Making Incredible Classrooms with ClassDojo

The best way to reform education in the classroom is to provide new methods that can be implemented simply into the community and allow students, teachers and parents to all be involved in the change that we want to see in the future. It has become clear that the system enacted by the government in our public schools is not efficient and has no incentive to improve the poorest performing schools. Also, with the unions representing the teachers making it nearly impossible to discharge under-performing educators, it seems that this leads to the children getting a more lackluster quality of teaching.

ClassDojo is a communication application that will improve interactions between the parents and the classroom as well as the teacher with the students, either being one-on-one or to broadcast to the whole class. This will allow for a more surgical approach to ensure that children will focus on where they need to improve while having a fun, engaging interface that will take away the feeling of it being tedious. This approach can be utilized in public, charter and private schools to enhance the overall effectiveness of the learning environment while making the schools not seem like a distant place our children spend a large amount of time, but instead make it an extension of home. In the case of disciplinary, it will allow the parent to be notified in a more private manner as well as in a more timely fashion so that it has less of an impact in the negative sense and allow for focusing on the means to a proper and fair solution.

With a stronger method of communication, parents will no longer feel so detached from the classroom. You will no longer have to ask your child what they did at school today and get the routine reply of “Nothing,” for it will be closer to you being within arms reach of your child every step of the way.

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