Charles Koch: Advocate for the Fighting Poor

One thing about the poor is that they are all lumped into one category. This image of the poor is that of one who is completely helpless and is in desperate need of handouts from big government. It is as if they are actually more or less dead. The poor are almost made to believe that once one becomes poor and hits rock bottom, they have no choice but to wait for big government to just give them hand outs. There are the few that reject this ideology. They try to fight to rise above their circumstances. However, they are faced with a lot of opposition due to others that are somehow threatened by their achievements.

Fortunately, there are people that are on the side of the striving poor. One of these people is Charles Koch. Charles Koch supports the idea that the poor can overcome their circumstances. Charles Koch sees the poor and the homeless as humans as well. The needs of a human are simple. All one needs is a job or a source of income in order to be able to pay his or her bills. There is no need to rely on a special program just because someone finds himself at the bottom of the financial totem pole. It gets much worse for the poor person if he is homeless.

Charles Koch is more concerned with helping the poor, the homeless, and the others living in hard times to realize that they are human beings. They are the same as other people. All they need is to be able to present themselves as if they are like everyone else. Charles Koch also looks out for the one who is all about working hard and supporting himself with very little help from the government.

One thing that makes Charles Koch stand out from other people and programs that are looking to help the poor is that he is not so concerned with his image. He is not trying to look good in front of people at the expense of those who are in poverty. He wants to help them look good. One thing that Charles finds inspiring is a person who is responsible and creative. Often times, to overcome obstacles, one has to think outside the box. Charles Koch supports those with goals. Charles Koch is willing to provide advice to people who are faced with obstacles and people who want to get in their way.

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Charles Koch Generous Donation to University an Act of Philanthropy

The Forbes recently named this man in the top 10 richest people of the world. Until recently, the Koch industry CEO has kept off the media on several occasions. He has lowly maintained the contributions to the political campaigns that reflect an ideal America. Koch is worth $ 40 billion according to Forbes. He recently launched a new book on how he built his empire. He is a Republican supporter and extremely gifted man. The business mogul has three degrees attained from MIT. He is an avid entrepreneur who has grown his father’s empire to over $110 annual sales company.

The Koch brothers are it again, this time, donating to the universities. The recent donations are part of the hefty investments directed to reach the university and college students. The brothers made the donations through ta pair of private foundations in pouring the billions aid to the American universities and colleges. The recent publications of the center for public integrity have revealed the generous offer.

The donations made by Koch brothers exceeded 19.3 million dollars. The idea behind the funding is to have a fully integrated organizational network that aims to fight the enactment of deregulatory policies from the government. It also aims to elect political candidates with conservative ideas. George solos is also another American bankroller funding the education institutions in America. The democratic liberal foil donations are mainly focused on overseas institutions. The Koch brothers look keener in investing at home colleges and universities where their agenda is centered.

The Koch funded institutions are the leading in promoting free markets and laissez faire capitalism in the United States. The foundations led by Koch are succeeding or attempting to attach certain strings to the institutions they contribute. According to the interviews conducted by the center for public integrity reveal number of professors still retain their academic freedom. They teach as what see fit regardless of the sponsor to their programs

The majority of the agreements are made public. It therefore becomes difficult to ascertain the conditions attached to the beneficiaries. The largest recipient for 2014 is George Mason University in north Virginia. The university received 16.8 million dollars from the Koch contributions. The relationship between Charles Koch and the University in personal and financial ties continues to be strong. The university has specialized in several research centers focusing on free market economics and individual liberty.

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What is The Financial Opinions | Madison Street Capital About

The “Financial Opinions” video, that is on youtube, discusses the fact that some types of transactions that have to do with business will need an extra pinch of care and diligence that can be based off of independence, complexity or some other types of things that can be factored in to it.

If the transaction that is currently at play will cause there to be changes in terms of control or will cause there to be a change that happens within the company’s capital structure, it would be a smart decision for the people who are put in the position of fiduciary responsibility, to look for further assurance in terms of preventive measures that can be put into place as far as the terms of the deal are concerned.

Madison Street Capital can offer help to businesses that need opinions in terms of financial fairness. These businesses can be any type of business, they could be corporations that have just started out or they could be emerging growth firms, no matter who it is, Madison Street Capital can help them.

Madison Street Capital

Having been founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital is a company that is very understanding when it comes to their clients needs, they know that each individual comes with their own set of unique demands, and that all of those demands should be met with careful consideration, analysis and very strict recommendations that should be followed directly. Madison Street Capital is a type of banking firm that has to do with middle market investments. They are able to offer their clients a wide variety of different financial services, such as business valuation, corporate advisory, financial opinions and valuations that have to do with financial reporting.

