Kevin Seawright’s Help in the Development of the Newark Youth

Kevin Seawright works at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer. The organization serves as the chief economic development bureau for Newark, which is the largest city in New Jersey. Before joining the Newark CEDC, Mr. Seawright worked at one of the biggest departments of recreation and parks at Maryland as the Chief Financial and Facilities Officer. He was in charge of more than 50 million dollars in city, state and federal income.

Kevin Seawright later got a role as a management head in the educational sector, where he helped to create budgets that amounted to an annual total of 200 million dollars and also assisted in offering advice on the building of schools, and other infrastructural problems that would come up. He controlled 600 million dollars that were used in the makeovers and developments of already existing and new buildings. Vizualize shows that Mr. Seawright was also an employee of the Collington Life Care Community, where he served as the Director of Operations. He negotiated contracts for the organization, managed more than 500 residents and provided oversight on the use of more than 5 million dollars funding used in operations and construction.

Kevin Seawright led the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in partnering with the NewarkWorks and other few institutions and city figure in supporting the youth of Newark to secure jobs this summer. The primary objective of the summer program is to offer paid jobs that will enable the Newark students to gain experience for six weeks, and, therefore, improve the rate of college graduations in the local community. The participants will get free on-the-job training, lectures on financial knowledge, lessons on empowerment and curriculum on college preparedness. For the first time, applicants will apply online hence, making the recruitment process easy. The process that used to take six weeks now only takes thirty minutes.

The 2016 program has a goal of raising the number of jobs to 3500 from 3000 that were available last year. Apart from providing the summer job vacancies, Mr. Seawright ensured that the students get financial knowledge by striving to partner with TD Bank and Santander Bank, which are both high-status institutions. The students will use the skills acquired for their own current and future financial success. The summer program will take place for six weeks, from 5th July to 16th August and organizations that will participate in the program will be required to pay their student employees the minimum wage.  Read the full interview where Kevin talked his youth program with LocalTalkNews.

George Soros has a bold plan for the migrant crisis

If you have turned the news on in the last year, then you are probably aware of Europe’s latest crisis. Millions of migrants are flooding into Europe, looking for protection from war and famine in the Middle East. These migrants on are claiming asylum, but unfortunately, many European nations are reacting poorly to the crisis. In order to protect their citizens and their culture, several European countries are keeping migrants out. This has created major problems as the European Union requires countries to honor each other’s contracts. Political experts around the world have searched for a solution to Europe’s problems, and one well known expert may have a solution to the asylum issue.

George Soros has long been thought of as one of the leading minds in the progressive movement. He made millions as a business leader, and now he operates several progressive think tanks. George Soros recently recognized the fact that Europe must act in this asylum seeking crisis. A recent marketwatch article, covered his new plan. The people flooding in from the Middle East are in desperate need of our help and Europeans must take action to protect these people. His plan offers Europeans a chance to show their better nature.

The George Soros plan requires several critical steps. The first step is that Europe must take in a million asylum seekers a year for the foreseeable future. Europe is surrounded by unstable regions, and unfortunately, there will be plenty of migrants for years to come. The burden of these migrants on must be shared equal. Each country should take their fair share, and the EU should provide 15,000 euros per migrant to pay for the costs of each migrant. These asylum seekers will need food, housing, and medical care, so they will need the 15,000 euros for two years. Soros wants to fund this program by issuing long term bonds, taking advantage of Europe’s excellent credit rating.

The next stage of the George Soros plan requires the European Union to reach out to other countries across the world that are providing support to migrants. These countries include Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. The European Union must provide financial support to these countries, as they currently have taken in 4 million refugees. The EU commitment should be in the neighborhood of 10 billion Euros a year, but it will save Europe money in the long run, and more importantly save lives.

The final steps of the Soros plan require the government to get organized. The EU must establish a single agency to handle the flow of migrants. That agency must develop a safe route from the Middle East to Europe for migrants. The agency must also reach out to NGOs across Europe to get asylum seekers the support they deserve. These NGOs include churches and non-profit organizations across all of Europe.

George Soros has been addressing social justice issues his entire life, and he strongly believes that the migrant crisis must be addressed. His plan will save lives and help Europe deal with the current influx of asylum seekers. Hopefully, the Europeans strongly consider his plan.

