Success of Mark Sparks and Significance of Entrepreneurs in the Economy


Marc Sparks is a renowned American businessman who qualifies to be called an entrepreneur. He is also a venture capitalist. Currently, he has multiple portfolio corporations and heads the Timber Creek Capital. As a venture capitalist, Sparks looks for entrepreneurs who can have maximum effect from their presentations. Timber Creek Capital, which is a venture capital company appreciate entrepreneurs who keep their presentations simple, tell a legit story utilizing their data, use visual images and bring out their entire team. To this end, Sparks has been providing start-up capital for different companies that have brilliant ideas. He has been instrumental in offering expert insights into planning of businesses and utilization of strategies besides getting ideas off the ground into reality. 
Over the years, Sparks has been able to acquire knowledge in entrepreneurship and thus, his ability to identify potential start-up companies and assist them establish their spots in the market. Some of the companies that he has brought into existence are Blue Jay wireless and Cardinal Telecom LLC. He played a crucial role in helping them get their ideas from the ground through provision of business plan and start-up capital. Besides being a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur, Sparks spends time on philanthropic causes. One of his philanthropic works is seen at the Samaritan Inn, which is a housing facility that provides shelter, job placement, counseling careers, financial planning and health programs. The facility has been established with the view to helping individuals who are out to help themselves. 
Entrepreneurs are regarded as the pillar of the American economy. Entrepreneurial entities have played a crucial role in enhancing the livelihood of more than 82 million employees who constitute 62% of the workforce. Typical entrepreneurs are hard workers and risk takers. The aspect of risk has seen most of the entrepreneurs take loans using their own homes and possessions as collateral with the view to expand, grow and float new ideas in the market. 
Most entrepreneurs are confident. There is the need for entrepreneurs to have proper planning skills for purposes of making good deals for their entities besides helping others to prosper. The market has a tendency of rewarding enterprises for their innovation and creativity. To this end, enterprises that float new ideas and solutions in the market have the ability to have higher bottom lines than entities that take long to come up with market oriented solutions to client problems. Entrepreneurs ensure that they make swift decisions owing to their confidence to arrive at rational conclusions within a reasonable period. In addition, most entrepreneurs are not comfortable being appraised by the standard of other people. They focus on being different and operating in their spaces where they can provide multiple solutions to market inconsistencies. 
Entrepreneurs play a central role in enhancing the economy through employing people and providing innovative solutions to market problems. Confident and hard working entrepreneurs head most of the American enterprises. Mark Sparks has been instrumental in identifying start-ups and funding them out into the real market.

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