Susan Mcgalla Encourages Women in Business

Susan Mcgalla is changing the game and giving people something different to think about when it comes to the way that clothes are being marketed. She is known greatly for her ability to market clothes to a wide range of young consumers. The millennial crowd has really embraced what Susan has done with Wet Seal and American Eagle down through her years as a CEO, and this is what has made her stand out with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This franchise offered her the position of creative development director for the clothing line that Susan quickly revamped.

It is through things like this that she has become a big part of the industry for retail clothing companies that are trying to gain a new consumer base. Many people are fans of Susan because she has proven herself to be excellent in the marketing world.

Susan has proven that she knows how to do various things to lure customers because she knows about different marketing strategies. This is what she has a degree in, and she also has decades of experience doing this. Susan has also worked in her own business as a marketing consultant as well. All of these things have equipped her for doing the type of work that is needed to build a stronger business marketing platform.

Many women that are interested in getting into the business world are going to take a look at what Susan Mcgalla has done. She is someone that me women look up to, and she has spoken in many different conferences to give women advice about what they need to consider if they’re serious about a career in marketing.

As a woman that has made it to the top as a CEO Susan Mcgalla encourages all women that are trying to get into the business world to consider the benefits of higher education. She feels that she cannot stress this enough. Mcgalla believes that this is going to be the true key for women to break down barriers to getting into business. She believes that this is how women become leaders in business.

How ClassDojo is revolutionizing classroom environment

ClassDojo is an app that enhances communication within the classroom. It eases contact for parents, teachers, and students to keep in touch and share what is happening in school. ClassDojo app came into existence in the year 2011. It is based in San Francisco California. For years now, it has helped students in acquiring social, emotional skills.

ClassDojo has succeeded in connecting teachers with students and parent. It has built fantastic classroom communities through;

  • Developing a positive culture. Through ClassDojo, teachers can foster any skill or value such as kindness, hard work, and many more skills.
  • ClassDojo empowers students with a voice. With this app, students can share out their learning experiences by adding photos and video to their portfolios.
  • ClassDojo enables students to share moments with their parents by sharing beautiful videos and photos taken in classrooms.

ClassDojo has enabled teachers to share about the challenges they experience while in class. One of the co-founders of ClassDojo listened to teachers, parents, and students and helped them to develop this fantastic app for them. The problems that ClassDojo app solves cannot be understood by any other person apart from teachers. As from the report by the San Francisco business times, ninety percent of united states K-8 school districts use ClassDojo

ClassDojo brings all classroom tools in one place. The tools on ClassDojo include;

  • Direction. This tool shows the trend in the classroom. Direction enables the students to know what they should be doing.
  • Music. This tool offers the perfect soundtrack for every activity in the classroom. It plays only classroom music that instills focus in students or enables the student to use their leisure time correctly.
  • Group maker. Group maker arranges students in pairs of three, four or more.
  • Noise meter. This tool is perfect for a classroom as it makes classroom noise to be visualized and controlled.
  • Think pair share. It signals a student to turn and converse with their partners.
  • Random generator. This generator is useful in choosing a student. It is essential for a teacher to pick a student especially when a teacher needs a volunteer.
  • Timer. The timer is vital in letting students know the time left.
  • Today. This tool displays morning announcements as students walk in class in the morning.

In today’s world, every classroom needs a ClassDojo. Get your ClassDojo today and ease your class activities.

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According to the recent news, churches will have the right to recommend their preferred political candidates and still maintain their tax-free status as stipulated in the House GOP’s overhaul plan. This bill is meant to revoke a 63-year old law accredited to ex-president Lyndon Johnson while he was serving in the Senate. Nevertheless, critics have cautioned claiming that it could make loopholes that might channel tax-exempt money into political campaigns.

The congressional scorekeepers say that the endowment may cost $ 2 billion over the coming ten years. The Johnson amendment law does not tax-exempt charitable groups like churches to take part in any political campaign to approve or oppose a candidate. Once the IRS finds out that the organization has violated the law, it has the mandate to repeal its tax-free status.

