The Success of Fabletics

Kate Hudson is a mother, an actress, a model, as well as an innovator who has successfully created her own line of clothing that has offered new and improved choices to women all over the world that are in need of athletic gear that is not only a high quality, but is also affordable. Kate Hudson is not only focused on selling clothing, but is also focused on selling a way of life to her customers and is focused on becoming an inspiration to the women she sells her products to in order to motivate each individual to live a healthy and active life.


Kate Hudson is now offering a line of stylish as well as comfortable clothing that can be worn in any type of occasion and will look great in any type of environment. With an excellent stitch as well as an excellent quality of fabric that has been used, Kate Hudson has made sure that Fabletics fits women of any different size with any different body type. Kate Hudson wants her women to feel comfortable, beautiful, as well as confident each day and wants her customers to wear an infectious smile when they wear what she has designed for any type of woman on the go.


Kate Hudson has created a line of clothing for individuals that have different styles and for individuals that take part in different activities. The company of Fabletics has been hitting the stores across the United States and is on its way to the international markets in order to offer women a new alternative to the expensive luxury brand names that prevent many women from purchasing clothes to look good while they exercise. When purchasing Fabletics for the first time, women will comment that it feels as though the clothing was made for their bodies and will feel the ability to do anything.


As Fabletics gain popularity from women all over the world, Kate Hudson has continued to work hard to find more options for her customers. Kate Hudson looks for the comments of her customers and listens to them closely in order to make sure that the products that she puts on the market are products that will be enjoyed by all women. For the future of this company, Fabletics is expected to grow thanks to the excellent product as well as the marketing team that sells this clothing brand as a way of life.

Talk Fusion Receives Award for ‘Video Chat’ App

To say that 2016 was a spectacular year for the guys and girls at Talk Fusion would be an understatement. Talk Fusion is a video marketing solutions company that was founded by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007. Since then Reina has steered his company to the top of the market, thus becoming THE go-to source for video communications and marketing problems for companies and customers around the globe. On August 18th, 2016 the team at Technology Marketing Corporation presented Talk Fusion with their coveted Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.


The award was served up by the CEO of TMC, Rich Tehrani. Tehrani lavished the award recipients with kind words saying that Talk Fusion and co were, “True leaders within their industries”. Tehrani went on to say that Talk Fusion offered some of the “best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” More specifically, the Product of the Year Award was delivered to Talk Fusion’s Video Chat application.


Talk Fusion created and implemented their coveted Video Chat application in order to assist customers and clients communicate with one another more easily. Video Chat allows people to communicate in a face to face capacity, across platforms, in order to streamline the process of video communication. This sort of accessibility is HUGE for people working on the internet and in the world of marketing. More accessibility means more progress, so of course Talk Fusion was ecstatic to see their work so well received.


Chief Technology Officer at Talk Fusion, Ryan Page, was quick to praise his entire team for their work on the Video Chat application. Ryan Page was backed up by CEO Bob Reina who called his team, “Dedicated to staying ahead of the curve.” The Video Chat application is currently available for purchase on both iTunes and the Google Play Store and users can get in for cheap on a limited run. Discussions have already begun to take place in order to help improve the Video Chat application even more. We anticipate 2017 to be another huge year for the team at Talk Fusion.

Lori Senecal’s Role In Organization Transitioning

A majority of women all over the globe have ventured in business. Lori Senecal is one of them and has created a lucrative career. The Crispin Porter +Bogusky (CP&B) have given Lori Senecal the role of chief executive officer that was created in the organization. Despite her new role, she has continued to serve in her previous role as the chief executive officer at MDC partners. She has been known to help organizations during transition moments when the companies are putting structures in place. The main reason for her involvement during this moment is to ensure that organizations grow and become competitive in the industry.

At CP&B she plays the role of steering the growth and expansion of the agency. She also coordinates the agency’s eight international offices as well as ensuring continued development of the organization. She has vast experience and expertise in the management role and that is the reason that CP & B brought her on board. She will be working in the organization to help achieve the ultimate objective of acquiring new business units for the organization such as venturing into the market in China. She has performed well in the role before as the chief executive officer of MDC partner network where she still consults in identification of new growth areas.

Her outstanding performance in her work has seen her grow in her career. According to, she has been promoted within a short span of time for instance, after six months of joining MDC as the C.E.O she got a promotion to join CP&B in the same role. She has also been actively involved in the global invention roles where she encourages companies to embrace technology and innovation in their day to day activities. She also participates in the different invention competition that aims at promoting and encouraging people to be more innovative. After the competitions she sponsors start-ups and the most innovative ventures. Women empowerment is the other thing that Lori Senecal plays and according to her interview on, this is clearly manifested by her promotion of four creative women in the Crispin organization. Her active role in helping organizations during transition has seen her move up the career ladder.

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The Life & Times of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is one fascinating individual even though he’s never been a household name. This guy has done some remarkable things for society that society has surely benefited from. The Teaneck, New Jersey native is extraordinary when it comes to creation and his advanced way of thinking has brought joy to many people’s lives in the process.Eric Pulier has top notch business sense especially when it comes making money. He has founded up to 15 companies such as Akana Software, U.S. Interactive, Service Mesh Inc, FLY, XPRIZE, Digital Evolution, and many more. Having such a strong passion for technology and a strong desire to succeed, Eric Pulier is setting new trends across the boards in a wide range of industries.


