Human Rights Foundation and the founder Thor Halvorssen

Human Rights Foundation is a non-governmental organization movement that targets on founding the ideals principles and rights of being a human rights movement. The foundation was initiated back in 2005 by its founder Thor Halvorssen, and its first most goals were to advocate for the removal of apartheid in South Africa for being racist. They have since then been fighting for human rights through organized forums, media, and writings from the foundation initiator. They protect rights of all persons to leave and enter their countries, freedom of association, freedom from being arbitrary arrested or exiled and freedom from slavery and torture.

The foundation organizes programs and campaigns to free those politically arrested and also offer education on ground for closed societies. They have in the recent past bee up for the freeing of two journalists in Turkey arrested for realizing to the public about the malfunctioning acts of the government and crimes. They have also fought for the release of a human rights lawyer from the prison by the Vietnam government. The foundation is also up for an exhibit in the United States from Sexton a graphite artist from Cuba who was politically arrested for makings some graphics of Cuba leaders deemed abusive. These actions are spearheaded by a 37-year-old Venezuelan- Norwegian citizen Thor Halvorssen.

Thor founded the human rights foundation, OSLO freedom forum, the centipede children and on own feet. He studied Political Science and History back in the university and had even won a Nobel Peace prize. He also wrote documentaries like the Sugar Babies and Tickle. His human rights foundation works at bringing together many leaders who are up to fight for human rights and are against illegitimate political imprisonment. Thor has been very insightful all over the world especially in all aspects democracy. After coming open the Wall Street Journal Thor was arrested and beaten up very bad when he tried to open up money laundering cases in the Venezuelan government.

Thor has also appeared in many media interviews in support for his mission at the human rights foundation with the likes BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, New York times, Times and The Wall Street Journal, his father was also a political prisoner when he was an ambassador. He stayed so long in jail but was later rescued by amnesty international. Thor founded HRF when his mother was shot while attending a public gathering in 2004. From the recognition of his film globally, Thor has managed to create huge awareness on the plight of children and respect for human rights.

James Dondero’s Highland Capital Strategy

When you think about investments and start to see the power that any investors can truly harness from funds, there are reasons to be excited. Not only do many individuals know that they can’t do it on their own when it comes to retirement planning, but they also know that they don’t need to be an expert when it comes to the actual investment strategy of it all. When you find a strategic partner such as James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management then you truly have a partner in the investing world that is willing to do the hard work and find the right mix of investments to be in at the right times.

When you look at the specific types of investments James Dondero’s fund has gone into, you can tell the type of organization he is trying to run and the vision he is trying to put into place. Highland Capital is about finding the right risks for the right price, and that is one of the ways the fund has created so much value already. It is also another reason why Jim is prepared to move forward with even better results in the coming year.

One thing that Jim Dondero knows is that with investments you can’t just sit around and be reactionary. You have to invest not only in companies that make sense at the individual level, but also the sectors that do or do not make sense to be in for a given year have to be considered as well. People can throw their money at big companies and named brand goods, but if you don’t think about the specific organization and stock as a long term purchase then why would you want to buy into it?

James Dondero knows that being active within the stock market is not just something that people do in order to get ahead, but it is absolutely imperative for any and all investors to do. With the success of Highland Capital Management so far this year, the doubters are nowhere to be found. James Dondero’s strategy has continued to propel the entire fund forward with significant confidence and it only appears to be headed for even stronger times ahead. Keep an eye out for Highland Capital’s continued success and don’t be surprised if Jim Dondero continues to lead his organization forward as one of the top investment organizations in the coming year and years.

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Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is the owner, found and Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital, an investment firm specializing in proprietary trading and equity consulting. They also manage professional sports investments along with asset and performance management. The expert staff and management work hard to create solutions and offer exceptional client services.

