Sujit Choudhry’s view on the State of Democracy

Sujit Choudhry is well known for his engaging discourses on constitutional law. The politics professor is an admired opinion maker in the political scene.

He has been following constitutional democracies in crisis and has recently written a publication that will be a chapter of a book whose release is imminent, check His opinions was made in response to a tweet by the immediate former A.G. Eric Holder late last year. In his tweet Eric Holder drums up support for Robert Mueller and calls for peaceful demonstrations in the event that the White House Special Counsel is fired.

Sujit Choundry felt that the tweet would influence events at the White House. It would also leave judgement of the integrity of government officials to the general public. He stated that the tweet would most likely undermine the judicial arm of government. Its power to protect the constitution and point out those acting contrary to it would be curtailed.

The fact that Eric Holder did not talk about the laid out structures in the law that could be used to defend Bob Mueller was also quite perplexing. Holder’s use of the ‘red line’ in his tweet could be viewed as a democratic failure according to Sujit Choundry.

The chapter elaborates further on the decline of constitutional democracy experienced in different parts of the world. The Cold War marked the beginning of this decline and things have not gotten any better. He alluded to the Law and Justice Party of Poland that recently ascended to power and is taking strides to consolidate its power.

He expounds on the threats that their Constitutional Court has experienced in an attempt to undermine its authority. Sujit Choundry talks about the seemingly harmless steps that the party has taken since the 2015 elections. Looked at separately they didn’t mean much but when brought together they were enough to stage a new constitutional dispensation according to the scholar.

In his publication he also mentions the threat that democratic backsliding poses to democracies ( Given that outright coups are becoming a thing of the past, sitting governments are devising legal means to instigate autocracy. Sujit Choundry has blamed the laxity in the international towards maintaining democracies for the rise of this new strategy. He fears that the fall of Weimar Germany may be experienced if democratic vigilance is not upheld.

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