Important Hire at Highland Capital

There are a lot of companies that claim to want to help investors reach the next level. However, Highland Capital is one of the few companies that actually supports its claims. Over time, the company has helped thousands of people with their investments in the stock market. They recently said that they hired another person to come aboard to help James Dondero take the company to the next level. Building up a great company requires that people invest in the right areas of business. There are few things more important to invest in than people in your company. Over time, this is one of the reasons that Highland Capital continues to be one of the best companies in the industry.

Dondero is the leader of Highland Capital and has been so for many years. Over the long term, he has proven to be a competent leader who cares about the future of his company. There are a lot of people who say that he is one of the best leaders in the personal finance space. This is a big deal because there are a lot of companies in the same industry trying to get the attention of potential customers. Anyone who wants to make a difference in the world of personal finance needs to work with him on how to do so. He has a great plan for growing his company over the long term, and it has been proven to work in many areas. Anyone who wants to build a company over time needs to learn how to do so through the work that Highland Capital has done.

There are a lot of people looking to invest in the stock market for the future. With the most recent hire made, this is a great opportunity to take steps to grow to the next level in the business. Overall, anyone who wants to learn how to invest needs to work with James Dondero and the staff that is at Highland Capital. They have a cohesive strategy of success that has worked on a large scale over time. Instead of fearing investing in the stock market, working with Highland Capital allows a person to see just how important it is to have good advice in this area. James Dondero and team can develop a plan to meet your needs in a variety of areas over time.

Go Fund Me Operation Smile Helps City Children Smile

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist that is working for the homeless community by providing free or cheap dental work through the Operation Smile nonprofit organization. Operation Smile provides dental work such as fillings, cleanings, and surgeries for little to no payment. Most of the clients it helps out is the people that are uninsured or homeless. Children with facial deformities will experience the ability to have the dental surgery at little to no cost to their parents. Dentists in the area are working to help the organization take care of these children by donating time to the clinic or the mobile units that travel around the city.

Avi Weisfogel is helping the organization raise money for the cause by launching a go fund my campaign. The money raised will sponsor children and the mobile unit. People that are normally unable to afford any dental work, because of the high cost, will be able to have procedures done. People that are unemployed or low income are usually lining up at the mobile units when they visit the streets. Weisfogel is one fantastic person to offer his time and expertise in this fund raising matter. Without the fundraising, of the go fund me campaign, the mobile unit will not be able to purchase the supplies and medications necessary to perform any of the procedures.

A caring dentist and specialist with sleep disorders, Avi Weisfogel has spent many years perfecting the mouth appliances and procedures to help people sleep and breath better. People that have difficulty sleeping can contact a dentist or go to their primary doctor for an order to get a sleep study done. After the sleep study is done, the doctor or dentist will make recommendations for bi-paps, c- paps, or mouth guards. Holding the tongue is one of the primary reasons people use mouth guards. A dental school graduate and expertise in his field, Weisfogel continues to make fantastic business decisions that help the general public and other dentists in the area. He takes the time to train others in the field of dentistry and sleep apnea. People wishing to donate to the go fund me campaign can do so by going online and checking out the go fund me operation smile benefit. The city homeless and low-income individuals are better off knowing Avi and his causes. HIs family and friends are happy and proud of his accomplishments and his caring heart.

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Spring Cleaning Through Handy’s Platform Is The Best!

When you’re living alone in a city and working several hours each day, it’s easy to put off doing the simple things in life that keep your home clean. I have dishes piling up in the sink, and I have loads of laundry that seem impossible to get through. I love my job, and I love being at work. However, when I come home I would love to have a clean home to relax in. Also, I just realized that spring is here, which makes me think about getting some spring cleaning done.

I was talking to a friend at work last week about how my home is a mess, and my friend suggested that I hire a cleaning service. I thought it was a good idea because it would at least get me ahead of the mess in time for spring. Spring cleaning has always made me feel better after going through a harsh winter, and last winter was exceptionally harsh in my city. I wanted to get ahead of the mess, so I decided to take my friend’s advice by looking into a cleaning service.

After doing a search online for cleaning services in my area, I saw a few awful reviews on some of the local cleaning services. Then, I looked a little harder for a solution, and I found out about this service called Handy. Their platform is able to connect you with your own professional home cleaning service technician in a matter of minutes. The service people from Handy are well qualified, and they are screened before they are welcomed into Handy’s community.

