Roberto Santiago Helping Manaira Shopping Mall Evolve With Time

One of the entrepreneurs who has been in the national news of Brazil for many years now is Roberto Santiago. He is a self-made millionaire who has ensured that he contributes to the economy of the country. Over the years, Roberto Santiago has started many profitable ventures in the field of entertainment, manufacturing, packaging, and more. Most of his business ventures have been highly successful, which has helped him diversify his investment and expand his horizon into other sectors. Mangabeira Shopping Mall and Manaira Shopping Mall are two leading malls in Brazil that are developed and owned by Roberto Santiago.


Manaira Shopping Mall is the most prominent mall in the state of Paraiba in Brazil and the number one destination for entertainment and fun in the city of Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago has used his creativity to ensure that the Manaira Shopping Mall has all that the residents were asking for long. Not only does the Manaira Shopping Mall has a lot of activities to engage in for the young as well as the adults alike, but it is also the top shopping destination in the city. From local brands to some of the top international brands have their stores at the mall. Whether you want to go shopping or want to spend some quality time roaming around in this massive mall, rest assured that Manaira Shopping Mall has a lot to offer to you.


Manaira Shopping Mall is spread across the massive area of nearly 135,000 square meters. The mall has seen several rounds of expansion over the years since it started in 1989. The mall has been rapidly evolving since it was inaugurated to ensure that it keeps up to the international standards. Roberto Santiago has assured that the Manaira mall gets some of the top global brands that the people of Joao Pessoa have been looking forward to. As far as entertainment is concerned, there is bowling alley as well as eight screens of cinema halls that people can enjoy it.


The food court at the Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the most extensive in the region, and there is a wide variety of local and international cuisines to choose from. There is also an exclusive restaurant line up at the Manaira Shopping Mall with some of the most exotic restaurants in the city. The first restaurant that started here was the Capital Steak House, which continues to be a favorite among the locals here. The Manaira Shopping Mall has an auditorium built on the terrace that is known as Domus Hall. It is known for holding significant scale events such as conferences and concerts. Many exhibitions and seminars also take place at the Domus Hall, which has a capacity of over 8,000 people.

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