Joining The Rich List Allows Kenneth Griffin To Help The Community

Kenneth Griffin has always had a good reputation within the business community, but he has now become a major part of the Chicago arts and philanthropy community after breaking into the list of richest people in the US. As the head of the Citadel group of hedge funds, Kenneth Griffin has been named by Forbes as one of the richest hedge fund managers and now sits in the top 400 richest American’s, according to Forbes. Over the last decade or so the community based work of Kenneth Griffin has grown to become an important part of his life and benefits the city of Chicago in a major way.

Establishing the Citadel group of hedge funds in 1990 saw Ken Griffin on embark on a career as the manager of one of the top hedge funds in the US, which opened with just over $4 million in funds. By March 2015 the Citadel group was reported to be managing assets worth around $25 billion and the personal wealth of Kenneth Griffin had grown to over $6 billion. As his wealth has grown, so have Kenneth Griffin’s interests in community projects and cultural aspects of life for those who live in Chicago and the US as a whole.

Griffin has always shown an interest in the art world, which his expanding business empire has allowed him the opportunity to invest in some of the greatest artworks in the world. Amongst the artworks that have interested the Harvard graduate are the works of Paul Cezanne, which Griffin has invested in on a regular basis. The artworks Griffin has collected are not simply kept for his own enjoyment, but are shown to the world on a regular basis at the Art Institute of Chicago the hedge fund manager has been a major supporter of.

Art and culture play a major role in the charitable donations made by Kenneth Griffin, which have included donations to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a major contribution to the construction of a new wing at the Art Institute of Chicago. Griffin has also looked to make sure the people of Chicago and the wider world are given as many education opportunities as possible by using his wealth to help those who may be excluded from a high quality education. Returning to his alma mater at Harvard, Kenneth Griffin has chosen to offer around $150 million to the university t be used as financial aid for those who are struggling to pay for their education. The donation to Harvard comes after Griffin also donated a large amount of funding for the construction of a charter school in Chicago.

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