InnovaCare Health Brings Unique Medicare Supplement Options

Many people are consumed with concern today over their health coverage. Due to changes in the health industry, getting insurance isn’t as cut and dried as it used to be. Many are concerned that while they have health coverage through Medicare, but coverage may not be enough when it comes to dealing with a specific medical malady or emergency situation.

Thankfully, now there is hope for those who may need more than Medicare provides. Medicare Advantage plans are now available as a supplement to standardize Medicare coverage. They are available to individuals under a number of different criteria, many of which fall under the purview of most patients.

Applying and qualification for a Medicare Advantage plan is easier than many people realize. In most cases, one only needs to have enrollment in Medicare Advantage part A and B to qualify for enrollment in a Medicare Advantage Plan program. Even those that may be facing a more serious malady, such as end-stage renal disease may be able to qualify under specific coverage plans.

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InnovaCare Health is a healthcare provider that specializes in these plans. They have different plans that supplement HMOs, PPO plans, as well as many Private Fee for Service insurance plans.

InnovaCare and its president and founder, Rick Shinto have made it their mission to help those who need supplemental healthcare that Medicare simply does not provide. Rick brings a great passion to his mission of helping individuals find the perfect insurance plan for their needs. He has a long and storied career in the field of insurance health management. Through his time in the industry, Shinto has held a number of top corporate positions with companies such as Medical Pathways Management, NAMM California and Aveta.

He works alongside Penelope Kokkinides, who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, she is held a number of various positions in the medical field over the past 15 years, including executive positions with Touchstone Health and Aveta.

Combining their experience, and their years of know-how in the health insurance industry, InnovaCare brings innovative options to those who need more help with Medicare provides. InnovaCare is truly a trailblazer in the field of health insurance.

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Venezuela National Assemblyman José Manuel González Thinks Reopening The Borders With Colombia Will Help The People

It was almost a year ago that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro closed the borders between his country and Colombia to prevent smuggling. José Manuel González, the Deputy of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico, has been lobbying to reopen the checkpoints so people could get the basic necessities to survive in these difficult economic times. González is an agriculture entrepreneur as well as an assemblyman, so he knows the story behind the shortages. Maduro’s flawed economic policies are the same policies that Hugo Chavez used when oil exports were producing millions of dollars in revenue every month. Chavez imported food and other essential items during the glory days of Venezuela. But the money stopped coming when the oil crisis surfaced. Venezuela has the richest oil reserves on the planet, but it is one of the last countries on the oil-producing list because the oil is difficult and expensive to refine.

González has been trying to form a national agreement to get the farms and businesses working again, but Maduro has refused to listen. Maduro blames the shortages on imperialistic sabotage, and he will not accept help to alleviate the dire situation. When the news broke that Maduro met with the president of Colombia recently, and agreed to open the borders so that people could get food at reasonable prices, González said that it might be the first step in ending the insanity that is taking place in his country. Maduro agreed to open five border checkpoints for Venezuelans from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day.

But González also said more has to be done to get the economy moving again. That will only take place if Maduro leaves office. Maduro does not have the skill to manage the country during these difficult times, according to Mr. González. González is part of the opposition, and he wants to get the economy back on track. The opposition is planning a protest rally that will help remove Maduro from office. The rally will be peaceful, but the government is on a mission to stop it from happening, according to González. He thinks the protest could get violent if the government uses the military to stop the September rally.

Natural lip balm

Evolution of Smooth is a Beauty Company where they produce all types of natural beauty products including natural lip care products for instance lip balms, see their profile on Linked In. The lip balm produced at Evolution of Smooth is natural, and it is designed in such a way that it always keeps your lips moist. At Evolution of Smooth, their lip balm products are made up of premium ingredients with beautiful colors, invigorating fragrances, and delicious flavors. However, they not only produce lip balm, but also they produces other beauty products such as hand and body lotion, and shaving cream products. Their products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist examined, gluten-free, and wrapped with healthy vitamins and natural skin-conditioning petroleums.

The products of Evolution of Smooth are available internationally. Their major retailers include Target, Wal-Mart, Ulta, Amazon, Perfumania, Boots, Douglas, and Selfridges. Their products are also available on luckyvitamin and on Amazon [].Their products are protected by intellectual property rights everywhere in the world. The company was set up with an aim of ensuring people remain beautiful using the natural products.

