Wikipedia Writing: Writing An Article

Writing a Wikipedia entry is quite simple. First, decide if you are adding to an entry, editing an entry, or creating a new Wikipedia entry entirely. To add to an entry click on the edict tab in the corner of the page. If the page is protect then there will be a source view tab instead. Anyone can edit or add to unprotected pages. Make sure that you include sources for the information that you add to the entry.

Editing an entry is a little different. When editing an entry it is ideal to include why you are editing that entry and include citations especially for major edits. Minor editing do not have to be bolder but it is necessary to bold major edits. Any information without citations will be deleted.

To make an entirely new entry make sure theta s page doesn’t exist on the topic. Once it is established that there is not an article on the entry you planning on writing then you can create a new entry. Making a new entry requires that you have an account with a username and password. Sign into the account and make an article with citations and resources. After you finish the entry make sure the entry is grammar and spelling free. Once the entry is submitted the entire world can see and enjoy the entry.

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