Glen Wakeman is Helping Companies Turn Their Ideas into Plans

Curiosity. Knowledge. Creativity. These are three things that businessman and entrepreneur Glen Wakeman knows first hand. He also knows and understands that these three things can help turn an idea into a successful business. With curiosity comes ideas. With ideas, one must expand their knowledge to gain know-how. Last but not least once you have the idea and the knowledge it’s essential that you have the creativity to bring it all to life and turn that idea into reality (Ideamensch).

Knowing firsthand what it takes to start a business, Glen Wakeman is diverse in the many obstacles that startups encounter that ultimately cause them to fail. One of those obstacles is not being able to turn their idea into a comprehensive business plan. This is something that Glen saw with entrepreneurs time and time again throughout his career that ultimately led him to found Launchpad Holdings. Launchpad Holdings is a Services as a Software (SaaS) company that provides startups with innovative online tools that guide them through the process of turning their ideas into impeccable business plans that are sure to succeed.

Not only is Glen an entrepreneur and businessman, he is also an investor, mentor, and writer. Glen can often be found mentoring C-level executives on business development, strategy, and other aspects in which he has significant knowledge surrounding due to his extensive global market firsthand experiences. Before becoming the founder and CEO of Launchpad Holdings, Glen held the position of CEO of the Latin America branch of GE Money. Throughout his career with GE, Glen Wakeman lived in 6 different companies and helped to build operations from the ground up in 9. While at the company he held positions in technology, general management, operations, business development, country management and regional management before taking on the role as CEO.

One thing that has remained the same throughout his entire career is his passion and dedication to helping others reach their goals and find success. This is exactly what Glen does every day through Launchpad Holdings so if you have an idea but are stuck on how to turn that idea into a legitimate business plan, reach out to Glen today!


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