The law does not inhibit these religious groups from weighing the public programs or unifying in various ways that might be beneficial to one party during the campaigns. However, the Democrats claim that emasculating the law will result in mixing church and state. They also argue that religious leaders have their First Amendment rights just like any other people. The Democrats add that if the religious leaders want to get into politics, then they must pay taxes as the constitution demands.

The GOP plan allows political undertakings by church provided they are a marginal cost. Nevertheless, the President of End Citizen United, Tiffany Muller points out that campaign finance groups reprimanded that the development might bring wide-ranging insinuations and churches will be turned into tools of surreptitious campaign spending.

Johnson presented the measure in 1954 while serving as a senator in Texas under the democratic party. The actions were triggered by his anger over some non-profit organizations that had criticized and called him a communist during the senate campaign. Although Dwight Eisenhower who was a Republican president signed the law, the Republicans have never stopped to criticize it as they vowed to repeal it as part of the tax overhaul.

About End Citizens United

This is the leading political action committee that is was founded by the grassroots donors in March 2015. End Citizens United is committed to counteracting the ruinous effects of citizen united and revolutionized its campaign finance system. The committee strives to show elected candidates, officials, voters, and media that the grassroots are fighting the ever-rising shamelessness of billionaires trying to buy votes. This will play a vital role in designing a broad coalition that works towards campaign finance reform and coercing lawmakers to act.

The primary mission of End Citizens United is to end big money in politics and fix the rigged political system. This is achieved by electing campaign finance reform candidates, passing ballot measures and uplifting this issue into a national dialogue. Read more:


TechStyle: Combining Technology and Fashion for Immediate Success

Technology and e-commerce are now the new trends in the fashion industry. Hundreds of companies have made efforts to apply technological innovations to their operations with varying rates of success. Nowhere is the concept of combining the three factors (fashion, e-commerce, and technology) been put to good use than in TechStyle Fashion Group.

Co-founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the company pioneered a successful monthly membership subscription program that attracted more than 6 million members in a few years. The membership was launched in 2010 by JustFab, later rebranded to be TechStyle Fashion Group. The program encouraged subscriptions to its VIP membership program. Subscribers benefited from up to 30 percent discounts, had access to exclusive special products and promotions, free shipping, and a loyalty reward scheme.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s model of doing business became a magnet, with customers filling the subscription forms in large numbers. In an aggressive expansion strategy, JustFab acquired two more companies named FabKids and ShoeDazzle. It moved on to establish a market niche in Europe entering countries such as Germany, Britain, and six other countries. Adam and Don also teamed up with Kate Hudson to establish Fabletics.

The co-founders have a long story in entrepreneurial ventures behind them. Adam Goldenberg, for instance, began his startup career when he was 13 years old by establishing a bulletin board. The bulletin board later morphed into a gaming website known as Gamers Alliance. He later sold Gamers Alliance to Intermix which also owned the social media giant MySpace. He was made the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix, arguably the youngest person to hold the position in any publicly listed company.

Don Ressler has also walked a more or less similar path, having founded a successful startup known as which he too sold to Intermix. He too joined Intermix where he was in charge of various ventures that directly impacted shareholder value.

The two co-founded Alena Media which ended up being Intermix’s only profit-making center by the time of selling to News Corp in 2005. After intermix was acquired the two entrepreneurs, Adam and Don, moved on to establish the Intelligent Beauty. Through this new venture, they founded DERMSTORE, an online skin care product store. And a few years later they established a weight loss venture known as SENSA. Both ventures are high-value building and are believed to be highly profitable. In 2010 they launched they added another venture to Intelligent Beauty known as JustFab.

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End Citizens United’s Efforts in Rooting for the Johnson Amendment

United States of America’s famous political organization, End Citizens United (ECU) has led to the implementation reforms in Big Money. Tiffany Muller is the Chief Executive Officer of End Citizens United. The organization aims at achieving transparency with how campaign money for aspirants is distributed. They are doing everything in their power to disapprove the U.S Supreme Court ruling. The decision was influenced by another political body, Citizens United. Besides, the Federal Election Commission of the United States of America also had a hand in it.