Did you know that this business savvy guy sold his last company for about $350 Million? That’s right! The proud father of four has certainly built and empire in-a-sense that his kids and grand kids could potentially live off. He was educated at the prominent Harvard University where he majored in American/English Literature. Pulier also took classes at neighboring MIT across town. Having such a full schedule would tie anyone down, but not this guy. Like the old saying goes, “the more the merrier.” Eric Pulier was chosen to build the “Bridge To The 21st Century” platform to commemorate President Bill Clinton’s 2nd term in office as well as staying involved with Vice President Al Gore and his political businesses. The question is, what can’t Eric Pulier do?


This brilliant minded guy has even invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into many technology start-up companies, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations, and invested in capital venture deals of his own. The future looks might bright for Eric Pulier and the entire technology scene for years to come.

Don Ressler Addresses Needs of the Ever Changing Fashion World

Everyone always wants to look good and feel good about themselves. However, most fashion retailers do not grant these requirements for everyone. Fashion retailers on available today sell clothing that addresses the market needs of a particular size. People above a certain size limit find it hard to find suitable fashion clothing. They find it difficult to enjoy the great styles that fashion retailers offer to others. Plus size women are usually left out. They tend to be stuck with standard clothing that has no touch of style. Don Ressler saw this and wanted to address the needs of plus size women. He came up with JustFab line of clothing that is all inclusive.

Don Ressler has always strived to notice and fill the gap in different sections of fashion. He also saw a gap in the activewear industry where the athletic clothing was basic and dull. Don Ressler, along with his partners Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg created a contemporary brand known as Fabletics. The company has created clothing that is called athleisure. Fabletics has created a revolution in the activewear industry. He is working with other businesses to make the fashion brand larger and to address a wider market on The Fabletics brand is also all-inclusive. Women that have a plus size body can find suitable clothing from Fabletics clothing line.

TechStyle is the mother company of Fabletics and has other subsidiaries. The company started in 2011 and received substantial funding to become the successful company we see today. The company received an initial funding of $33 million when it started from US Venture Capital at The firm later received a funding of $76 million in 2012. Investors saw a huge success with the company and decided to invest. The company has since grown and expanded to other areas of the world. The firm is available in Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In the year 2014, TechStyle was able to receive a funding of $85 million from several e-commerce investment companies.

TechStyle has been highly successful because of the hard work and creativity of its founders. Don Ressler is a co-founder of the firm and has always strived to come up with the latest fashion on Brandettes. He aims to come up with fashion that addresses the needs of everyone. He knows that fashion should be something fascinating and not dull. He has attempted to bring out the personality of everyone that wears his line of clothing.

The Climate & How it Affects Your Hair

Have you ever noticed that during certain times of the year managing your hair seems to get tough? Summer and Winter are the main seasons that cause these dire situations and this is why. During The Summer Season, if you live in a more humid climate, you’re hair will definitely experience some frizz actions. By the time you step out of the house…Poof, you’ll have a full blown Afro. The Winter Season can be harsh as well and if you’re located in a much colder climate, your hair will tend to lose volume, become, flat, and possibly break. I good rule of thumb would be to use “gentle” haircare products instead of the most powerful. Gentle products seem to work better especially when they’re used consistently. Harsh products are too strong and actually enhances the problem at times.

Shampoo and Conditioning with gentle ingredients of an organic substance works wonders and delvers great results. Being organic, these ingredients works with your hair instead of covering up the issues such as chemical based products. Have you ever heard of a guy named Chaz Dean? Chaz Dean is one of the world’s leading haircare stylist and has worked on the heads of many famous celebrities. He has a firm knowledge base of what it takes to keep your hair looking great, but in a natural way. His line of haircare products known as WEN hair by Chaz, personifies this notion perfectly.

WEN by Chaz comes in the form of gel, pomade, mousse, sprays, and crème. It’s a universal product line meaning that any and all race of people with different textures can safely use it. The brand is an actual reflection of Dean’s healthy lifestyle and he put those exact values in his products. No matter the climate, WEN by Chaz is the best weapon of choice.

More hair care tips and tricks available on WEN Hair Care’s social media pages on Facebook  and Twitter.


4 Reasons Why Brian Torchin Recommends Medical Professionals To Join Staffing Agency

Brian Torchin understand that there is variety when it comes to the medical field. With the right preparation and tools, landing the perfect job can be achieved. With his HCRC staffing agency, he works to achieve this objetive. This article will discuss 4 reasons why joining a staffing may be the best option instead of hunting for employment on your own.

#1: Direction

With the vast amount of different jobs available, professionals may be unsure of which role they are best suited for. Often times workers jump from company to company in search for a job they actually enjoy doing. HCRC will assist professionals in discovering the type of work they are most compatible with.

#2: Quick Job Placement

Brian understands that hunting for a job may be difficult. He works directly with healthcare companies that trust him to send quality staff to fill positions immediately. Brian takes pride in ensuring this his clients and employees are both a good match.

#3: Employees are Checked for Qualifications

According to Behance, the verification process that Brian Bonar uses ensures that candidates are fully ready and prepared. Properly qualifying all professionals ensures that clients are receiving the best people. Brian and his company do not simply reject any cadidate. They will work with your directly to get you qualified.

#4: Brian Has A Sincere Dedication in Medical Staffing

Brian understands the difficulty of landing that perfect job after receiving your education. Even qualified nurses have a hard time finding employment. Brian has dedicated all of his time and energy to ensure as many individuals as possible land the job they are seeking. He also strives to ensure that the companies he works for receives the perfect professional.

More About Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is based in Philadelphia, PA and provides his services across the United States. He holds a background of sports medicine and physical therapy. He currently practices medicine as a chiropractor along with operating his medical staffing company. He currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Exercise Science.

He started HCRC staffing back in 2007 and the company continues to grow.