Ricardo Guimarães Is Brazil’s Banking And Soccer Innovator

The United States has been building a presence in the Soccer world for years. United States soccer teams have become top-notch teams on the international soccer circuit, and those teams have learned a lot by watching Brazil’s soccer players. Brazil has always been a force in soccer, but over the last fifteen years Brazil has become even better thanks to men like Ricardo Guimarães, who eats and sleeps soccer. Ricardo Guimarães is the well-known banker that decided to use soccer to market bank products in 2008. That decision has made his bank, the BMG Bank, a leader in the payroll loan business in Brazil, according to an article posted by R7.com.

BMG Bank isn’t one of the top banks in Brazil in terms of assets. There are several banks that are government controlled and other banks that have been in business longer than BMG that have more assets. BMG Bank got started as the Land Credit Bank of Minas Gerais in 1930. Ricardo’s grandfather, Antonio, started the Land Credit Bank after making a fortune in the mining and cattle industry. An article posted by MaquinadoEsporte.uol.com.br talks about the relationship between Antonio, son Flavio, and grandson Ricardo, and how the men became one of the most influential and wealthiest banking families in Brazil.

Antonio and Flavio Guimarães set the banking stage for Ricardo, but Ricardo made the bank what it is today. BMG Bank is a leader in the payroll loan business in Brazil. Payroll loans are low-interest loans that employed Brazilians can apply for and then guarantee them by using their income as collateral. BMG uses more than 700 agents around the country to sell those loans, but the most important salesmen for the loans is Ricardo.

Ricardo Guimarães has singlehandedly turned BMG Bank into a banking powerhouse by advertising and sponsoring soccer players and clubs. According to an article posted by Esporte.tera.com.br, BMG Bank is the most influential bank in Brazil when it comes to helping people get payroll loans. Soccer fans love the BMG Bank because the bank has become part of the sport of soccer. Players across the country wear the BMG logo and soccer fans love the bank’s three orange letters.

It’s not just soccer that BMG Bank uses to promote bank products. BMG Bank signed a sponsoring agreement with tennis great Marcelo Melo, and he will wear the orange BMG logo when he is on the court at the Summer Olympics. Melo is considered the best doubles player in the world, so the exposure that BMG Bank will get is priceless, according to Guimarães. Ricardo Guimarães is a banking and soccer innovator, but he is also involved in helping Brazil get out of the recession that has been going on for the last two years.

Operation Smile Go Fund Me Leaves Children Smiling

Avi Weisfogel is working hard to collect money to help people that need cosmetic surgery. Children are born every day with cleft lips and holes in the roof of their mouths. These may be a result of something the mother did while carrying the infant or it could be a congenital defect that no one can help. Whatever the reason, these children need help. These children need your help to pay for the cosmetic surgery that can help them eat right or be like other children. No one likes being tossed aside because of their different looks. We can help with Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe Page.

Go fund me is a page that people can set up for good causes. The person sets up the website page and then goes along telling people about it. The more people that donate to the Operation Smile fund me page, the more children that can have this surgery. Go Fund me collects from people willing to donate.

When Avi Weisfogel decided to set up this fund me site, he was thinking of all the children that are unable to afford to pay for the surgery they need. The family is unable to pay as well so without help from Operation Smile, the children will go on without. with the Go fund me money, Dr. Avi Weisfogel will be able to go into areas that can not afford the surgery. He will be able to offer the surgery at no cause. His reputation has preceded him and everyone is wanting to help out the cause.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a celebrated dental professional that works to provide dental surgery and dental appliances for people that need them. He set up and owns Dental Sleep Masters and teaches people about sleep apnea. He also helps other dental professionals learn how to help people with dental appliances and how to teach about apnea. The wonderful work that Dr. Weisfogel is doing is helping many people that would not be able to afford. We appreciate the efforts and applaud his new Go Fund Me Campaign for others. Click in and donate for the children of Operation Smile. The more donations that come from the Go Fund Me, the more donations that will help other children be happy and love the way they look. The more donations that come in, the more parents that will be happy knowing their children will no longer have to go through other children picking on them. Follow Avi on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on his campaign.