Since its establishment in 2015, End Citizens United has endorsed many aspirants into the political race. Nevertheless, those from Democratic Party have always had the upper hand. They include Hillary Clinton, Doug Jones, Elizabeth Warren and many others. End Citizens United is positive that in the coming elections conducted by the Federal Election Commission will embrace truth and transparency in the results. In addition to that, the organization has gained notable fame on various social media platforms. Their efforts in funding campaigns through generous donations are bearing fruition with numerous comments on their Facebook page.

Tiffany Muller, the president of End Citizens United and his employees have stepped forward to defend the Johnston Amendment. This amendment was surfaced by Lyndon Johnson, a Senator in the United States of America’s government. The regulations are meant to go against 501(c) (3) organizations so they don’t involve in politics during campaigns. Among the institutions are the different churches in the United States of America.

End Citizens United’s members have actively involved themselves in ensuring that the Johnson Amendment fulfils its purpose. Tiffany Muller addressed this issue in a recent press release. He said that End Citizen United will fight tooth and nail to eliminate churches from being used wrongly for political gains. Thus, the new regulation would stop the negative influence that aspirants fuel in houses of God. Also, Johnson Amendment forbids political leaders from receiving taxes from higher learning institutions and philanthropic organizations.

The Johnson Amendment has always been overlooked. It is a time it started operating because tax-exempt institutions yearn for their exemption from matters pertaining to the state. In the U.S Constitution, the Article in which the amendment is stated still allows these entities to participate in other political activities but campaigns. Similarly, the John Amendment also allows tax-exempt organizations to conduct voters’ registrations and many other political exercises.

End Citizens United is positive that they will defend the Johnson Amendment at all costs. All the other organizations are hoping to sabotage and get in the way when the bill will be passed in the United States of America’s parliament. Nevertheless, Tiffany Muller and his reliable team at End Citizens United have vowed to protect the amendment to the latter. Indeed, the efforts of End Citizens United in rooting for the amendment will soon pay off.  Check more on End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules:


Techstyle and Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the New face of Ecommerce

Ecommerce has changed the way consumers shop and put that together with fashion and technology and the bottom line is rising. Ecommerce revenues are projected to hit more than $116 billion by the year 2021. A business model that is making great headway is membership sites. One company that is making great headway with a membership site is TechStyle Fashion Group. With Co-Chief Executive Officer’s (co-CEO) Don Reseller and Adam Goldenberg, the business model of subscription membership has proven to be successful.

The business model took off in 2010 JustFab, also headed up by Goldenberg and Don Ressler, launched the first ever membership footwear program. Members received more than 30% off retail price through this method of purchase along with exclusive access to special promotions, as well as products. Members also accrue loyalty reward points and no cost shipping of products. In two years the membership grew to six million members and in 2012, the first quarter, JustFab sold more than 2.5 million pairs of shoes.

JustFab went on to acquire ShoeDazzle and FabKids and expanded to Germany, the United Kingdom, as well as several other countries. The group also launched Fabletics with celebrity Kate Hudson and in 2016 rebranded itself as TechStyle. The rebrand better suit its image in fashion retail and marketing.

Adam Goldenberg, co-founder of the company began his career in business and as an entrepreneur when he was just 13 years old. He started an online bulletin board that eventually turned into a gaming site called “Gamer’s Alliance.” When Goldberg was 17 years old, he sold the gaming site to Intermix and soon after offered Goldenberg the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). After taking his leave from Intermix he founded Intelligent Beauty (IB), an ecommerce site. IB generated several other companies including JustFab and DermStore. Goldenberg grew up with technology and it became a working part of his business plan. He always saw ecommerce as the way to go to build a digital brand.

Goldenberg and Don Ressler met while both worked at Intermix and later partnered to build an ecommerce company. They chose the fashion industry and knew their strong point would have to be customer satisfaction. Everything would hinge on elevating the customer experience and to create a system and process that is more efficient while maintaining relevancy. TechStyle developed the personal styling component that offers a better shopping experience. TechStyle has an employee force of 2,000 staff members and 4.5 members. They are on-track to make $700 million in revenue this year alone.