Troy McQuagge Collects Another Reward for Superior Business Operations

The One Planet Awards program has named Troy McQuagge as the gold winner of one of its most esteemed awards. The CEO of USHEALTH group claimed the award because of his involvement with USHEALTH and other projects. McQuagge seems to have the golden touch when it comes to turning business operations around. He started with USHEALTH in 2010 and quickly set plans in motion that catapulted its profitability. McQuagge seemed to rebuild the company overnight, which is unheard of in many industries.

McQuagge accepted his award with great honor, respect and dignity. He said that he was happy to receive it, but he felt that everyone at USHEALTH deserved it because they played a role in its success as much as he did. McQuagge committed himself to continuing his legacy of uplifting businesses and then using those businesses to uplift other organizations in the same field.The One Planet Awards is a recognition system that honors businesses that show extreme excellence. The award issuers use a number of criteria to select its elite business and members. One aspect that the company looks at is profits. Another area that could win a business an award is customer service. New products and marketing are some additional areas that the awards team looks at before adding a name to the list. Troy McQuagge aced several areas and received recognition for having multiple talents and using those talents to bring his company to greatness.

Troy McQuagge is a success-driven person who has more than 30 years of experience in sales and insurance. He has performed various types of volunteer work with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the Phoenix of New Orleans. Troy is no stranger to recognition or accolades. He has won over half a dozen awards, including awards for managing the sales team of the year and developing the recruiting program of the year.Troy has won awards for business turnarounds, fast company growth, innovation and overall greatness. He is a true star of his industry who has a spark that never seems to dim. This will most likely not be his last accolade.


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