Cancer Treatment Centers of America Collaboration Will Benefit Thousands

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a revolutionary cancer treatment network. This network has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, and the network has five different hospitals that work with patients who are battling cancer. Allscripts NantHealth, Inc. is a leader when it comes to technology solutions in the healthcare arena.

What Makes Cancer Treatment Centers of America Unique

CTCA is a cancer treatment network that offers integrative and innovative approaches to cancer testing and treatment. CTCA offers genomic testing. Genomic testing is used to individualize cancer treatment. While many hospitals use general treatments for their cancer patients, genomic testing allows doctors to look at the cells and the DNA of each patient in order to create a specialized treatment plan that will work best with them and their bodies.

News From PRNewswire

PRNewswire recently did an article about the collaboration of CTCA and Allscripts. These two companies are combining to create a clinical decision support solution that will allow doctors to access a wide database of information about evolving cancer treatments. This technology will allow doctors to look at the information from hundreds of different oncologist across the country. This system allows doctors to focus on their patients and deliver them the most effective treatment.

This treatment system was designed with the patient in mind, and it is able to integrate treatment regimens and helpful therapies in order to give patients their best treatment options. These are options and regimens that are specific to the patient, their disease stage, and their current state of health. These treatments have supporting clinical data, up-to-date response rates, drug reactions, and evidence-based clinical approaches. The combination of Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Allscripps is sure to improve the the lives and the cancer treatment solutions for a large number of patients in America and beyond.

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