Malcolm CasSelle Set to Revolutionize Digital Exchanges

OPSkins is a bitcoin merchant that sales in-game assets to users on a global scale, and they are no slouch. In fact, they are a leader in their field with Malcolm CasSelle as Chief Technology Officer. Unlike real-world trade, digital trade happens in the blink of an eye and more often across borders, but it comes with its share of issues: fragmentation and fraud.

The next step, therefore, is to introduce a decentralized market to resolve issues of fragmentation and fraud. The way OPSkins has decided to go about this is by implementing a blockchain within their marketplace. A blockchain would allow for an immutable way to decentralize their virtual market. They call it the Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX, and it has the potential to of not only revolutionize digital exchange but also solving the two problems they are facing with their existing centralized market.

As a peer-to-peer virtual marketplace, the idea is to allow buyers and sellers to exchange virtual assets with one another through blockchain-enabled widgets and smart contracts. The widgets would enable users to make purchases without forcing them to leave their game. Whereas the smart contract is a way to ensure the transaction goes through successfully.

With current asset trading platforms that make up the fragmentation, they exist in a myriad of locals and regional ecosystems limited by language, currency, and inconsistent security. These pitfalls confine most of them to their own country which defeats the purpose of a possible centralized global exchange. With WAX, it allows users to tokenize their in-game assets and then exchange them instantaneously. The WAX token hence functions as a sort of universal currency that virtually eliminates the many issues associated with foreign exchanges.

Malcolm CasSelle graduated from MIT and Sanford University with degrees in Computer Science. In addition to his role at OPSkins, he is also President of WAX. He previously invested in companies like Facebook and Zynga before they became what they are today.

Most notably he has taken an interest in Bitcoin-centric companies, which has inspired the ideas behind blockchains within WAX. Malcolm CasSelle speaks Japanese and Mandarin.


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