I feel safe having one of the cleaning professionals from Handy’s platform come into my home. I even feel safe with the cleaning professional being there when I am not home. I am usually uncomfortable about having someone in my home when I am not present. However, the fact that Handy pre-screens their applicants before they welcome them into their community sets my mind at ease. This spring is going to be great. Thanks to Handy, I now have a clean home.

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Soap Divas Return To Television On POP Network

A new docu-drama series named Queens of Drama aired last year on the POP Network and the six women starring in the reality series are not new to the walk of fame. Big name soap celebrities from the past have banned together in order to write, cast, and produce a hit soap opera hoping the pilot series will be picked up by a big name TV network. Stars like Lindsey Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, and Donna Mills grace the screen in order to show the true hard work and talent it takes to create a long running soap opera, and these Daytime Emmy Award nominees and winners definitely have the experience.

Among their history these six women are first and foremost actresses, and they entire series focuses on them wanting to get back in front of the camera. These women aren’t waiting until their pilot airs to start acting though as its been confirmed the reality series is soft scripted, and the women are playing over dramatized versions of themselves to boost ratings and keep the drama juicy. FamousBirthdays says Crystal Hunt is seen as the catty woman who often sends scathing yet passive-aggressive insults to her former costar Lindsey Hartley throughout the first season. She’s also a bit of an instigator and when Marcil anoints herself leader and pulls in Donna Mills without the girls consent. Mills then pulls in Hunter Tylo which causes Hunt to call her former costar Joan Collins to help reign in Marcil.

Though Hunt may play a diva on Queens of Drama the American actress has had outstanding success in soap operas throughout her career. Her most notable role was Lizzie Spaulding on The Guiding Light, and she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for her portrayal of the troubled teenager from 2003-2006. Afterwards Hunt was cast in One Life To Live as Stacy Morasco from 2009-2010. Morasco’s character was conniving and selfish however her early demise showed heavy character development when she dove into a frozen lake to save her sister and newborn.

Before appearing on the new reality series for POP Hunt produced her very first feature film, Talbot County, with a fellow friend in 2015. Hunt has also starred in various movies like Magic Mike XXL and Sydney White between her roles as Lizzie Spaulding and Stacy Morasco.  See another dimension of her artistry on her photography website, or look at Crystal’s acting reel on YouTube to see the star put through her paces.

Koch to decide how to handle Trump Emergence

The emergence of Donald Trump came as a surprise to many people and Charles Koch was no exception. While Trump has long entertained the possibility of running for President few took him seriously. When Trump first came to the Koch brothers, Charles and David Koch, for their support they rebuffed him due to sharing different beliefs than he did. Trump then engaged in a Twitter barrage against the brothers criticizing their outsized role in the political game.

The Koch brothers have long been big donors to the Republican Party. Their fortune derives from Koch Industries which was founded by their father, Fred, and which is diversified but has a strong focus on the energy market. As Koch Industries earns just about $120 billion in revenue each year the Koch brothers have deep pockets to fund the candidates of their choice. During the 2012 presidential election they donated $400 million towards their attempted overthrow of Barack Obama. That failed attempt did not dissuade them in 2016 and they raised $900 million towards the 2016 campaign. Trump has put a damper on those plans.

Now that Trump has emerged as a more serious contender for the Republican nomination and has not only seized but also maintained, the lead in the Republican primary, all bets are on the table for what the Koch brothers may do. While it is quite clear that the Koch brothers would never actually support Trump, it is less clear the actions that they will take in the upcoming election. Representatives for the Koch brothers indicate that everything is currently on the table. Including potentially not spending or donating money during this election cycle and carrying the money that was raised into the next major race. The Super Pacs that the Koch brothers control may simple cede the Presidency to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders and try to work on getting some smaller races won by like minded candidates.

Although Charles Koch hesitated to create anti Trump ads in the past, partly due to some in their network of supporters being pro Trump and possibly offended by these ads, that too is currently on the table for the Koch brothers. Still the rise of Trump and his potential success of the Trump movement has shown the Koch may not have moved fast enough to support a candidate, partly as none captured the beliefs and ideals that Charles holds dearly.

