The Legacy of Robert Deignan

What do you see when you think about success? The vision of someone being successful in today’s society, is an individual who exhibits great diligence, effort, and commitment to working hard. No one exemplifies these characteristics but Robert Deignan. Robert Deignan is an entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of ATS Digital Services. ATS Digital Services is a digital support company that helps their clients with any technological concerns. The company was established since 2011. Robert graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Robert created the idea of ATS Digital Services from an anti-malware software company. The company had a lot of technical issues. Robert and his colleagues searched thoroughly for a solution. With their success and moving on from the anti-malware software company, Deignan and his peers created a helpful business. One thing that Robert always pursued and was passionate about was customer service. He wants all of his customers to know, if they have conducted business with ATS, they have received the best customer service. This commitment helped the ATS become the first business certified by AppEsteem. He was not surprised by this achievement because he was always focused on customer satisfaction.

Some support lines that you reach will give you the run around. Instead of actually fixing the problem, they will do something temporary to make the client satisfied or offer a service that they don not need. Robert Deignan understands a customer’s love of technology and frustration when things will not go right with it. Robert Deignan just isn’t an understanding man, but an intelligent one as well. He learned early on the more he made his clients lives easier, the business would continue to thrive. Robert Deignan is truly a successful man. Meanwhile, your smartphone or computer has problems, Robert and the ATS is looking for a solution.

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