Financial Capitalist Brad Reifler Partners With Veteran Service Center

The Easter Seals Dixon Center happily accepted a partnership from the esteemed ForeFront Capital earlier this month. Brad Reifler, co-founder and CEO of ForeFront Capital, and his advisers announced their partnership and sizable donation of $3 million dollars to help the center continue its work with veterans and their families. The Easter Seals Dixon Center works with veterans and their families locally and nationally by giving them access to programs as well as employment, education, and healthcare as they readjust to life outside of the service.

Reifler stated that the company’s partnership with the Easter Seals Dixon Center was an easy choice because of the center’s positive impact and focus in helping returning veterans lead successful lives after serving their country. From his Twitter it’s clear Reifler has given the generous donation to help make a difference in veteran’s lives, but he’s also aware that in order to live a successful life veterans must have financial stability. The $3 million has been designated to help programs like job training, health and wellness, caregiver training, education and advocacy.

Brad Reifler has been an open and outspoken advocate about finance and the importance of financial stability. He’s also openly discussed the unfairness of investment options for the low and middle class families of America and his opinions have even been picked up by finance news outlets like Yahoo!Finance and Reuters News. He’s given financial and investment advice to the public and explained how to successfully and smartly invest money so they can create college fund and save for retirement. High return investments are only available to ‘accredited investors’ that have a net worth of over a million, so Reifler created a subsidiary of ForeFront Capital which is focused on helping non-accredited investors gain access to these high return investment opportunities.

Reifler is well known for his financial genius but he’s also a well established and respected businessman. Wikipedia indicates that after graduating from Bowdoin College he founded his first company in 1982 which focused on global derivatives. The Reifler Trading Company eventually grew to be so successful the biggest global derivatives company in the world ended up buying them out in 2000. After selling his first company Reifler opened up Pali Capital which is said to be his most successful company. Riefler ran Pali Capital for thirteen years and earned the company over $200 million in profits. Reifler now acts as CEO of ForeFront Capital and its multiple subsidiaries.  Reifler also provides investment tips through Reuters, who picked him up after his original story about his company’s expansion into middle class investors.

Marcio Alaor BMG Recap

Las Vegas hosted the CES -Consumer Electronics Show- in January, 2016. This annual event gives insight to future technology for the next 40 years. The website CNET, recounted that the world is ever changing. At Phxated, you’ll get the latest gist.

Marcio Alaor, BMG executive, states the event’s top electronics consist of a drone with space for a passenger, everyday objects will attach a camera for personal use. The passenger electric car making a place in the future once again.

The Ehang 184 drone drones were the high attraction at CES 2016. The passenger ready drone Ehang 184 allows your imagination to perceive a thought of flying cars in the near future. As a drone is pre-programed, there isn’t a need to fly it if it was possible. Marcio Alaor BMG states that the drone is manufactured by the Ehang Chinese company and at this time has only flown about 23 minutes at one time.

The Ehang Chinese company continues to work on the invention with the biggest concern being security. Marcio Alaor, the Banco BMG executive says that the Chinese company has plans to ensure security by setting a control center that will be able to take control of the drone if they need to.

The Chevrolet Bolt in 2017 was the attraction being the electric car in its completed version. They plan to put a selling price of $30,000 on this car. Ford and Volkswagen confirms that there will be an increase of electric vehicles in the future. Ford alone plans to place 13 hybrid cars for sale in 2020. With the reinvention of the classic Volkswagen, Kombi as an electric prototype. It’s hard to imagine not stopping for gas.

Cameras will be connected to all kinds of things. Connected to the refrigerator allows communication by sending you a picture of the inside of your refrigerator and you can see if you need milk or not. Samsung priced their refrigerator at $5,000.

With the first CES taking place in 1967 in the city of New York. Many electronic devices were presented. In 1970 the VCR was given to the world. There were compact disc players presented in 1981, with the DVD-digital versatile disk- being presented in 1996. the plasma television was at CES in 2001. The Blu-Ray DVD was at CES in 2003.