The main goal of Madison Street Capital is to give their clients the best advisory services that they can give them in terms of mergers and acquisitions. They want to make sure that everyone knows the true value of a company and what it takes to make it in this world and still be a good, trusted business. It can be very challenging to find a place that will provide good advice for businesses that is trustworthy, that is why at Madison Street Capital they work hard at making sure that all of their advice is 100% accurate and they also make sure that all of the members of their team are highly-experienced and have knowledge in the field.

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The Growth in Venture-capitalism in Western Europe

In recent news, it has been reported that the venture capitalists have now turned to Europe for future investment. Despite the fact that it is common for foreign investors to be highly involved in the American and Asia economy, Microsoft, Google, and Intel are now looking to Europe for new tech outfits. Other venture-capitalists are now also looking to Europe such as Sequoia Capital.

The reason behind the new interest in a different location is the fact that setting up shop in Western Europe is cheaper than the U.S. In addition to this, venture-capital in Europe is continuing to be scarce. Now with major corporations setting up shop in Western Europe, the global economy will continue to increase in growth.

One specific venture-capitalist is James Dondero who is the current leader of Highland Capital. Jim Dondero is not only the co-founder, but is also the current President. Not only does Mr. Dondero have extensive experience in credit, but also has over 30 years in equity market. Highland Capital is an investment company that is dedicated to providing credit oriented solutions to both private as well as public enterprises.

With retail investors worldwide, it is no surprise that Jim Dondero plans to set up shop along with other venture-capitalists in Western Europe. What makes Highland Capital so unique is the fact that this company has been advising and helping others ever since the founding in 1993. The products that are offered through Highland Capital include institutional separate accounts, CLOs, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, REITs, as well as ETFs. All of these are high quality products that have been reviewed by clients with complete satisfaction.

The article further discusses the topic mentioning, for the first time in 15 years, Western Europe will have direct contact with foreign investors. The European startup businesses, though not growing at the extent of the U.S. businesses, will now have the chance to flourish with the growth in the economy. One example of one of the most popular venture-capitalist companies in Western Europe is LinkedIn. Though this company is currently being used by millions for resume builders, it took several years before the company itself too off.

Currently venture-capitalists are now making money in major cities such as Berlin, Stockholm, and London. According to an investor capitalist in Western Europe, the U.S.’s movement has put billions of dollars into European companies. This will continue to grow as setting up shop in Western Europe grows in popularity.

Social Entrepreneurship with Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler cuts the figure of a determined and experienced business mogul and leader, and Wikipedia shows that career history pretty clearly. He possesses three decades of experience in financial markets. Brad speaks passionately of the role of business in personal and societal development.

According to Brad Reifler, everybody can invest even with the least of income or capital. In his many investment forums, he urges the lower and middle-income households to save as little as they can for investment in the future.

Brad Reifler has earned the title of a social entrepreneur for his balancing act of business and social welfare. He has become an indispensable asset to his community and remains an authority in matters of business and investment. He assists members of his community to find suitable avenues to invest and plan for the long-term. His key aim in life is to lead his people to financial freedom.

In other quarters, many regard him as a serial entrepreneur for his pure venture capitalism. Indeed, Brad has never shied away from a worthwhile business venture. One can attribute his business mind from his family since his grandfather is the founder of Refco industries.

Brad Reifler attended Bowdoin College for a degree in Economics and Political Science. Upon graduation in 1982, he established Reifler Trading Corporation, his first company specializing in derivatives. Brad exercised his knowledge and insights on his venture making profitable returns in the process.

Realizing his niche for investment, Brad made a good profit selling Reifler Trading Corporation to the Refco group. He immediately co-founded Pali Capital without hesitation. His new venture paid off and put him on the global map as a successful entrepreneur. Brad served as Pali’s Chief Executive Officer and oversaw the establishment of offices across the United States and Australia as well as London, United Kingdom. At Pali Capital, he handled billions of dollars in transactions and made his company over $200 million in profits.

However, Forefront Capital is the organization Brad Reifler has become synonymous with today. This outfit serves its clients with expertise in commodity trading and forex markets. Through hi decades of experience, Brad is a knowledgeable figure whose services come fully booked. In the volatile and unpredictable financial markets, Brad Reifler navigates his way and gets his clients to safe shores.

Currently, all of Brad’s efforts go towards investing in the future of Forefront Capital. In the last five years, the firm has invested in differentiating its products from those of other businesses in the industry. Brad’s persuasive power and strong brand attract investment advisers and bankers to the company. He has created a rich pool of talent and dedicated professionals around hi which has enabled the company to establish subsidiaries.  Follow Brad via his Twitter account for more information about his career as an investor.