Charles Koch Talks Reform For Our Broken Criminal Justice System

What’s at stake with our current shattered criminal justice system? Most people turn to the government to answer this complex question, yet Charles Koch believes the government is the problem. The latest numbers from the Bureau of Justice claim one in every 110 adults is incarcerated, and since 1980, the prison population has quadrupled. Yet, liberals say those numbers are a reflection of the poor, and uneducated, representing low level offenses instead of actual dangerous offenders.

According to a Newsweek article, Charles Koch, and brother David are campaigning for a balance between the defense of society through enforcement, and respect for individual freedom. Koch says “big government” has conspicuously broken this balance, sacrificing our liberty and freedom, and now the very foundations of our society are being challenged. Is this the liberty our forefathers had in mind, or is an ideological vision of justice too soft? Liberals say spending $250 billion per year on a failing criminal justice system is too wasteful, and we must rethink our failing system, but also change the behavior of lawmakers. Currently, judges have little to no discretion in leniency for certain crimes, and that must change.

What Led Charles Koch to Re-examine Reforms?

The 1995 Texas case against Koch Petroleum Group became the ultimate wakeup call for the Koch brothers. The Department of Justice prosecuted the case, in which all charges were dropped six years later, and many view as a waste of money and miscarriage of justice. Since the 90’s, Texas has passed several reforms to their criminal justice system.

Charles Koch heads up a leading privately-held company, Koch Industries, based in Wichita, Kansas. It is the second largest private company in the world with annual revenues estimated at more than $115 billion. His father, Fred Koch, founded Koch Industries, specializing in oil refining and chemicals. His sons inherited Koch Industries when their father died in 1967. The Koch brothers successfully expanded into petroleum products (polymers, textile fibers, fertilizers), equipment and technologies industry (maintenance, pollution control) to commercial services, and in various other consumer areas (forest and livestock products). They also produce several retail brands such as Stainmaster (carpets), Lycra (fiber), Quilted Northern (paper towel) and Dixie cups.

“My general idea is to minimize big government and maximize individual freedoms. Rewarding failure has become too costly” says Koch.

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Understanding the Stock Market in 2016

Joe Sowin, head of global equity trading at Highland Capital Management, believes that the fact that stocks closed higher for the week ending January 22,2016, is to cover short covering. The market, which hit its low for the week on Wednesday, January 20, 2016, rebounded on the strength of oil. Oil finished up 9 percent for the year at $32.19 a barrel. Joe says he is watching the corporate fundamental earning reports to see if he thinks stocks may go even higher in the near future. On January 28, 2016, NASDAQ is set to release its quarterly earnings statement.

 When Saudi Arabia chose to not put taps on the world’s oil as prices slid from over $100 a barrel to under $29 dollars a barrel, stocks took a nose dive as well according to the investors at Highland Capital Management. The decision by the Saudi government was an attempt to end shale oil production in the United States. The decision by Saudi Arabia was also an attempt to shame Russian officials. Despite layoffs caused by the low oil prices in the United States, production in the US and Russia has not significantly declined. This has forced Saudi Arabia to impose bans against betting against its currency.
There is one thing that is quite evident during these rocky times for investors. They need an outstanding management company who has the experts to understand the volatile market. Jim Dondero, president of Highland Capital Management, is a man that people can trust. He has over 30 years of experience that he is anxious to put to use for investors. His areas of specialization include distressed loans, and finding credit oriented solutions for institutional and retail investors around the world. If the price of oil has your business depressed, then give Jim a call today.
Jim is also very anxious to help stock market investors understand what the future may hold. While many experts are suggesting that investors withdraw from the market and go to cash investments right now, Jim knows that is not the right solution for everyone. Therefore, discuss the details of your situation with this wise investor before making any radical moves. His location in Dallas, Texas, often allows him to hear things in the oil market before other advisors. Follow Jim on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the happenings in the financial world.

