How ClassDojo is revolutionizing classroom environment

ClassDojo is an app that enhances communication within the classroom. It eases contact for parents, teachers, and students to keep in touch and share what is happening in school. ClassDojo app came into existence in the year 2011. It is based in San Francisco California. For years now, it has helped students in acquiring social, emotional skills.

ClassDojo has succeeded in connecting teachers with students and parent. It has built fantastic classroom communities through;

  • Developing a positive culture. Through ClassDojo, teachers can foster any skill or value such as kindness, hard work, and many more skills.
  • ClassDojo empowers students with a voice. With this app, students can share out their learning experiences by adding photos and video to their portfolios.
  • ClassDojo enables students to share moments with their parents by sharing beautiful videos and photos taken in classrooms.

ClassDojo has enabled teachers to share about the challenges they experience while in class. One of the co-founders of ClassDojo listened to teachers, parents, and students and helped them to develop this fantastic app for them. The problems that ClassDojo app solves cannot be understood by any other person apart from teachers. As from the report by the San Francisco business times, ninety percent of united states K-8 school districts use ClassDojo

ClassDojo brings all classroom tools in one place. The tools on ClassDojo include;

  • Direction. This tool shows the trend in the classroom. Direction enables the students to know what they should be doing.
  • Music. This tool offers the perfect soundtrack for every activity in the classroom. It plays only classroom music that instills focus in students or enables the student to use their leisure time correctly.
  • Group maker. Group maker arranges students in pairs of three, four or more.
  • Noise meter. This tool is perfect for a classroom as it makes classroom noise to be visualized and controlled.
  • Think pair share. It signals a student to turn and converse with their partners.
  • Random generator. This generator is useful in choosing a student. It is essential for a teacher to pick a student especially when a teacher needs a volunteer.
  • Timer. The timer is vital in letting students know the time left.
  • Today. This tool displays morning announcements as students walk in class in the morning.

In today’s world, every classroom needs a ClassDojo. Get your ClassDojo today and ease your class activities.

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