Cassio Audi: Drummer Turned Leading Financial Specialist

Cassio Audi is currently a leading financial specialist in Brazil. However, he has a solid background in the music of the heavy metal genre. We could say that he is one of the rare individuals who lived every kid’s dream. That of becoming a rock star at a young age. He was the drummer of a band known as Viper back in the 80s. The band has since become a household name in the Brazilian music scene.

The other individuals who were part of this band were, Andre Matos, Yves and Pedro Passarell and Felipe Machado. These members were close given the fact that they lived together and two of them were brothers. Viper released their first album shortly after formation in 1985. They had first recorded a demo tape called The Killera Sword. Viper credited their style to the then new British heavy metal wave, a vital recipe for their success.

Their debut album, Soldiers of Sunrise, became an instant hit. This due to the impeccable English and simple nature of the album’s production. It was a massive achievement given that Cassio and crew were just kids at that time. Having initially been influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden, they developed their unique style over time. Despite being a Brazilian band, Viper was able to accrue an international fanbase due to their style.

Cassio Audi had joined the band at a very tender age but still left after a few years in 1989 to study. He started working in the finance sector soon after completing his studies leaving his music career behind him. Audi built a successful career in finance despite leaving behind his passion for music where he was equally successful. He has since worked with some of the biggest corporations in Brazil where he has served in senior financial positions.

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