PSI-Pay was initiated by Gregory Sumner in 1998 with the notion to instigate service, professionalism and integrity to every one of its clients. Its managing director is Phil Davis. The company provides pre-employment contextual checks, inoculation tracking, E-verifying and proprietor reference checks and allows associates to pull out funds from native banking networks transversely over a hundred and seventy-three nations in over forty-four currencies. They ensure extreme precision by establishing a thorough background check through an eminence control procedure that warrants that all portions of the report are assessed which guarantees customers of quality results. PSI-Pay provides a medium that enables money to move freely globally between consumers and businesses or customer’s personnel by providing stout, innovative machinery and multi-currency dais. It has current accounts that enable wired money transfers transparent, easy and secure.
Kerv is among the chief innovators in the unconventional payment industries while PSI-Pay is a major company in the United Kingdom majoring in payment cards and digital account provision in the global market and with this in mind, the two companies have partnered to establish the biggest contactless payment circle released to the world’s market. In the merger, the two companies will now use Phil David’s company’s MasterCard license that is set to enable Kiev’s online payment circle in nearly thirty-eight million areas worldwide. Credit cards and debit cards or PayPal money transfers will also be used by Kerv users to endow their accounts through auto top-up or manual load service and even use virtual cards to make contactless payments. According to Phil Davis, it will be an esteemed pleasure to work with Kiev as they will provide the most innovative and worthwhile solutions for contactless payment.
PSI-Pay’s best financial year was 2015 where they were able to increase their sales margin by 29%, income returns moved up by 45% and their profit before tax increased with w margin of 5.5%. This came after the company announced increase revenue by 15% and with a gross profit up by 43% in 2014. The managing director, Phil Davis attributed this major achievement to his team’s exertions and the promotional proficient campaigns, extension into other countries, the affiliate program launches and inculcation of new products into the organization. He continues to say that he is contented with the development sponsorship in the payment card platform which has enabled their exceptional corporate model to become highly productive.

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