CES 2017 has set their date between January 5th through the 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada,
United States.


Source: Marcio Alaor BMG and

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White Shark Media Uses Customer Reveiws to Improve Their Service

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency. They provide their clients with online marketing solutions that are designed specifically for the small to medium sized businesses. Their rate of growth has acknowledged them as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the United States. This growth and success is a result of their reputation for engineering the most cost-effective Search Marketing campaigns. It is also attributed to their first class customer service they provide.

Even though they are known for providing top customer service, they still receive their share of complaints. They are now at a place in their business where they feel they have become a better company as a result of those customer reviews that were less than favorable. Using both compliments and complaints have built their business into one of the best in the industry.

One of the complaints received made White Shark Media take a closer look at how they handled reporting procedures. They changed how they communicate with the small business owner by explaining all the ins and outs of their campaign. This allows the owner to see where to go if they want to see performance of specific keywords or ads.

Another communication error they found was not making the contact person in the company available to clients when they felt they needed to talk to them. Knowing that customer service is just as important as results they set out to change this error. They now schedule monthly status calls with client and their SEM Strategist. This allows the client to find out how their account is doing as well as ask any questions they may have.

They are also given direct phone extensions to call and talk with their contact person whenever questions arise between times of the monthly reports. Needless to say this has given clients a lot of relief and White Shark Media a lot of compliments.

Another complaint White Shark Media learned a lot from was a client saying they did better with a previous provider. To improve success for their clients they now have increased the importance of many policies:
* The make sure to use any successful aspects of the clients previous campaign. They aim to make a better campaign for them and not attempt to re-build and re-start every time. If a campaign is working, they’ll use that platform to make it better.
* They assign an experienced supervisor to every three to five strategists. This makes sure they have the time to oversee all campaign performances and are there if the strategist needs help.

White Shark Media has received other great customer service insights through the years. They take all comments from their clients very seriously and make adjustments to improve their service to meet those reviews.
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Kate Hudson Speaks to Elle Magazine About Fabletics

The most important thing that one has to do for a new business is get the word out about the business. It doesn’t matter how good the products are if no one knows that this product line exists. Kate Hudson has spoken to many different magazines, and Elle is one of the sources that she has utilized to help her promote this brand.

Hudson is no stranger to consumers. She has created a life on a big screen with a plethora of movies that have shown many people just how talented she is. Hudson made a decision to walk in her mother’s footsteps and become known as an actress, but the Fabletics brand is a passion that she developed all on her own. She has an active family that likes to work out, but no one had gym gear on the brain. Kate Hudson, however, was finding herself in a position where she wanted to get some clothing that would be very comfortable for working out.

As someone that was highly active she would prove over time that she was interested in working out and building a brand that was very stylish. She wanted to look cute while she was working out. Hudson didn’t believe that this was too much to ask for. She also believed that a lot of other women would feel the same exact way. Her desires helped her transition into a person that is putting new gym garments into the spotlight. That is one of the most exciting times for people that are interested in getting some athletic gear that is fashionable and affordable. Hudson has celebrity fans that are tweeting about the brand. She also has a website that gives people all over the world access to the brand. That is really a big part of her growth, but that really is just the beginning.

There are more than 100 stores that are opening up in the next 5 years. This is a big deal for the company that only has 6 physical stores right now. The stores will help Hudson push the subscription service because there will be more workers in place to inform customers about how the service works. The addition of more stores will also introduce more people to the brand that are currently unfamiliar with how this brand works. This all has become a strong labor of love for Kate Hudson.
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Yearly Report By Madison Street Capital Brings Understanding Of Hedge Fund Markets

Madison Street Capital offers innovative ways to grow wealth and diversify one’s portfolio. They have recently released the results of 2015 status of both Mergers and Acquisitions as well as hedge fund health. Their report forecasts that 2016 is going to be an even better year for the hedge fund market.

