Why Jacob Gottlieb Is Winding Down Visium

Jacob Gottlieb has been in the financial industry for 20 years. He got his start at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. where he analyzed companies in the worldwide healthcare industry. As a graduate of New York University’s School of Medicine where he earned his medical degree, his educational background made him well-suited for this position. He moved on and briefly worked for Merlin Biomed Group before joining Balyasny Asset Management.

While at Balyasny he put together a very experienced team and became this company’s top earner. He wanted to manage even more money and so Jacob Gottlieb decided to form his own financial company which would be wholly focused on investing in healthcare companies. He took the team he created at Balyasny with him when he left and founded Visium in 2005. Visium was started with $300 million in seed money. In 2016, Visium was managing $8 billion in its hedge fund and employed 170 people.

Jacob Gottlieb says that a bond mis-marking resulted in his hedge fund collapsing. As a result he is the only senior executive left at this company as he works to wind it down in an orderly fashion. He remains as this company’s chief investment officer and says he will continue to manage Visium until his job is complete, going down like the captain does on a sinking ship.

The team members that Jacob Gottlieb had brought with him from Balasny have since gone in very different directions. Joshua Brown was a partner at Visium and was also a portfolio manager. He left Visium and now works at Paulson & Co. as a senior vice president. Steven Ku had been the chief operating officer at Visium. He decided to leave the financial industry behind and is now at NextGen Church where he is the executive minister.

Ron Belldegrun had played a pivotal role at Visium. After he left he co-founded a new investment firm called Consumer Health Ventures. Neetu Dhaliwal had spent six years working at Visium as a senior analyst. Not much is known what he is up to nowadays except that he continues to be a healthcare investor.


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