Environmental Law in South Africa

The environment is one of the areas that have received a lot of attention in the recent past. It has been necessitated by the fact natural resources are at risk every time. The environmental law refers to a set of rules, regulations, and statutes addressing the effect of human activity on the environment. Environmental laws have evolved over time, and this has been necessitated by the evolving world that faces new challenges every other day. Environmental laws are designed with the aim of protecting the natural environment from human and animal activity. Some of the areas covered by environmental law include; global warming, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, depletion of oil, and availability of clean water.

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Administration of environmental law
The administration of environmental law may vary from one country to the other. There may be one or multiple entities tasked with the duty of enforcing environmental law. In the United States, for example, Environmental Protection Agency handles the administration of the laws. However, different states have their bodies that guide them in the implementation of the laws within their areas of jurisdiction. These laws usually cater for both environmental and human health. The agencies have the ability to pass the laws, enforce them and where possible institute criminal proceeding against people going to the set-out laws and procedures.

Environmental Law in South Africa
The South African environmental laws describe set rules and regulations set to conserve and protect the environment. There are some areas that are covered by the environmental laws in South Africa. The laws are developed with an international dimension in mind to ensure that they attain their goals ultimately. The position of the constitution of South Africa is also looked into when formulating the law. The legal framework is based on the work by The National Environmental Management Act, which is in charge of environmental issues.

The National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) states that an environment is a set of conditions that surround out an existence. Some of the components include the atmosphere, water, soil, plant and animal life, and a combination of many factors that influence our lives in a way or another. According to Jan Glazewski, there are three main areas that are covered by the environmental laws. These include; planning and development of land, utilization and conservation of resources, and pollution control and waste management.

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