramus is convinced that everyone irrespective of their situation can overcome challenges.

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