Reserve breaks new ground in health drinks

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global in 2009, they wanted to create a company that would serve as a capstone to a life spent building companies in the direct-selling industry. The couple had made enough money to retire by the time they had reached their early 30s. Yet, Ray and Lewis had pressed on, continuing to create and grow some of the top businesses in the North American direct-selling industry.

Now, the industrious couple wanted to give back. No longer were Ray and Lewis interested in further accumulation of wealth. They already had more money than they could reasonably spend in multiple lifetimes. Instead, the couple wanted to create groundbreaking products that would leave a lasting positive legacy on the world while also spreading genuine economic opportunity across the globe. This was the vision behind the formation of Jeunesse Global.

And this vision continues to be reflected in the company’s products to this day. One example of the innovation and rigor with which Ray and Lewis approach their trade can be seen in the company’s Reserve health drink. Made with the most potent molecule in red wine, resveratrol, Reserve delivers all of the benefits of regular red wine consumption without the risk of severe side effects of alcohol consumption.

Reserve also contains a number of what Jeunesse refers to as superfruits. These include concord grape, pomegranate, blueberries and acai. What all of these superfruits have in common is a powerful capacity to protect against oxidative stress, one of the leading causes of coronary artery disease. This effect has been clinically shown to protect against heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease. In fact, the risk factors for these illnesses can be lowered to an extent that corresponds to a roughly five-year increase in life expectancy. And with Reserve, this can be had with absolutely no side effect.

What’s more, Reserve is one of the best-tasting health drinks on the market. With no artificial flavoring, the 100 percent natural fruit flavor of Reserve makes it easy to not only consume the drink regularly, but to become addicted to the fantastic and thirst-quenching heart-protective beverage.

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