MSC found that hedge funds closed higher than they did 2014 and their growth and strength is not wavering. Any minor setbacks that have happened in the last financial quarter are solely scared investors grasping at guarantees which is not something that readily exists in the financial sector.

They are an investment firm that deals with clients from a wide variety of industries. These individuals need reliable information in order to understand their options when investing their monies. The trained team of professionals have the experience and knowledge to offer specific information concerning their clients needs.

The recent report as issued by Madison Capital on PR Newswire, does just that. They show not only the past performance of both hedge funds and acquisitions, but also the probable future outcomes in those areas. Their 2016 outlook includes a breakdown of some of the deal mechanisms that are helping to keep this sector strong.

An issue that is also addressed is the tendency of some clients to choose alternative options when seeking to diversify their portfolios. These options have taken funds away from the hedge fund market. This coupled with pressure to lower management fees have put extreme pressure on this sector. Even with these mitigating factors hedge funds continue to flourish and grow.

As a mostly advisory investment bank firm Madison Street Capital works hard to overcome these factors. They have advised a number of clients in terms of merging funds and instruments in order to have a stronger collaboration within the sector and therefore better wealth growth. Mergers and acquistions are not only and aspect where MSC shines, but also can enhance monetary growth across a number of sectors.

When advising clients in terms of mergers the professionals do a full assessment of what the company has and what they can offer to the merger. This includes a full evaluation of the worth of the company. This will take into consideration assets, debits, as well as future vision of the companies involved.

The report that the company has offered includes all of these above mentioned factors. They have assessed the number and frequency of mergers and acquisitions as well as how they affect the investing trends and preferences of their clientele. To understand how the markets can help in wealth development one must understand the trends within the market. This annual report helps to bring that information to those investing in the markets.

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Sanjay Shah Starts Autism Rocks

In the year 2011, Sanjay Shah and his wife had to take their youngest son, Nikhil in the hospital. The child had been vomiting now and then, and many doctors had not been able to give the right diagnosis. After several moving from one country to the other searching for answers, Nikhil was diagnosed with a serious condition known as autism. The condition is most of the times incurable, and the only way to manage it is through therapy. Because of had enough money and resources, Shah was able to hire the best doctors and nurses to give the boy the time of treatment and therapy he required to live a normal life. This experience left him with a great lesson. Although he was able to give his son the therapy required, he wanted to start a foundation to help children suffering from them medical condition.

Several years ago, Autism Rocks was started. The charitable organization raises money to fund research concerning autism. The organization also helps teens and children suffering from the condition to access the right facilities where they can get the support they need and also fund their therapies. Shah is currently retired at only forty-three years, and most of all his charitable donations are given to Autism Rocks.
Before Nikhil got ill, Shah was also involved in philanthropic activities. He would spare some amount of money and send it to the children in India. He had sponsored the children who received these funds for over ten years. At this time, he thought that this was the only channel he could use to help someone. The experience with Nikhil changed him completely, and he decided that they would only support the autism children.

Sanjay Shah is also the founder of Solo Capital, a boutique financial company that is found in the United Kingdom. This organization was started in the year 2011 in September. Since its foundation, the company has done very well, giving their founder enough money to take over many companies and also start others. The company was also incorporated in the year 2011, and the England regulation regulates it. It headquarters are found in London. Apart from the office located in London, Solo Capital has more offices in different cities in the nation. The company has managed to take over a company known as Old Lane Park, a very popular natural resources firm that is also based in the United Kingdom.

The company was started in a tiny rented room on the outskirts of London few years ago. Its founder, Sanjay Shah had just left his job as an accountant in a bank in London. It has grown significantly, and currently, it has big and better offices.

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Europe’s Migrant Crisis is causing the EU Problems and Economic Trouble

When certain nations constantly experience instability and turmoil within its boarders its people begin make an exodus out of the chaos to find a better life. This has been happening inside of Mexico and many Central American countries and it is also taking places inside of Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea. Starting in 2014 millions of migrants began to make their way into Europe. The main reason why they have been leaving their homelands on a mass scale has to do with war and bad government. People who reside in this part of the world had enough and are ready to move on.

