Steve Ritchie, New CEO at Papa John’s Helm

Listen up Papa John’s fans, the new CEO, Steve Ritchie is now at the helm steering the wheel without losing time. Steve has been in the company’s ranks for over 22 years before becoming the Chief Executive Officer.

To help employees learn how to interact with all customers on a higher level, he implemented diversity training for all employees. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s believes in equality for all stating insensitive language will not be tolerated in any part of the Papa Johns corporation nor will racism be allowed at any level.

Not wanting to waste any time Steve Ritchie started implementing changes in the company culture. He started auditing the company’s culture by bringing in experts to help enact the changes. He stated the experts will help identify strengths and weaknesses alike to get a clear understanding of where to start setting goals to make improvements. Senior management will be visiting locations in person to gather feedback for the path going forward. He informed of more transparency going forward and says he expects the customers to hold the company accountable

Citing the company has over 123,000 team personnel in both corporate and franchise locations globally. These are people from diverse communities and from all walks of life. They all strive to provide customers and friends with better service and superior products. They provide positive influences in your communities. You should also read Steve’s apology letter on Facebook.

In an article from CNBC, Steve Ritchie will be fully involved in the process because he knows this is the most important thing for the entire company at this time. He knows through hard work and diligence that Papa John’s will be able to earn the trust of customers; which is what the entire team at Papa John’s wants. He realizes the only reason they are in business is that of continued customer loyalty and wishes to thank all customers for their loyalty and the honor of serving them. Find out more about Steve by checking his Bloomberg profile.

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