The Puppies At The MailBox

We live on a dead end country road. It is not uncommon for people to drop off animals on our road. It’s sad that people would even stoop this low, but it happens all the time. One morning, I went out to the mailbox to see if we had any goodies waiting on us. It never ceases to amaze me what I find down at this box. I have found spiders the size of my house, snakes, raccoons and other things. This morning what I saw shocked me. It was a box of tiny puppies, all white. There were six in there and they looked like they might have a bit of golden retriever in them. I just sobbed. It was freezing cold and how could someone do this to these poor creatures?

I had to take them inside and see what I could do. My son was home from school that day and he came rushing when he heard all the yelping coming from the kitchen on My goal was to warm them up and feed them right away. I though they probably were weaned but didn’t know how well they would do on the large dog food that I had for our Rottweiler of 7 years. I gave them some milk, which they seemed to lap right up. They didn’t look malnourished, so I assumed they were pulled from mama and given the boot this morning. I sat there with tears in my eyes as I rubbed each one of them until they were toasty warm.

We watched them wrestle and play around and it was such a site. I knew I had to come up with something nutritious for them to replace the mother’s milk they lost. I strolled up and down the aisles of the grocery store looking for that one thing that they could eat. They still were really small; I estimated 5-6 weeks of age. I looked at the hard dog varieties, especially those for puppies, but I didn’t think they were ready for that. Then I saw the soft dog foods and I thought they would be perfect. One that seemed to stand out among the others was Purina’s Beneful products. I liked that they have been around since 2001; it made me feel more confident in their ability to give proper nutrition.

I loved the selections too. Beneful Prepared Meals comes in 8 different flavors. They use things like real chicken and lamb so I know that these little guys are going to get the proper nutrients. I love the containers too. They are completely resalable and if I don’t use the entire large bowl, I can store some for later. The puppies all loved it. I bought 1 of each of the 8 and found that they were just as happy with the chicken and rice as they were with the beef varieties. The fact that they use real vegetables, rice and grains that these puppies need, and it made me a believer.

All the animals have since gone to a good home. But I feel better knowing that I gave them the proper send-off. Whether the new owners continue this regimen or not is up to them, but it is one of the major components that saved these puppies lives that day.

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