Charles Koch Donates Millions To Higher Education And Most Of The Money Goes To Southern Schools

It’s safe to say that billionaire Charles Koch has been under fire recently for his political views. But most of the information about Koch and his conservative ideas are not true. Charles Koch is a libertarian, and he has proved that through the years. Koch does have some conservative tendencies especially when it comes to wasting money, but Koch is one of the most generous people on the planet. He is actively involved in reforming the criminal justice system, and he is a major contributor to higher education. Those two platforms are just a small piece of the Koch legacy. Mr. Koch will go down in history as one of the most generous and one of the smartest businessmen in the last 100 years.

The Charles Koch Foundation and three other charitable organizations that Mr. Koch is involved with have donated more than $108 million to more than 365 universities and colleges over the nine years. Eighty-five percent of that money went to more than 145 Southern universities and colleges. George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia, received more than $77 million and the rest of the money was spread out through the South. The money went to promoting and teaching free-market economics in those schools. West Virginia University received $1.3 million, Clemson University in South Carolina received $1.3 million, Florida State University received $2.3 million, and Troy University of Alabama received $1.1 million. The list of schools is much longer, and the donations range from $600,000 to $100,000.

The big question is why did Charles Koch donate most of the money to Southern schools? Koch hasn’t commented on that decision, but some nay-sayers say Koch is trying to enhance conservative views, but the people close to Koch say that doesn’t make sense. Koch is not interested in pushing one side of the political circus against the other. Even though Koch has been labeled a Republican with an agenda, the people close to Koch, and Koch himself, don’t consider him a hard-core Republican.

The bottom line is Charles Koch is spending his fortune on the causes that mean something to him. Higher education in the United States needs an injection that will inspire educators to redefine how and what is taught in colleges and universities. Koch wants to be one of the catalysts for that change. He has the money and the desire to make a difference and he demonstrates that desire daily.

Reward Your Best Friend With A Beneful Treat For Great Behavior

Dogs, are the most remarkable creatures, giving humans constant verification of their steadfast devotion. If a person is sad they are the first to come up and attempt to cheer them up. It could be by the look of concern in their eyes or the warmth of their nose nudging gently against your leg. A constant, yet quiet reminder that you are not alone. If only humans were cut from the same notion of unconditional love, this world would indeed be a better place. Because they bring such gifts of happiness into our lives, we owe them something in return but, they don’t expect anything. One of the greatest gifts we can give to our dear furry friends is to take care of them to the best of our abilities. Making sure our pups are fed, brushed, petted and every now and then treated to a little something extra. When at the pet store or any grocery for that matter, remember the kindness they show. Pick up a treat or two  from Petco, just as a thank you, or to use as a reward for how loving they are to you. Make sure the treat that you pick come from a quality pet treat company. Beneful is one of the tastiest treats that your dog will be sure to love. Dogs really enjoy the baked delights stars the most. They come in a few different flavors, so depending on their mood they might have a hankering for the bacon and cheese or the chicken and cheese flavored treats. It is best to keep more than one variety in the house because dogs like surprises too. They also carry baked delights heartfuls which have apple and real bacon or baked delights hugs which have beef and cheese. No matter which flavor becomes your pets favorite there is a wealth of variety on Facebook from Beneful made with real nutritious meat. Don’t forget that treats are great training tools, for your favorite friend. Use them to reinforce good behavior such as sitting, staying and rolling over. They will pick up things just a little faster when there is a treat ready.

Bosco’s Love for Beneful

Throughout His Whole Life My dog Bosco who is a black lab has been eating Beneful for his whole life. Over the Years I have switched between different Beneful dog foods to fit his lifestyle because Beneful has so many different types of dog food. I also have always given him Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twist treats. Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twist treats are dog treats that don’t negatively effect your dog’s teeth. Bosco has always had such clean and healthy teeth due to the fact that aside from brushing his teeth he eats these treats. Like I stated earlier Bosco has been switched between different Beneful dog foods. The types of Beneful dog foods that Bosco has been on in his life include Beneful Healthy Puppy dry dog food, Beneful Chopped Blends wet dog food, Beneful Beef Stew wet dog food, and Beneful Chicken stew wet dog food. Bosco was on Beneful Healthy Puppy when he was a puppy so he could get all of his nutrients and he loved that food so much and it caused him to grow into a healthy adult dog. Once he was full grown I decided to switch him off his puppy food because he no longer was a puppy. I had switched him to Beneful Chopped Blends because there were so many different types that he could try and I rotated between the turkey, beef, chicken, and salmon Beneful Chopped Blends. He enjoyed being able to eat a different type of meet in his food every day. Sense Bosco has grown so much and is so old now I have decided to switch him to Beneful Beef Stew and Beneful Chicken Stew. I did this because I thought that it would be nice for him to have a change in his food sense he is getting older. I am so glad that Beneful has been here for Bosco throughout his whole life. I have been planning that after Bosco passes on I will get Beneful for my next dog. I am thinking that I will try Beneful dry dog foods for my next dog. I think that Beneful is so amazing on Facebook because they have so many products.

