PULSE Evolution Reports 2nd Quarter Results, Outlines Plans to Become Fully-reporting and Listed on National Exchange

Pulse Entertainment, is a growing company that provides holograms of major celebrities for different events. This new version of being able to see stars has become the ultimate high ticket item for a concert or music festival. The company has a large group of stars that they can be seen and interact so as to give an audience the feeling of a star being right in front of their eyes. The technology of this company has changed from something that could only be used sparingly at great expense to something that can be achievable and done at a reasonable price. Pulse hopes to use that shift to take their company to the next level.

This Pulse Entertainment currently has the rights to show many celebrities, including, Marylin Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson in holograph or augmented form. The company, which costs millions to keep afloat, is finding that they are starting to see the return on their investment. Because of the rise of interest in being able to have a holographic version of a celebrity/entertainer. This has caused the company to now see that they can make their way towards sustainable profit in the near future.

The companies’ CEO, John Textor, has had a long storied history of helping to bring the next level of technology to not only movie screen but also to real life events. Textor was the executive producer of the film Ender’s Game, as well as helping bring the computer images to life on several blockbuster films. Textor believes that the company is creating great content as well as state-of-the-art technology that will soon show investors that they made the correct decision in choosing to invest with Pulse Entertainment.

The company has re-invested much of its capital into creating the best versions of celebrity likenesses to give fans the ultimate experience when they see Pulse’s holographic images. As the technology that Pulse Entertainment provides becomes easier to adapt and use, so will the stable of stars that they will be able to re-create. The company began it’s launch phase with investors from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and now feels that they are ready to take their company to the next level and make it available for the New York Stock Exchange investors. While this is the next step for the company they are not sure when they will actually become join the stock exchange.

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