Thor Halvorssen: Passion And Foundation

When it comes to human rights, someone needs to stand up against the blatant violations. However, not just anyone could stand up against the tyranny of multiple governments and rules. It takes someone with the passion and the intensity to be able to stand up for the rights of people in different countries that are filled with oppression. This passion often involves the will to do the necessary research in order to come up with an effective solution. This passion also must make him willing to take the punishment for the rights of others.

Fortunately, there is someone who carries that passion. His name is Thor Halvorssen. He is someone that is willing to bring people out of an oppressive lifestyle and into a more humane lifestyle of freedom and choice. He has been so passionate about bringing an end to oppression wherever it thrives that he has started up his own firm called the Human Rights Foundation. This is where he gets to look at all of the different violations of human rights as well as government corruption. Thor shows no fear when it comes to dealing with these issues that plague many countries. He is also willing to risk it all. Thor at Facebook.

Thor goes beyond theoretical knowledge when it comes to human rights issues. He has a whole family that deals with the fight for human rights. His father, mother, and other relatives have all been victims of human rights violations. He is also someone that is willing to do more than talk about the issue. He has been so effective in his fight for human rights that he has become the new face for the global human rights movement. Among the effective things he is doing for the fight is changing the perception of the human rights activist. While the human rights activist is often seen as more of the depressive type, Thor Halvorssen is full of energy and works really hard to present a clean and positive image for the human rights movement. for more.

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