Elastic SQL Database from NuoDB

NuoDB is an elastic SQL database designed for cloud applications. This new SQL layout has been called the “NewSQL”. This means that it preserves the characteristics of an SQL database while allowing for horizontal growth. In fact, because of the NuoDB’s distributed object architecture, every server added into the structure makes the database run faster. The NuoDB system is also ACID compliant, and distributes its running tasks over several processes to avoid bottlenecks in speed and data. Where the NuoDB structure also differs, is with its three-tiered approach, with separate sections for administrative, transactional, and storage demands. This again helps with scaling up in operations.
The was company started in 2008 by Jim Starkley and Barry S. Morris, who would later become the CEO, as NimbusDB. It wasn’t until 2011 that the name was changed to NuoDB. Once the patent was approved in 2012, the firm received $12 million in venture capital. In 2014 it was rated as an Innovational All-Star, and the firm closed that year with another $14 million added in funding. At the end of 2015, and due to some brilliant work by the leaders, the company finished with $59.7 million in backing money.

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