George Soros’ Talk on the Down Fall of the European Union.

George Soros is a known philanthropist and the head and founder of Soros Fund Management and Open Societies Foundations. Through the open societies, Mr. Soros give scholarships to thousands of students across the world. George Soros fled Budapest, Hungary as a young a man in search of greener pasture. He fled during the World War II oppression.

George got the rare opportunity to attend the prestigious London School of Economics. After graduation Soros opened several banks across the United States and London. He decided to settle in the United States where he expanded his businesses. This man Soros has authored several books like “The tragedy of the European Union (2004). He writes articles on topics that range from society, politics and economics.

George Soros has been on the front to criticize the European Union on CNBC following the recent refugee crisis. In an interview with Gregor Peter Schmitz of the German Magazine, Wirtschafts, Soros forecasted the fall of the European Union. According to George, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who become the leader of European Union right after President Putin attacked Ukraine; is the somehow the face freedom.

Angela had foreseen that the asylum situation could bring down the European Union. The crisis would lead to the collapse of the Schengen system of the open border and then destroy the common market. Soros says that Angela had a plan to calm the public, but it was poorly prepared. Without a better plan, the crisis is getting worse, and Europe, Germany and her position are being aggression.

George agrees that Ms. Merkel took a big risk and acted without a plan on the refugee situation. The authorities in European countries are faced with several problems, and they continue to create others instead of solving one at a time. Mr. Soros thinks that the Germans are the one who have the power to bring an end to the immigrant problem. The European Union requires cleansing. Germans through Merkel have assumed the position of hegemony, and they have to make up their minds to act or not to.
Merkel made a proposal to make a European crisis policy, where every year up to a million refugees will be allowed in European countries. For this, George gives her credit but maintains that no European asylum policy has been made. The authorities should be held responsible. The EU requires a detailed and robust program to attend to the problem.

How Get Your Wiki Will Strengthen Your Marketing Strategies

There are a wide variety of people genuinely in need of as rekeying for their business or their brand. The truth is that creating a sense of authority is the only way to succeed. Wikipedia is the ultimate online source if your like to build an online presence and showcase yourself as the main company or individual in this industry. The truth is about Wikipedia is how the site can be just what you need to gain that extra edge in this business. Wikipedia is a powerful marketing tool known for its authority and approach to providing users with countless opportunities. It can be the best personal branding tool to get people to notice you and think of you as a professional and highly respected brand. Wikipedia is by far the best resource for information on any topic, and having a page on this site can only open up even more opportunities to gain more professionalism and respect. 

Did you know that making your own Wikpedia page actually benefits you and the entire Wikipedia community? Some people don’t feel comfortable having their own page made, but it can be just what you need to help better the community on Wikipedia. The truth is that Wikipedia is the only website online that practically belongs to everybody online. If you donate a couple of bucks to the site, it’s almost like providing money to a public organization. Other online endeavors are completely making huge profits from their sites like Facebook and Google. If Wikipedia did the same, they would be making billions. To help out, don’t be afraid to donate a couple of bucks, edit that story, provide new content, or even get your own page setup. You can make a difference to the world by helping Wikipedia.

There are so many people who want their own articles setup about their company. You can have your own content made, and it can be just what you need in order to grow and succeed. Wikipedia does have high expectations when it comes down to getting content designed and created. Get Your Wiki is a wonderful website that can provide you with everything that you will ever need to get your own article setup. With exceptional and talented Wikipedia writers in their group, you can be sure that Get Your Wiki can give you the content you need to get accepted by Wikipedia’s top writing staff. Get a free quote from this amazing writing service within 24 hours of when you submit your request: http://www.getyourwiki.com/

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Said The Central Bank Should Not Raise Interest Rates In 2016

The Brazilian stock market took another blow when crude oil dropped below $28 a barrel recently. Oil producer Petroleo Brasileiro SA stock dropped 7.7 percent, and that drop and the drop in raw-material stocks made the stock market close at the lowest level since 1999, according to BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães. Guimarães said the stock market drop adds fuel to the fire created by the International Monetary Fund’s forecast that Brazil’s recession will continue and even get worse in 2016.

