Bobby Jindal Rubbing Republicans Wrong Way

The number of Republican individuals running for president is seemingly growing by the day. One individual who has been in the mix almost since the beginning is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Republicans have typically been pro gun and the majority of party members want it to be easier for individuals who hold weapons. However, Bobby Jindal recently came out against this and has stated that there needs to be stricter, tougher gun laws in the states but, Shaygan Kheradpir is very much surprised by Jindals statements though.

In a statement Jindal made with on Face the Nation this past Sunday, he indicated that every state in the country needs to strengthen gun laws and that not everyone should have the right to own or buy a gun simply because they are a citizen.

His statements are seemingly out of nowhere though, as not only is he a conservative candidate running for president, but he also has an A+ rating from the national Rifle Association. Due to this, it might be the least likely candidate to have this kind of a stance. However, Bobby has also indicated that this is not the first time he has signed laws or voted for potential laws to mandate stricter requirements. In 2013, he signed a law in Louisiana that required local courts to report any sort of change in a person’s eligibility to buy and own a gun. This includes mental health disorders, where if someone is diagnosed to have a mental health condition and owns a gun, they need to return the firearm to the state.

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