George Soros: MarketWatch Insider On The Asylum Chaos Plan

“We are the dominant power. And that imposes on us a responsibility to be actually concerned with the well being of the world.” – Soros via Wikiquote


Soros says that the European Union needs to accept the responsibility bestowed on them for the lack of a standard policy of asylum that has led to the growth of this year’s refugee influx into a political crisis from a manageable problem. Ever state member in the union has focused on their selfish interests. They frequently act in opposition to the interest of others. This has precipitated panic among all the asylum seekers, the authorities and the general public who are solely responsible for law and order. The primary victims are the asylum seekers.

The EU need to develop a comprehensive plan to respond to the occurred crisis. A plan that will reassert effective governance over the asylum seekers flows so as to take place in the overlay, safe, and a place that will reflect the European capacity to absorb them. For it to be comprehensive, the plan must extend beyond the European borders. It is less expensive and less disruptive to maintain the potential asylum seekers who are near their location presently.

Syria is the origin of their current crisis. The Syrian fate is to be their priority. But other migrants and asylum seekers must never be forgotten as well. A global response should accompany the plan as well, under the UN authority involving its member states. The Syrian crisis burden will be distributed over many states to establish a global standard for dealing with problems of forced migration.

The components of the comprehensive plan include that the EU must first accept a minimum of one million asylum seekers annually. It should secondly lead the global effort to provide adequate funding to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The EU asylum migration agency should immediately be built. Safe channels must be established for the refuge seekers. They EU must take up and put together millions of asylum seekers every year. This information can be found on MarketWatch.

George Soros is the chairperson and founder of Open Societies Foundations that is a network of projects, partners and organizations in more than one hundred nations worldwide. He has a strong commitment to the idea where governments are accountable; rights are respected and where no single entity is a monopoly on the truth. This brings out the foundation as one of the rarest philanthropic efforts in history.

George began his philanthropic efforts in 1979. He started by giving scholarships to South Africans. He helped undermine communism in the Eastern bloc in the 1980sby providing Xerox machines to be used in copying banned texts as well as supporting cultural exchanges in the West. After the fall of the Berlin wall, he created the University of Central Europe to promote critical thinking. Through the open source foundations, he has expanded his philanthropy to Asia, Africa and the US. Open Societies Foundations.

Skout Is One Of The Best Social Media Networks

Anyone who’s looking to date or even someone to socialize with will want to know the best application to download to their smartphone. A list has been created recently by Julie Spira, who creates a list every year of the top 10 dating applications. Of all the dating applications that showed up on the list published on TCPALM, Skout came up seventh on the list, but it’s still well known as an excellent dating network. Skout is slightly different from the dating sites on the list because of the fact that users can date as well as finding friends on the network.

Social media networks should be praised for the fact that they bring together people from all over the world. Although some may find some faults with social media networks, they also have to admit that these networks will help people to meet old friends, find family members, and even find long-lost relatives. Skout is no different than many other social media networks, except that it’s based on dating as well as socializing. Skout also offers other ways for people to communicate on its network as well as getting to know one another. Some people who use the Skout network will use it for things other than finding a date.

Some people have admitted that they’ve found exercise partners, study buddies, friends, and even business partners on the Skout network. There are many kinds of people that go to Skout, and some of them may be looking for another person to talk to, which can then lead to a friendship. One person may be looking for another person who has an interest in a certain type of movie genre, and then they may become friends after learning about each other’s interests. It’s even possible that a person can find a job or get a lead on a job by going to the Skout network.

Although Skout is basically meant for socializing and dating, it doesn’t have to end there. Many who talk on the Skout network will meet each other in person, and then they’ll exchange information to communicate in other ways. Some prefer not to talk to others outside of the Skout network, which is completely understandable. Anyone who chooses to meet someone outside of using the Skout network should use caution, even if they feel they know the person they are talking to very well. Skout allows adults as well as teenagers to use its network.

Skout is available for both adults and teenagers, but teenagers remain separate from the adults, and this is done for their protection. Many parents may sit and worry about what their children do when they’re on the Internet, even if they are as old as 17. The Skout network understands that teenagers should have their own space, so they stay separate from the adults in order to allow them to socialize with each other only. The Skout network is a great place for anyone, no matter what kind of socializing they want to do.