Guimarães was interviewed by R7.com recently, and he talked about Brazil’s economic issues as well as his football sponsorships. BMG Bank is currently sponsoring eight Series A Football Clubs and one tennis player, and Guimarães wants to add more players and more sports to his successful sponsorship and advertising campaign.

Esporte.ig.com.br also posted a piece on Ricardo Guimarães recently, and that article claimed that even though the country is going through a difficult recession, the mining entrepreneur and bank executive plans to increase the number of clubs and players the bank is sponsoring. According to Esporte.ig.com.br, BMG Bank is currently sponsoring the Atlético MG Club, America MG, the Coritiba Club, the Sao Paulo Club, Cruzeiro, Flamengo and Vasco Clubs as well as the Atletico GO Club.

According to another article posted by R7.com, the Brazilian government doesn’t have a solid recovery plan for the economy even though China has released their new gross domestic product rate for the next five years. Guimarães believes that forecast is high, but he thinks the central bank must hold interest rates where they are in order for the economy to rebound in 2016. The central bank wants to the keep inflation rate down, but raising the benchmark interest higher than the current 14.25 percent would have a dramatic impact on middle-class Brazilians, according to Mr. Guimarães. Bank interest rates are too high now, and another rate increase would hurt banks that offer consumer payroll loans.

Brazilian payroll loans are in demand in Brazil even though interest rates are high. Middle-class workers can secure bank loans using their income as collateral, and that has helped the money-strapped middle-class survive the two-year-long recession. The IMF says Brazil’s economy won’t recover until 2018, but some economists and Ricardo Guimarães think Brazil will show signs of a recovery in 2016, according to an article posted by R7.com. That article lists Guimarães as one of the entrepreneurs that will help Brazil get back on track. According to the R7.com article, most Brazilian entrepreneurs don’t have the proactive gene that makes good entrepreneurs great, and Ricardo agrees with R7.com’s assessment of the creative business minds that can help get Brazil’s economy moving again.

Banco BMG’s Senior Executive Marcio Alaor Honored By His Hometown Residents

Marcio Alaor is a Brazilian citizen who was born in the town of Santo Antonio. Mr. Alaor recently made a release explaining the ultimate performance of Tag Heuer watchmaking Company in the Brazilian capital market. According to Alaor Marcio, the Company has been in operation for more than one hundred and fifty years. Tag Heuer is best known as one of the largest privately held companies manufacturing quality brands of watches in the market. The Company is very much famous as it uses the sporting style to make its clocks.


Alaor Marcio, who currently serves as an executive manager and a vice president of BMG bank termed Tag Heuer Company as a top-notch firm that has achieved so much in the market. Alaor started by making a quick quote of Tag Heuer CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, who has led to the growth of the Company by investing in watchmaking and other potential projects. Alaor highlighted the genuine passion and enthusiasm found in Biver towards searching innovations to make necessary changes in his watch brands.


Santo Antonio conducted their annual agricultural exhibition, but this time, they named the food court after Marcio Alaor. Alaor was nurtured in Santo Antonio town, by a needy family. The residents conducted the exhibition in honor of Executive Marcio, who had improved their lives by offering them funding and loans at lower rates. Alaor is also a philanthropist who gave up his time and resources to improve the living standards of the Santo Antonio residents.


Marcio’s career got triggered by Dr. Wilmar, who offered financial and psychological support to Marcio Alaor while he was still a young boy. Wilmar always saw a possible character in Marcio Alaor. According to the doctor, Alaor needed to make his money, a scenario that would trigger his future success. Executive Marcio has been positively helping the residents of Santo Antonio without expecting returns.


He has been fostering the growth of rural areas in his hometown by funding the agricultural sector in Santo Antonio. He works to stimulate activities that bring about rural economic growth and economic progress. In an interview that was later conducted after the exhibition, Marcio explained the importance of putting people needs first rather than the financial aspect. He passed his gratitude to his fellow residents for the awarded honor.

