Hedge Fund And Executive Search Specialist, Keith Mann

Keith Mann is a hedge fund specialist. He is the managing director and co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners. His company specializes on alternative investments. It also zeros in on hedge funds where it offers executive search services. Additionally, Dynamic Search services cater for alternative staffing needs of the world’s major equity firms.


He founded the firm in 2001. Since inception, Keith and Dynamic Search have filled more than 2,000 client requirements. The firm has also expanded the services it provides besides staffing investment positions. Presently, the company is renowned as a top database for investment executives in the United States.


Keith Mann started his career over 15 years ago as the alternative investment division manager. He initially worked for Dynamic Associates before advancing to the position of the vice president. Keith has a reputation as expert in staffing, hedge fund recompense, and recruiting strategy. In 2002, Keith identified that the hedge fund industry was underserved. At the time, it was growing market. He took the opportunity to venture into the private equity industry. Subsequently, he set out Dynamic Search Partners as a top firm in the executive search industry that deals with alternative investment companies.


Presently, he is the chief executive officer of Dynamic Search Partners. As the head of the company, he manages all its day to day operations. Keith Mann helps his clients hiring internal strategy professionals as well as investment experts. He brings professionals to his clients’ existing teams. Keith also builds new platforms for his clients. His company’s main clients are the companies involved in the alternative investment industry. The firms are spread across the world in the U.S., Europe, as well as Asia. Each year, Dynamic Search Partners fulfills the requirements of more than 200 clients.


Keith Mann is also active in the field of philanthropy. His contributions are mainly in education and animal protection. He also supports the police force. In education, Keith has a partnership with the Uncommon Schools and has raised over $22,000 for the institution. Additionally, Keith runs a program that identifies emerging leaders of the next generation. That is through a Scholarship for Professional Achievement at the Uncommon Schools.

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