The Talkspace Evolution of Therapy

Talkspace is allowing a lot of people to gain a great amount of interest in therapy through text. This is something that people may have never considered before, but this New York based app has made it possible for people to do this. There is a lot of buzz about Talkspace because it has become the app that connects people with a whole new environment. People are certainly going to utilize this app if it helps them talk about their problems without having to come in for a meeting with a therapist. Some people just do not believe in going to therapy. They may be in need of someone to talk to, but they would never admit it to their friends or anyone that was part of their family. In fact, they may even be having issues with their family members, but they may have no desire to connect with them in this way.

What Talkspace does is provide people with a platform where they can talk about their problems without paying a fortune for a therapist. Talk to you and makes it easier for people to talk with freedom of fully disclosing anything that they may be going through. People that talk in person with a therapist may not be as open. They may be guarded and in their feelings about how much they can actually divulge to a person that sees them in person. They may be worried about privacy laws and how private their information really is.

When it comes to therapy through text messages, however, people have the ability to conceal a bit of their identity. The only thing that they are really revealing is the problem that they have as they seek a solution. This opens the door to a whole new level of vulnerability.

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