Often some people suffers from dry, chapped lips during the cold and dry seasons. This is as a result of lack of moisture on the lips, caused by the skin and lips losing their ability to absorb moisture. To curb this problem lip balm was invested in helping individuals with this problem to keep their lips skin in good shape. There are many types of lip balms, but not all of them are effective to help your lips remain moist. There are some varieties of lip balm which has already been proven not to have any effect on our lips, but surprisingly they are still popular. Lip balm produced at the evolution of smooth are pleasantly flavored and crammed with antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, calming shea butter, and jojoba oil. Their lip balms are Hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and paraben and petrolatum free for soft, smooth, and beautiful lips. The EOS lip balms are made with different flavors such as strawberry, sorbet, passion fruits, blueberry acacia, and other more. Visit their Facebook page to view the gallery of their products.


Entrepreneur Don Ressler

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur based in Southern California. Over the course of his career he has founded and operated a number of companies that have made a positive contribution to the economy and their respective industries. Don Ressler has created a skincare product as well a media company that was bought by Myspace. In his career Don Ressler started up and built numerous companies in media and consulting. He started out as a consultant by helping a number of companies take advantage of the emerging demand of internet marketing. Don also generated a considerable amount of results in terms of earning revenue and raising capital. As a businessperson Don has raised over $100 million in capital and generated $1 billion in sales. As a result Don Ressler has proven to be among the most successful entrepreneurs in California and the rest of the United States.

At the beginning of his career, Don Ressler was a consultant. When working as a consultant, Don would help advise a number of companies on how to capitalize on the internet. Since the internet was emerging as a top place to market products and services, many companies were looking to find the best and most efficient ways to get their name and offerings known through this source. Since Don was an expert on the internet and marketing in general, he was able to help these businesses find ways to best promote themselves online. Therefore Don established himself as a top internet marketing consultant.

After working as a consultant, Don Ressler decided to found some companies in the media, fitness and health and wellness industries. Ressler founded and became the chief executive officer of a company known as Don also made a skincare line called Hydroderm. As an entrepreneur, Ressler founded a few other companies in the media field that helped result in the social media site known as Myspace. Therefore Don has a very diverse background as an entrepreneur and has established himself as one of the more successful ones you will hear about.

Ressler has founded a number of successful companies as well as being a successful consultant during his career. However one of his most notable accomplishments has been his ability to generate revenue and raise capital at Don has generated sales figures up to $1 billion for his companies as well as for other businesses. As a result he has used his marketing expertise to help make large sums of money on a regular basis for a number of businesses. Along with generating very high revenues, Don has also raised a very high amount of capital. In his career he has been able to raise up to $100 million for a number of businesses he has worked with. Therefore Don Ressler has proven to be a very talented businessperson.

A Look At Brazilian Advertising Mogul Nizan Guanes

How Advertising Is Conducted In Brazil

Brazilian advertising has some strong differences but also some similarities to how advertising is done in the United States. One tactic that many companies, especially foreign companies use when advertising in Brazil for the first time is by including their products in top soap operas and other hit shows. The products are often prominently displayed and are often used or interacted with in the soap operas and TV shows.

These TV shows have large audiences and many people are influenced in lifestyle choice and culture by these shows and soap operas. It therefore makes great sense for companies to advertise in this method in Brazil. You reach a large audience and can make people try your product out at a high rate.

Another striking difference of Brazilian advertising is that ads can be considered extremely graphic or sexy by our standards in the United States. Sexuality is much more openly expressed in Brazil and is even encouraged. It is considered the norm in Brazil, rather than an exception in the United States.

Brazilian Advertising Mogul Nizan Guanes

One of the most successful advertising and communication figures in Brazil is a man by the name of Nizan Guanes. The now famous advertising mogul began his career as a graduate from the business administration program at the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil. His first job was as a copy writer. Nizan Guanes worked for several firms, creating scripts for ads. His work in advertising has won him many award and mentions in magazines. For example Nizan Guanes was named the top Brazilian entrepreneur by business magazine Ernest And Young.

Top accomplishments of Nizan Guanes include founding an internet portal similar to AOL in the USA called iG. His biggest claim to fame by far is the creation of a conglomerate company called the ABC group.

ClassDojo Has Released Growth Mindset Videos Along With Their Communication Platform

In most cases encouragement and confidence go hand in hand for students to be successful in a school atmosphere. Students, some more than others, have general fear of failure based from past experiences or negative criticism. ClassDojo has come up with a platform that helps students better develop their skills and unique traits, while giving them the tools that enable them to accomplish the goals that they set for themselves with enough effort and hard work. This company has created growth mindset videos that coincide with the student, teacher, and parent friendly app and website that is free and easy to use. When using this platform, keep in mind it is an educational tool built on the idea of broadening the communication between all three parties.

