Fortress Investment Group Tires the Railroad Business with Brightline

Wes Edens became one of three founding members of Fortress Investment Group back in 1998. Today the firm controls $70.2 billion dollars in private equity, hedge funds, and alternative assets. Its investors provide funding for a multitude of ventures, some of which are quite cutting edge. The group is a forward thinker, and always focuses on investments with future. They do not miss opportunities despite risk, and it has paid off.

One such opportunity is the development of a private-owned commuter rail line. It is called Brightline and services the neighboring Florida cities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Across the U.S. there are neighboring cities that lie a short distance from each other. Anywhere between thirty minutes to a couple of hours. Because of this they experience an influx of commuters who travel between the two for work and pleasure. Obviously in Miami and Fort Lauderdale’s case it has to do with work. People can live in one city, and work in the other. The only problem is that so many do this the thirty minute commute becomes an hours long traffic jam. Enter Brightline which offers fast, luxurious, seamless travel from point A to point B. Brightline makes the trek in thirty minutes, offers passage several times throughout the day, and contains on board pleasantries. There is free Wi-fi energy sockets for portable devices, comfy seats, and even a food service for those who need to eat on the go. Fortress Investment Group has banked on the quality of convenience and won. So far Brightline is not just successful, it is also beneficial to the economy around it.

Wes Edens plans on pushing Fortress Investment Groups success even further. He wants to establish several rail lines in adjoining states, connecting sister cities. The system could revolutionize public transportation and that creates endless possibilities. Fortress Investment Group is all about possibilities, that is why it is labeled an alternative asset firm. Fortress Investment Group embraces the future and banks on its investments to become a rooted part of it.

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