Most of the migrants who enter Europe have been traveling from Syria. This nation is currently locked in a fierce civil war and many people there are fed up. They risk their lives and health to make a 1000 mile journey to Europe just to escape appalling conditions back home. The people of Afghanistan have to travel a further distance of 2500 miles just to make it to Europe’s boarders.

Most of these migrants make the journey by foot and they face many different hazards along the way. The European Union (EU) is doing everything they can to stop the inflow of migrants into Europe. Many EU member states have closed their boarders and not allowed any more migrants to cross over.

As of March 2016 close to 2 million people have arrived inside of Europe. These people come into Europe without anything other than the clothes on their backs and the governments where they are located must provide them with resources. Governments have to care for these people and set up temporary shelters to keep them housed and safe. This is costing the EU millions of dollars. Some member states cannot afford to provide this type of care.

One nation in particular that is experiencing the brunt of the migrant crisis is Greece. Most of the people that are entering into Europe are being settled into this nation. Greece’s leaders are steadily protesting this predicament but they have to deal with it because they are in dire straits as a nation. The EU has been bailing out Greece for years. So EU leaders decided to send the immigrants there and then provide them money to care for these people.

Keep in mind that the current migrant crisis in Europe is the biggest humanitarian problem that this country has faced since World War II. The US has offered to help absorb the cost of the incoming migrants. President Obama has decided to take in 10,000 Syrian migrants. These individuals are usually housed and given an education so that they can become productive members of the societies where they are located.

Ultimately, EU leader Donald Tusk clearly told migrants not to come to Europe. The boarders of most EU countries are closed and the US is not accepting more than what it has promised. The migrant crises is straining countries in terms of finances but it is not bankrupting them. Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair states that the only way to stop the migrant crises is to resolve the problems in Syria. The article Migrant crisis deepens: Do not come to Europe will provide more information to readers about this issue.

Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that specializes in high end ventures. This organization makes investments in regions all over the world. While there is a lot of problems in Europe, there still are sound places for people to risk their money. Madison Street Capital will help their client’s to discover where these places are and to prosper from them.

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With the continued expansion of new financial institutions, it has become extremely difficult to find the right bank that will keep pace with your needs. Finding the right bank is very important, as it represents a sort of guarantee for your stable financial position, and the choice should be also based on its size, success and its reputation. However, you should first consider your needs as a customer, and the BMG bank in Brazil is undeniably something that any customer can count on.
This bank is a private financial institution and a leading player in Brazil’s payroll deduction credits. It is under the control of the Pentagna Guimaraes family, which has been involved in this area of finance and money since 1930. During that period, its services were connected to consumer financing and wholesale. Apart from this, the bank represented the leader in the financing of certain kinds of vehicles in the 1980s. Eighteen years later, the bank’s primary focus was providing loans and becoming the leader in this area. BMG signed an agreement with Itau Unibanco S.A. in July 2012, which represented the nest step in the distribution of commercialized payroll loans in Brazil. Two years later, these institutions decided to unite the business, which resulted in BMG owning 40% of the total capital stock.
BMG is doing its best to increase the success of its products by means of developing new businesses that will keep pace with the needs of its customers. By giving Itau Unibanco access to many banking customers in Brazil, the BMG will provide this bank with more experience in the sector of the banking industry.
Apart from this, the bank’s strategy is to expand its services throughout Brazil, which already has many sales. Another strategy is profitability, and this can be achieved by focusing on the loan portfolio growth, thus enabling its business to continue normally. Then, it is important to focus on a conservative credit policy, defined and strict levels, and on a team of professionals who will give a detailed analysis based on industry intelligence. Other important strategies are diversion of funding sources and operational efficiency focused on cost control.
Ricardo Annes Guimaraes represents the owner of the BMG bank, and he serves as its President at the same time. Mr. Guimaraes has been its CEO since June 2004, thus greatly contributing to its success. His career began with the BMG S.A. de C.V. in 1980, and nine years later he was appointed their Financial Executive Officer. His role is to supervise and coordinate all the bank’s businesses. He is also connected to two Board Members in two different industries.
To conclude, in order to find the right bank, one should first consider his/her needs as a customer and then find a successful bank with a reliable reputation. With the BMG bank, one can have all this.