Sanjay Shah has many years of experience in the banking and investment industry, and decided to open his own brokerage firm after leaving his accounting job. He is originally from Kenya but moved to the Central London area with his family. He attended King’s College in Central London where he studies medicine. He wanted to become a doctor. After studying for a short time, he decided that is not what he wanted to do, but that he wanted to pursue the accounting business instead. He then started his accounting classes and graduated from King’s College with his accounting degree. After numerous years in the accounting and banking businesses, he wanted to venture off and start his own brokerage business. He resigned from his accounting job at the time, and hired a few graduate students to help him get the business running and formed Solo Capital. He wasn’t exactly sure how Solo Capital would do, so he decided to give it a solid year of hard work and dedication and if it didn’t work out, he’d figure something else out. The business of Solo Capital took off and increased its business fast and effectively. After five years of the business running it had an estimated net worth of $280 million. After many successful business transactions and increasing consulting equities, Solo Capital spread through Central London and Dubai. Shah was able to open 39 offices in the area and grow the business successfully. Because the business continued to do so well, he was able to semi-retire, still overseeing some of the job duties but allowing his executives to take over. He was then able to pursue other passions of his, such as his latest charity project called Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks was launched in 2014 after the diagnosis of his son. He was two years old at the time and Shah wanted to be able to understand the condition as well as help his son the best he could. He formed the charity, Autism Rocks as a result from a conversation with his friend Snoop Dogg, who urged him to get back into the music business. Shah was able to stage concert gigs with some of the most famous musicians and help raise awareness for the cause through their concerts. He has many more future endeavors suggesting more concert set ups with artists, and hopes to be able to contribute much of the funds to research and the ability to help others with Autism.

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Igor Cornelsen Is the Best Source of Information For Investors

The role that Igor Cornelsen has played in the bizjournals and investment world is priceless to me and a slew of other investors. Yet, many people still do not know who he is. I think that it makes sense for new investors to take the time to find out who the wise international investor is. He didn’t write a book, but he didn’t need to. His tips are more than enough to help him build his name and a reputation as a solid investor.

Cornelsen would prove to be the investor that would give me some knowledge about investing outside of the United States. I had considered this possibility before, but this was the first time that it would look on for like something that I could really do. The reason that I decided to do it was because Igor Cornelsen connected the dots. He made me consider the facts that would play a part in build my portfolio.

I had heard investors talk about international investing in a generic way. They talked about how there was such a better rate on return, but they never named any specific country or factors that would affect the rate of return. When I read some information on line that was posted by Igor Cornelsen it all started to come together. He said that one should consider investments in Brazil, but that you should be aware of the red tape that can hinder the businesses at time. In other words, Cornelsen wanted you to proceed but proceed with international investing with a level of caution.

The next thing that he informed investors to do with international investing is watch the other countries that would play a part in what your international pick was doing. The example that he gave was with the relationship between Brazil and China. It is true that Brazil has a booming economy with many natural resources. It is a major export country, but this is a success only because China is buying so many of these exports. That is why Cornelsen recommended the investors of Brazil to keep an eye on things that were occurring in China. A broken relationship between Brazil and China could spell doom for lots of companies that were successful from the exports industry. Those are the type of things that I never even thought of until I came across Igor Cornelsen tips. He was the one that would prove to be a light in the midst of international investing darkness.

I have researched all that Cornelsen has done, and I think that his investment wisdom has been the thing that helped my portfolio survive. He had the insight that made me more confident about investing on my own.

Looking Forward to a Bright Future After Olympic Valley Incorporation Stopped

As reported in the Reno Gazette Journal the 14 year battle to incorporate the community of Squaw Valley is finally over. The California Local Formation Commission agreed with earlier findings that the community would cause residents and businesses to pay unrealistically high taxes. Leading the fight to stop incorporation was Andy Wirth who is the CEO of Squaw Valley. Andy encourages all parties to now support development in the area that benefits everyone.
Andy has been a tireless supporter of the area. He has already proved that his company is ready to listen to public input. He reminds people that Squaw Valley’s original new development plans included a huge roller coaster. After hearing from the community they stopped that plan.
Andy Wirth continues to be a champion of helping everyone who lives in the area. For example, he actively supports Achieve Tahoe that encourages physically and intellectually challenged people to ski. In order to pay the cost of this program Squaw Valley holds its popular Art Wine and Music Festival annually.
Andy believes that development is good for the entire region. That is why he serves as director of the Reno Airport. As its director, he has encouraged more flights into the area. Those visitors bring money with them that helps the local economy.
Squaw Valley has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the top five ski resorts in the United States. Neighboring Alpine Meadows has been declared the top snowboarding resort in the United States.
Andy Wirth has donated many hours to try to bring the 2026 Winter Olympics to the area. He encourages local residents to drive around the area seeing the development that occurred when the 1960 Winter Olympics happened here. He strongly believes that bringing the games here can bring many benefits without causing any debt.
He is also an active supporter of the Tahoe Fund. This fund is instrumental in many area improvements allowing people to enjoy the beauty of the area. For example, the fund has helped build and improve bike trails and clean beaches. The fund has also helped build hiking trails. Most importantly, however, the fund has taught many children to take care of the environment.
Andy Wirth sincerely hopes that the future will be bright for the region. He knows that will only occur when everyone works together.

