How Tony Petrello Has Managed To Transform Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello, who many people call “Tony”, has made tremendous achievements in his lifetime. It was evident that Tony would accomplish many great things right at his tender age. His early potential has been fulfilled today since he is one of the respected CEOs in the world. The way he has successfully risen to dizzying heights is amazing. He was once the country’s highest-paid executive officer. Tony’s birth and childhood history cannot be associated with privilege and wealth. He grew in Newark in an ordinary working family in New Jersey. Though with an extraordinary mind, Tony went to public schools and his gifted mind later saw him go to many places across the world.

From his teenage, Tony was a mathematical genius. This saw him attend some of the most country’s prestigious and competitive universities. While in these universities, Tony met a few of the greatest global scholars who impacted him with exceptional and incredible wisdom. He went to Yale University to do mathematics where he earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in the same subject. He then went to Harvard Law School for his Ivy League education. It’s among the best law schools the world has today. He earned his Juris Doctor and then went to Baker McKenzie, a prestigious law firm in New York City.

Today, Tony Petrello is an irresistible and powerful force in the gas and oil industry. He has become a powerful leader of a major company through the abilities he earned from his early experiences. Nabors Industries is among the powerful companies in the energy field all over the world and Tony heads it. Nabors Industries is known for is excellent offshore and land-based drilling operations. Nabors Industries operates and owns the biggest fleet of drilling rigs in the land. The company also provides world-class offshore drilling rigs.

Tony has been the chief executive officer, president and board chairman of Nabors Industries since 2012. It is an extraordinary honor to hold these three powerful positions successfully in such a powerful company. Tony is known to have exceeded the expectations Nabors Industries had from him. Nabors Industries has dominated the energy field through the exceptional organization and leadership Tony has shown especially in generating strategic plans. Tony has a compassionate heart that always makes him give back to the community and help the less fortunate. He has contributed about 150, 000 dollars to Yale University and 7 million dollars to the Children’s Hospital in Texas.

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