Vinod Gupta: Generating leads for a better generation

Leaving a mark in the lead generation industry..

In 1972, Vinod Gupta the owner and CEO was able to open his company with a $100 dollar investment. He was able to use the mastering of his skills in the lead generation industry, to build his company into a multimillion-dollar company-selling it for $680 million dollars in 2010. His savvy and philanthropic approach to business has been a successful recipe for all of us to learn.

Vinod Gupta comes from a history of working in the lead-generation & networking industry. His dedication to providing a better lead generation system for his clients is where his desire to strive above his competition comes from. His goal is to connect business owners and customers through a medium called is a business website that brokers the connection and creating a business relationship between businesses and customers. Companies pay a monthly fee to sell or market their product or service on, then once the initiation has been made, they both can take their business project and move forward with it.

There is so much competition in the lead generation industry, so Vinod Gupta studied his competitors and their products and spent countless hours understanding how the customers in that industry navigate when trying to find a product or service. This pushed him into creating a simpler and more user-friendly platform for people to use. He also made it affordable and possible for businesses to market directly to their “niche” customers, instead of being thrown into a large pool of undecided or unvetted customers.

It’s small but yet simple changes that show the detailed concerns that Vinod Gupta has and how invested he is in providing advantageous solutions for everyone on both sides of the spectrum. has over 100,000 users and 10,000 subscribers because it works, the freemium model works, especially from a business owner’s perspective. From the unlimited leads to the long email-lists that are provided from through their CRM package that only costs the business owner’s $49.99 a month-it’s a win, win. We could all take a page out of Vinod Gupta’s playbook and can respect the hard work and dedication that he continues to still do.

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