Taking a Deeper Look Into the Gormet Pet Food Industry

Many people place a high priority on providing nutritional value for their dog or cat. It is important to feed your pet a balanced meal so that he or she can enjoy a vibrant and healthy life. Richard Thompson, the chief executive officer of an innovative gourmet pet food company, has set out to do just that. His approach to providing your pet with quality foods that consist of fresh ingredients and are distributed in a time sensitive manner to ensure product freshness is catching on all over the nation. While Richard tries to cement his place in the 23 billion dollar fresh, pet food industry on Amazon, his top priority is to provide food for your pet that can be equivalent to the food that humans eat at their dinner table.

Beneful by Purina is the ideal healthy pet food for your dog or cat. The brand provides dry or wet food for your dog or cat whether they are large or small. Here is an example of one of the dry dog foods and the benefits that it provides for your pet. Starting your little puppy off with an excellent diet is one way to ensure that they will grow up healthy and strong. Beneful Healthy Puppy dry dog food will provide your puppy with a calcium rich diet that will contribute to strong bones and high energy.

While Beneful provides its share of dry dog foods for your dog or cat, they also offer a variety of wet dog foods for your pet’s pleasure. One of the meals that will make your pet feel special and healthy at the same time is the Romana Style Medley wet dog food. It is made from a blend of chicken, liver, wheat, and carrots, this chose provides all the vitamin and minerals that help your pet to maintain maximum health.

Overall, the Beneful brand has been proven to be the best product on the market. Choosing this product will not only provide many years of enjoyment for your pet, but you will also experience the peace of mind by knowing that your pet is happy and healthy.


Madison Street Capital Hedge Fund Analysis

The 4th edition of Madison Street Capital’s hedge fund industry M&A summary was recently released. The summary covers transactions and M&A opportunities within the hedge fund industry. Madison Street Capital is a leading worldwide banking firm. The company provides services in the financial investment sector.

Concerning the M&A summary, in 2015 the number of hedge fund deals was significant. The number surpassed the total hedge fund deals that happened in 2014. Entering 2016, the hedge fund outlook appears to be very optimistic. This is due in part to a strong 4th quarter 2015 showing regarding hedge fund activity.

Hedge fund assets are doing very well even though the results for most hedge fund plans were below average in 2015. Despite the poor results displayed last year, many investors are making more investments in different asset management sectors. The main reason for these actions is because the investors want to achieve better returns to offset higher expenses.

In general hedge funds managers are trying to manage greater business costs and successfully handle fund fee cost questions. These challenges are making many fund managers reconsider their hedge fund plans.

The structural playing field for hedge funds appears to be open going into 2016. This is because the deals environment for the hedge fund industry was good in 2015 and going forward looks even better for 2016. As a group, the industry will most likely have numerous consolation efforts throughout 2016. These consolation efforts are intended to help cure some of the industry’s fragmentation.
The way that Madison Capital covers the hedge fund industry gives a great view of the industry. The company provides a broad view of the industry but still gives specific information. This provides a concise message to the people who read the company’s hedge fund summaries.

Madison Street Capital is a full-service investment-banking firm. The company gives recommendations to Hedge Fund and other Asset Managers on Capital Opening, M&A Recommendation, Financial Reorganization, Portfolio Assessment, and Financial Sponsor Reporting. The company’s approach gives clients around the globe both strategy and financial advice.

Services offered by Madison Street Capital include financial opinions, merger and acquisition expertise, valuation services, and corporate financial advisory services. In addition, the company is an international investment-banking firm that is dedicated to providing frankness, direction, value, and help regarding the services that are offered to both publicly and privately held companies.

Charles Koch trying to stop Trump in his tracks

Charles Koch is a philanthropist and businessman and son of Fred C. Koch who handed over his business Koch Industries to him and his brother David H. Koch. They both own 42 percent of the conglomerate. Charles Koch serves as the chief executive officer and his brother serves as the Executive Vice President. The company was originally only involved in oil refining and chemicals but has since moved to other ventures which include ranching, forest and consumer products, commodity trading and services, fertilizers, minerals, fibers and polymers. As well as process and pollution control equipment and technologies. They make a wide variety of products under well known brands such as Dixie Cup, Quilted Northern tissue, Lycra and Stainmaster carpet.

The large conglomerate Koch industries is actually the second largest privately held company in the United States. Charles Koch was ranked the 9th richest person in the World with an estimated worth of $36 billion. Charles Koch supports a range of free market oriented educational organizations. These include George Mason University, the Institute for Humane Studies and the Mercatus Center. Charles Koch in his younger years attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a bachelor of Science in engineering and later on a Master of Science in both chemical and mechanical engineering.