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The Unique Cleansing System of WEN by Chaz

One young woman decided the Internet was a good place to post a journal of her experience with a new cleansing shampoo. The young woman chose to post her week long account on Bustle, where other people would be able to see the results she achieved. Her article starts by letting people know the condition of her hair before trying the WEN hair cleansing conditioner. She also states how she followed the directions exactly as they were stated on the bottle. She used the Sephora sold Wen hair sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner six out of the seven days she wrote about. The one day she decided to skip using it, she noticed her hair reverted back to its oily state.

WEN’s Unique Hair Cleansing System

People who are new to the Wen hair cleansing conditioner will find it does not lather the same way traditional shampoos do. This is because the WEN products do not contain any harsh sulfates. The formula for WEN utilizes a lot of natural plant extracts to keep hair from being stripped of its own oil. This specially designed formula helps keep hair soft, silky and manageable. The extracts used in the different varieties lend their own unique properties to the products to help resolve the different issues people have with their hair.

The process of cleansing the hair begins by working the cleansing conditioner through the hair and onto the scalp. The product is then rinsed from the hair to leave hair clean and manageable. For people who have problems with oily, dry or frizzy hair, it is recommended to repeat the cleansing process and then work a small amount of product into the hair when done. By following the recommended procedure for cleansing the hair, the WEN hair products have been shown to improve even the most difficult types of hair.



Travel Europe with Beneful Medleys

You can’t take your small dog to Europe with you this summer, but there is no reason he can’t enjoy a taste of Italy with his dinner. That’s why Purinastore developed Beneful Medleys, the wet dog food you can serve alone or mix in with your dog’s dry variety. Beneful Medleys comes in a number of exotic flavors: Tuscan Style, Romana Style, and Mediterranean Style. Each has special ingredients and a generous sauce to make your furry friend feel loved.

Beneful Tuscan Style Medley contains real beef with carrots, rice, and spinach. This adult dog food is 100% complete, so it can be served on its own or mixed into your pet’s food. Made by Purina, a name you trust for your dog’s nutrition, Beneful Tuscan Style Medley will get your dog excited about supper again.

Beneful Romana Style Medley blend has chicken accented with carrots, pasta, and spinach. Your dog will feel like he is vacationing abroad, and you can rest assured he is getting the best in nutrition.

Beneful Mediterranean Style Medley is a blend of real lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach. It comes with an indulgent sauce to excite your pet’s taste buds. Most importantly, Beneful Mediterranean Style Medley contains all the nutrition your pet needs to be strong and healthy.

These three wet dog food varieties will make your pet feel indulged at mealtime. You will be confident knowing he is getting 100% nutrition from Treat your dog to one of these varieties from Beneful Medleys tonight! Beneful is being sold online: Try it now!



Helane Morrison Pushes for Ethics Return to Finance

Many investors have shied away from the financial markets due to the corruption and dishonesty that has been a part of the industry in the last decade. The 2007-2008 market crash shocked many investors. Many of these investors left the market for good. The financial crisis during this time not only took down the values of stock portfolios but it also took down the values of real estate and homes. Many people lost values in their retirement funds, their children’s education funds and also in the value of their homes. This caused many to leave the financial markets for good. Currently with the uncertainty in the economy as well as this being an election year many are still afraid to take action in the financial markets.

Helane Morrison, a journalist/lawyer by training who spent many years trying to restore trust to the financial markets, recently joined Hall Capital, a California investment company. She has decided to use her years of experience with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco, to the full advantage of clients at Hall Capital. She worked years with the SEC bringing fraud charges against those who took advantage of investors. She brought charges against Ernst and Young for doctoring documents and providing fraudulent information to investors. Helane worked diligently to prevent senior citizens from suffering from investment fraud. For her entire career she worked to protect investors from fraud and deception. She will continue this objective at Hall Capital.

Hall Capital is one of the few financial companies, run completely by women. Helane works as the managing director and head compliance officer for the company. This should give investors a higher degree of confidence when using the company for financial guidance. Helane has dedicated her entire career to building trust back into the financial industry. As an investor with Hall Capital you can rest assured that the advice you get is solid and ethical, and that all mutual funds and outside financial products used by Hall Capital has been thoroughly researched. Rest assured that you will receive professional and competent advice when working with Hall Capital. Helane Morrison will make sure of it.