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Article found on Exame.com

Doctor Sergio Cortes Advocates For A Three Weeks Physical Exercise To Prevent Alzheimer Condition

Sergio Cortes MD is a learned man who lives in Rio de Janeiro. In his entire career, Sergio Cortes has worked in many health institutions. He graduated his college level education with a hip surgeon. He specializes in hospital and health care industry. Currently, Mr. Sergio Cortes serves as the senior health executive in St. Louis Institute of health and attention. He is licensed by the Brazilian Confederation to offer orthopedics services. Doctor Cortes completed his tertiary level in the Harvard school of business and education. Sergio Cortes ability to learn things faster impressed his instructors.
Sergio Cortes is also frequently present in his Twitter account.  Exame.com made a publication concerning the advice of Doctor Cortes on how physical exercises aids in the prevention of Alzheimer body disorder occurrence. According to Dr. Cortes, regular exercise helps the brain to receive a natural stimulus, in a scenario where physical practice acts as the brake on the degenerative substances releases in the body.
The UNESP and UFSCar institutions carried out research to determine how physical exercise helps the body to prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer condition in the body. The researchers noted that constant daily or weekly exercise helps even people with genetic predisposition in avoiding the disorder. In the publication, Sergio Cortes explained that there was a need for identifying an antidote as the disease was spreading at a very higher rate.
Expert Sergio urged people to try simple exercises such as yoga and swimming. He revealed that these exercises should be done moderately and with the supervision of an instructor to avoid back and neck pains. Physical exercises keep the brain active hence increasing mental activities and capabilities by preventing memory loss and fatigue. The study took into consideration the genetic factors that are more probably in a position to accelerate neurodegenerative risk.
According to Dr. Sergio, physical exercises keep the amyloid plaques dormant, such that they are not able to release the plates that cause inflammation, which triggers death of cells. According to Dr. Sergio, the best way to handle this disease is by elimination the plaques and keeping them inactive to make sure they do not release deposits that cause inflammation. Sergio emphasized the importance of following the three weeks practice program. See


The Invariable Stock Market Activities in 2015 Builds 2016’s Hopes

At the end of 2015, the stock market levels in the United States fell right where they had started off earlier in the year. This scenario has pushed most investors to pessimistic corners of skeptic worry without carefully examining the trends of the stocks to realize that all is not lost. The year 2015 witnessed very volatile trading stages and stock activities, but it never moved up ending at the same position it had started earlier in the year.

The August-October Slump
The first half of the year was calm and trading was right, a factor that could be attributed to investor confidence in the market. Then beginning mid-August, the unexpected happened, there came in a mini-crash that lasted through to mid-October. This not only affected some of the powerful stocks prices but also the volumes of trade in the market. It also tore down the trader’s optimism, killed their will and not even the November-December recovery would restore it.
Oil price measure and 2016 forecasts
After the recovery of the mini-crash, investors have now shifted from VIX to the oil price in the world market as the new measure of risk. The oil price has since fallen to new all-time lows and if Goldman Sachs projections are anything to go by; they are expected to go further down. It is this mood of uncertainty about the price and the possibility of hitting other industries that further worry the investors. As long as the risk perception and worry remains high among investors, we can only expect a little trade with the trade market going into 2016.
How to trade?
Sometimes one will observe that even in worst case scenarios, some stocks shed off prices but not beyond a certain point. These appear low risk and safe to buy, but what happens if the trade improves, it is the successful growth company stocks whose demand increases. Therefore, now that the stock activities are low but gradually improving, it would be wise for Investors like James Dondero to lay focus on the successful growth companies in anticipation of the good times ahead.
Jim is a co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets focusing on high yields and distressed investments. Jim has previously headed various multi-billion organizations such as GIC subsidiary of Protective assurance where he managed over $2 Billion. He is also a finance graduate from the University of Virginia. Jim recently hired Terry Jones as the President of Institutional Products and has big plans for Highland Capital going into the new year.
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