Charles Koch recently sat down for an interview to promote his new book but his discouragement with the current state of the Republican Presidential Race and politics in general was clear. In 2012, Charles and his brother David Koch, managed to raise roughly $400 million to elect Mitt Romney through their donor network. However things did not work out as planned as they were out-maneuvered by the Barack Obama campaign. The political operatives that the Koch hired, studied what was the downfall of 2012 and made sure it did not happen again. The 2016 election cycle the brothers, Charles and David Koch had vowed to raise almost $900 million in order to elect Republicans that would end up facing either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. Things again did not go as planned in 2016 as they underestimated Donald Trump. He was not considered to be a real challenge but his views on foreign policy, trade, and taxes did not align with the Koch’s views. The Koch brothers and Trump have been in a feud ever since.


Keith Mann: BusinessWire Article

New York businessman Keith Mann recently established a college scholarship for graduating seniors attending Uncommon Charter High Schools. The scholarship is titled the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The scholarship was established to help low income students attend and graduate college with a degree.

Students can apply for the scholarship through February 29, 2016. One graduating senior from an Uncommon Charter High School will be awarded the scholarship each year. The value of the scholarship is $5,000. The winner of the scholarship will be announced by the end of March 2016.

The scholarship will help low income students going to one of the Uncommon Charter High Schools pay for their college tuition. The desire to go to college and earn a college degree has been a proven method for low-income children to get out of their low-income situations. The scholarship provided by Keith Mann will help students to attend college who without financial assistance may not be able to pay college tuition.

Uncommon Charter High Schools establishes and manages urban charter public schools that help low income children gain a quality education. In addition, the schools have been very successful in helping students enter and graduate from college. Uncommon Charter Schools operates a network of public charter schools in three states. The schools serve children from kindergarten through the 12th grade.

Keith Mann, who established the recent scholarship for graduating seniors at Uncommon Charter High Schools, is a well-known businessman in the New York area. He is the founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. The company is an executive search firm that focuses on the alternative investment industry.

Keith Mann handles the day-to-day operations of Dynamics Search Partners. He has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry. He is a specialist in hedge fund compensation. Dynamics Search Partners helps various businesses fill over 200 positions a year.


Avi Weisfogel Supports Operation Smile with a GoFundMe Campaign

In January, Avi Weisfogel launched a GoFundMe campaign to benefit Operation Smile, an organization that touches him deeply, inspiring him.

As a dentist, Weisfogel gave many people healthier smiles with cleaner, pain-free teeth. However, operating in New Jersey, he ordinarily didn’t have to deal with people with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities. Many people in developing countries do not have that luxury. Many children there suffer from these impairments, which affect their self-esteem and how they are treated by family and their communities, including potential employers.

Therefore, Weisfogel decided to join his interest in people’s mouths with his desire to help humanity, and support Operation Smile. That’s why he launched a GoFundMe campaign. His goal is to raise $2,000 for Operation Smile.

William and Katherine Magee started Operation Smile in 1982. Dr. Magee Jr is a plastic surgeon and his wife Kathleen is a nurse and clinical social worker. They traveled to The Philippines with a team of medical volunteers to repair children’s cleft lips and palates. The experience changed their lives forever.

“People begged us to help their children,” Kathleen Magee said. 100 families brought their children to the medical team in Naga, but the volunteers had time to perform surgery on only 40 children. The Magees promised to return.

Back in the United States, the Magees raised money. They solicited surgical equipment and supplies from manufacturers. They managed to put together their own team of volunteers willing to return to The Philippines. That included 18 doctors, nurses and technicians. That trip, they helped 100 children, but that barely made a dent in the demand for such surgery.

Operation Smile has grown enormously since then. It fields thousands of medical volunteers from 80 countries. They carry out hundreds of missions a year to 60 countries. They have performed more than 220,000 facial surgeries on children and young adults, all at no charge to the patient’s family. They train doctors and other medical professionals to perform such surgery themselves.

Avi Weisfogel, DDS, began practicing dentistry in New Jersey in 1999 as Old Bridge Dental Care. He won the award for Best Dentist many times. After fourteen years of general practice, he transitioned into specialising on patients with sleeping disorders, especially sleep apnea.

Many such patients are prescribed oral appliances to wear in their mouths at night while they are sleeping. Those devices must be individually fitted to the patient’s mouth by a dentist trained in that work. Therefore, Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters and Dental Sleep Apnea Consulting to train other dentists how to fit the oral appliances and how to attract such patients.