Up-close with Venture firm CCMP Capital

This is a private equity venture firm whose headquarters is in New York. It centers on leveraged buyouts and growth capital dealings. Since its inception in 1984, the firm has grown in leaps and bounds. It currently has an asset portfolio of 12 billion dollars. In 2007, it was placed at position 17 among the largest private equity firms globally. Its current chairman is Greg Brenneman. He also acts as it Chief Executive Officer.

Brief History of CCMP

On its launch in 1984, the firm was known as Chemical Ventures Partners. It was started with the aim of acting as the private equity and investment organ of the Chemical Bank. The bank was acquired in 1996 by Chase Manhattan Bank, forcing the firm to change its name to Chase Capital Partners. Four years later, it was renamed JP Morgan Partners. In 2005, JP Morgan Partners separated from JP Morgan Chase in 2006 and was renamed CCMP, an acronym for its predecessors.

To improve service delivery, the firm ensures that it has the best financial experts under its wings. The recent appointment of Robert Toth as Managing Director attests to this. Mr. Toth is a renowned corporate leader and his selection is set to position CCMP as the go-to investment firm.

Areas of Investment

The firm focuses its ventures in consumer, retail, media, telecom, healthcare and financial services. Within the consumer, retail and services industry, it is focused on specialty retail and direct marketing. The firm also has an arm concentrating on media and telecommunication ventures. This arm deals in consumer and trade publishing, content and programming. The industrial arm exclusively makes investments in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Investments are made only after an effective wealth creation model has been reviewed first to ensure that the sectors are profitable. Each investment is led by a team of financial experts who have helped the firm gain the reputation of being the best global investment partner.

Important notes about Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray is the former president and chief executive officer of CCMP. His sudden death was treated with shock because he was a giant in the financial services sector. Steve as he was popularly known was born in August 1962. He graduated from Boston College in 1984 with an economics degree. He pursued his postgraduate studies at Columbia Business School. In his career, he had a long history with CCMP and its preceding firms. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a spinout of JP Morgan Chase in 2006. He was named its CEO the following year. He was also a passionate humanitarian and he supported the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, the Stamford Museum amongst others. Mr. Murray was also the Vice Chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College.

Tabar Says That Flint Unveiled a Problem of Failing Water Infrastructure in the U.S.

Who should we believe in the Flint situation? No one, claims Sam Tabar. The water situation in Flint, Michigan has brought attention to the water that citizens in the United States are drinking. Tamar, who spent many years with Merrill Lynch and then Schulte Roth before becoming a key figure at Full Cycle Energy fund, says that Flint switched their water system to the Flint River in April 2014, the homes of this city began to detect lead-tainted water coming from their taps, and the situation still has not been amended. Researchers say that there are six million other service lines across the country that could also lead to lead poisoning. So the question is, “Do you trust your tap water?”

Every city is required to provide quality reports to consumers, but Tabar asserts that very few cities offer a map of the pipes that have been replaced and those that are still hazardous. It’s a known fact that those in wealthier neighborhoods feel better about the quality of their tap water while those in low-income areas are unsure or they are 60 percent more concerned about their water.

In many areas, Tabar believes the water infrastructure is decades old and deteriorating and poses the risk of unsafe water. Healthy adults, for the most part, are able to drink all tap water, but pregnant women, very young children, people with chronic illnesses, the elderly and people living with weakened immune systems are more vulnerable to “bad” water. In these cases, Tabar recommends that a high-quality bottled water should be used in place of drinking poisoned tap water. To find out the quality of water in your town, contact the company that supplies water to your home. It is your right to know the condition of the water you are drinking.