Since the platform has skyrocketed, it is currently actively used in every two out three schools within the United States. Its increasing popularity has ClassDojo and a research program at Stanford trying to build an addition called ClassDojoMonsters to work correspondingly with the original app. The purpose of this new addition to get their name out there as well as to teach their Growth Mindset videos, better yet to be understood. In these videos, each one of them is a single part of a series that expands into another part and so on, releasing the critical fundamentals of growth mindset one at a time. Stanford has stated they also have full intentions to monitor the all the videos from before, during, and after the process is completed.

These videos are a great addition to the original ClassDojo app that has already had such a vast improvement in the various ways students learn. The philosophy of the growth mindset and of ClassDojo are of the same, to improve the communication connection between students, teachers, and parents as well as for students to gain the skills and confidence that they need to succeed. Over the next few months, plenty more growth mindset videos will be surfacing. They are all produced and released regularly based on ClassDojo’s overall success.

If your not completely sold on the idea of ClassDojo yet, signing up is free and a simple invite from your child’s teacher is all it takes. After doing that, it you allows you, on a regular basis, to be completely connected to your child’s teacher and instructors. Every parent can monitor their child’s progress whenever they would like, and teachers have found this to be extremely helpful in countless situations. Students are regularly improving in various areas across the charts with the use of ClassDojo.


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Mike Baur Continues to Help Others Launch Ventures

In today’s market where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to become millionaires in a short time, there are plenty of people who want to join in. To make it, these people have to be able to turn their passion into a coherent and viable long-term strategy. Budding entrepreneurs who want to be able to find personalized support on their journey can turn to the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Startup Factory is led by Mike Baur, a professional who has 20 years of experience in the Swiss banking industry. In 2014, after a long career working for companies like UBS, Clariden Leu, and Sallfort, he founded the company along with partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.

They focus on providing groups with the support they need to realize their visions. Over the course of a three-month period, they work with each other to develop goals and figure out the best way to execute them. The partnership is extremely close as the entrepreneur’s even work in the Swiss Startup Factory’s Zurich office.

They receive guidance related to client outreach, marketing, financial sustainability, and management practices in addition to a variety of other areas. One of the concepts that receives a lot of attention is the overall mission or objective of the rising businessmen and women. Baur and his colleagues know that dedication and commitment are key aspects of success, and he wants those he works with to understand that they need to believe in what they’re doing in order to keep going.

Baur volunteers with other organizations throughout the country, including those that are targeted towards youth development. He’s often found discussing how one’s response to failure is indicative of future success. Young people often see others like Mark Zuckerberg or the founders of Google at a high point in their careers without realizing how much legwork it took to get into those positions. He tries to help people strike a balance between being idealistic and innovative while also staying practical and realistic.

Baur graduated from the University of Berne’s Executive MBA program and the University of Rochester’s MBA program. In 2016, he was named the deputy managing director of CTI Invest.

New York offices for rent are impossible to find– but not with Workville

Shared Office Space Can Be An Ideal Working Solution

Those who are creating a business of any kind today must be fully able to think outside of the proverbial box. Doing so is imperative in today’s competitive world. Being able to consider various kinds of solutions can be an ideal way to stay on top of the competition. Such is the case with the world of office space. Any potential location where people work will need to serve many purposes including allowing employees to be able to greet customers and have a space where they can feel safe and secure as they concentrate on their work. This is where shared office space can be an ideal solution according to those at the Harvard Business Review.

Tremendous Benefits

Despite what they expected to find, those at the Review were pleasantly pleased to discover that shared office space has many kinds of benefits. Being able to share office space with others can be ideal and the perfect solution in many cases. This is where people are often surprised and delighted. They find that sharing an office space helps the company save money. Doing so also helps those working there enjoy other benefits. May employees are pleased to realize that shared office space of this kind allows them to gain all kinds of new perspective on their work as well as make new business connections with those who are sharing the space with them. Many people are also delighted to find they can help avoid the more unpleasant aspects of working that sometimes arise such as office politics where individuals are focused on petty things rather than the larger picture on hand.

Workville To The Rescue

For those seeking New York offices for rent, one solution has been working with Workville. This company offers people the chance to create an office spare in the region that is shared with other companies. Those at Workville seek out such shared work spaces and figure out the best way to help them make such work spaces work well. This is why they have so many happy customers. They know that they can office help to people who really need it from them. Those who want to save money will be able to do so here in this part of the country. They are also pleasantly surprised to find out that doing so can also help their business grow and move forward.