Nick Vertucci, The Beginning Of Something Beautiful

Nick Vertucci Grew up in a normal middle to lower class family where the daily struggle to make ends meet was commonplace and the need for money from lack and scarcity was generally an everyday occurrence. He grew up in rags and did not know what it was the universe had in store for him. Then at the age of ten years old his father died and obviously the loss devastated the family and their finances as imagined.

The struggles were real and painful, but Nick Vertucci started to head in the right direction when he at the golden age of eighteen years produced a business system that simply manufactured bits and pieces of computer systems just in case any one might have come across a broken area in their computer. This was back when the buble related to the dot com shares were rising and the tension to own a computer was escalating in the masses.

Although Nick Vertucci saw the trend and went for what was earning money instead of fussing with the trivial matters of life, dot com was not an actual company that provided goods and services to the masses and therefore had no solid rock and ground to stand on. Even though people were buying shares in the company which is also where he happened to put his capital at during that time, the missing business systems in the so called business collapsed like a game of jenga and Nick Vertucci lost his initial capital along with taking a plunge with his recently up and working business scheme.

Though the blows were hard both in his heart and in his pockets he did not quit and he kept his resolve with a firm dedication to his decisions of becoming financially free. It was at that time when he found himself at an education workshop for real estate investing, and that was what blew up his worldview because it sparked a fire and a flame inside of him that never left him or made him the same again. He firmly worked and hustled for the next ten years of his adult life in the science of real estate to eventually find himself selling family homes to hundreds of tenants in the world at the same time.

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