The Fight Against Cancer Has a New Weapon With Cancer Treatment Centers of America

A joint collaboration between Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Allscripts, Nanthealth and Eviti is ready to change the way we fight cancer. Cancer research is evolving, staying current in the latest treatment options is a full time position. However, envision a collaborative database; that could analyze the cellular structure of a person’s specific cancer cells. In addition, compare those cells to others that were treated in the past, and find the most effective treatment regimen. To take the evolution further, the system will gather the required documentation for insurance companies and provide treatment cost estimations.

Nanthealth already compiles clinical data, and finds evidence based treatment regimens in the field. In addition, Nanthealth compiles a cellular database of abnormal cells, and their treatment outcomes. This profile measures effectiveness and overall comfort of the patient during treatment. Eviti compiles similar work with a focus on long-term effectiveness and acceptance as therapy. This key factor allows a higher degree of acceptance for treatment regimens by insurance companies.
Each Company as an individual is effective. With Allscripts and Cancer treatment Centers of America, these organizations are merging their database and technology to provide the next generation of Cancer treatment. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, their Oncology team will now be able to biopsy, if possible, abnormal cells and masses; and perform a diagnostic analysis and comparison with previously treated similar cells. With the new collaboration, this analysis will give them the best-known and researched treatment option for the patient combined with quality of life. In addition, they will be able to see the overall cost of the treatment, and all supporting documents for the patient’s insurance company will be provided and delivered to ensure proper coverage.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America is at the forefront of adult cancer treatment. What sets them apart from other facilities? Their attention to managing the side effects associated with cancer treatment. This detail provides a consistent quality of life during treatment that allows patients to complete treatment regimens at a higher rate.

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