Vijay Eswaran’s Business and Personal Philosophies

Vijay Eswaran learned leadership skills from his father at a tender age. He was taught that a good leader is the one who is willing and knows how to serve others. He watched his father work tirelessly to develop people and make them focus on his selfless work.

He believes that a leader is one who puts other people’s needs before their own. Vijay was significantly influenced by books about life philosophies of prominent leaders globally. These leaders were great servants with served roles beyond their interests.

Qualities of Servant Leadership

Good leaders should care for their subjects. In the case of a business, if you take good care of your employees, they will in turn care for your clients. So, servant leadership will care for others unconditionally without constraint and restraint.

Servant leadership calls for clear vision. The vision will make one to set goals to meet. When you have a clear idea and goals to achieve, communicate them to your subjects so that you can reach the objectives together. If you show them the way, everybody will understand their role and appreciate to be part of the organization.

Vijay Eswaran believes that leaders with core values of acceptance, truth, and honesty will achieve their goals with little efforts. These values will run down your whole system, and the organization will play their role with trust and confidence in you.

Commitment is very crucial to the growth of any organization. This value should be displayed in servant leadership for others to emulate. When everybody is committed, the business will automatically grow.

Since no leader chose to lead but was driven by passion, they need to sacrifice for others. Besides, they should be ready and willing to serve others by sacrificing time and resources for the sake of achieving their goals. Then, they prove to be real leaders.

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