Bruce Bent II’s Legacy In Technological Finance

Bruce Bent II is the president of a financial, technological company called Double Rock Corporation. The company finds solutions for brokers, retail markets and banks concerning cash and its management. When initially, founded the primary objective of the company was to create a global money trade hedge fund. Being the vice chairman, Bruce oversees all services involving retirement and management of cash. Bruce graduated from the Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy. He is a member of a global entrepreneurial leadership network called Young President Organization. He also worked with Gotham Chapter as a finance executive and served on the advisory board of an environmental group, Scenic Hudson, which protects the Hudson River.

Bruce has in-depth knowledge concerning financial, technological markets, general management, sales and marketing, financial services and intellectual property that has enabled him to promote growth and increase returns of the company and all its subdivisions. His entire career has nurtured while working with Double Rock Corporation where he contributed to the development of cash sweeps and initiatives related to cash sweeps and led the company to become a money making industry through capital management. Bruce Bent II has an innate skill that had enabled the Double Rock Corporation companies to stand on its feet and become standardized in their markets. For seventeen years when Bruce was the executive officer, he nurtured The Reserve and the FDIC cash management business by widening its scope.

He prepared a detailed loan plan for one of Double Rock subsidiary company, Access Control Advantage which substantially reduced the number of borrowing parties by 25%. During the financial crisis in 2008, he directed the winding up for some of the company’s subsets. He has a say in organizing the companies policies. He is a skilled strategist who could attain solutions specifically as per the requirements of the business. Being an expert in financial matters, he has been quoted severally in world journals and newspapers and got featured in a book, Leadership Secrets of World’s most successful CEOs. Additionally, he is highly qualified in the following areas: cost-benefit analysis, strategic planning, internal business, market analysis, internal controls, branding, leadership and team building.

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