Banking on Your Company’s Future

The finance services that investment banking companies provide are myriad and incredibly valuable to its clients. There is a prevailing misconception out there that investment banking firms are only for companies that are heavily into mergers and acquisitions or for companies that want to trade arcane securities and do more complex transactions on the sell side. Many people don’t understand how much investment banking firms really help their clients. They make money for their clients yes, but they also offer invaluable advise that goes a long way towards securing the longevity of companies. The reality is that investment banking firms provide services that are much more diverse and useful than that mischaracterization.

In order to get a more clear view it is really better to bifurcate investment banking into two seperate lines of business: one is the sell side and the other is the buy side. The ‘sell side’ involves trading securities on a regular basis or becoming the facilitator for transactions that will move the market. There is also a big piece of the sell side that focuses on underwriting and promotion on a number of different types of securities. The ‘buy side’ involves the providing a wealth of advice to institutions concerned with a number of different topics.

Madison Street Capital (Facebook), located in Chicago, Illinois, has elaborate experience in delivering value to a diverse range of clients on the ‘both sides of the business’. Madison Street Capital can provide its clients with financial restructuring services, mergers and acquisitions and corporate advisory services just to name a few of their ares of expertise. Regardless of the area of finance, where MSC focuses is providing value to their clients that will help the company as a trusted advisory that is truly a partner for the long term. Madison Street Capital wants to be that advisor which helps companies grow and navigate through sometimes stormy waters. To put it simply, Madison Street Capital (YouTube) is on the buy side to be able to sell your business to anyone.

Madison Street Capital is an example of an investment banking firm that serves its clients in a dynamic fashion. It is my hope that with this brief overview, we can all start to view investment banking in a different light. I want to illuminate the fact that investment banking firms can provide services that are innovative, agile and tailored to your specific business needs. It can’t hurt contacting an investment banking firm for a quick meeting or consultation. The bottom line is that you want a company in your corner that is going to be helping you be nimble in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable world.

Bobby Jindal Rubbing Republicans Wrong Way

The number of Republican individuals running for president is seemingly growing by the day. One individual who has been in the mix almost since the beginning is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Republicans have typically been pro gun and the majority of party members want it to be easier for individuals who hold weapons. However, Bobby Jindal recently came out against this and has stated that there needs to be stricter, tougher gun laws in the states but, Shaygan Kheradpir is very much surprised by Jindals statements though.

In a statement Jindal made with on Face the Nation this past Sunday, he indicated that every state in the country needs to strengthen gun laws and that not everyone should have the right to own or buy a gun simply because they are a citizen.

His statements are seemingly out of nowhere though, as not only is he a conservative candidate running for president, but he also has an A+ rating from the national Rifle Association. Due to this, it might be the least likely candidate to have this kind of a stance. However, Bobby has also indicated that this is not the first time he has signed laws or voted for potential laws to mandate stricter requirements. In 2013, he signed a law in Louisiana that required local courts to report any sort of change in a person’s eligibility to buy and own a gun. This includes mental health disorders, where if someone is diagnosed to have a mental health condition and owns a gun, they need to return the firearm to the state.

Dan Newlin Understands Your Needs

Getting into an automobile accident or slipping and falling can be a traumatic experience. Beyond that, you may be injured as a result of the incident – hopefully temporarily, but possibly permanently. Personal injury situations are not only stressful, they can be economically difficult between the high costs of medical bills, lost income from being unable to work, and other incidental costs. Furthermore, the emotional turmoil that an injury can cause is massive, from depression over being unable to work or live up to your own standards, to the stress of a spouse or other family members having to take on more responsibility.

In these stressful and difficult times, it is important to find an attorney to manage your case and ensure that you receive the proper medical care as well as the proper compensation for your injuries, any emotional damage, and lost income from being unable to work. The right attorney will be hard working, compassionate, and really take the time to work with you on your case, not just process you as a number.

One attorney that excels in all of these areas in Dan Newlin. His primary office is located in Orlando, Florida although he services a wide range of cities in and around the Orlando area. Furthermore, he has an office in Chicago to serve the Illinois market. Dan Newlin has received a great deal of recognition for his commitment to his clients, hard work, ethical practice, and of course, the fact that he has recovered millions and millions of dollars for his clients. Mr. Newlin runs a large number of television commercials to help potential clients familiarize themselves with his face, and you can be sure that you will receive individualized care and case management from him, the other attorneys in his office, and his entire support staff.

Sustaining a personal injury can be a scary, painful experience, but the right attorney can make all the difference in the world to facilitate the process and maximize your physical and financial recovery.

Success of Mark Sparks and Significance of Entrepreneurs in the Economy


Marc Sparks is a renowned American businessman who qualifies to be called an entrepreneur. He is also a venture capitalist. Currently, he has multiple portfolio corporations and heads the Timber Creek Capital. As a venture capitalist, Sparks looks for entrepreneurs who can have maximum effect from their presentations. Timber Creek Capital, which is a venture capital company appreciate entrepreneurs who keep their presentations simple, tell a legit story utilizing their data, use visual images and bring out their entire team. To this end, Sparks has been providing start-up capital for different companies that have brilliant ideas. He has been instrumental in offering expert insights into planning of businesses and utilization of strategies besides getting ideas off the ground into reality. 
Over the years, Sparks has been able to acquire knowledge in entrepreneurship and thus, his ability to identify potential start-up companies and assist them establish their spots in the market. Some of the companies that he has brought into existence are Blue Jay wireless and Cardinal Telecom LLC. He played a crucial role in helping them get their ideas from the ground through provision of business plan and start-up capital. Besides being a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur, Sparks spends time on philanthropic causes. One of his philanthropic works is seen at the Samaritan Inn, which is a housing facility that provides shelter, job placement, counseling careers, financial planning and health programs. The facility has been established with the view to helping individuals who are out to help themselves. 
Entrepreneurs are regarded as the pillar of the American economy. Entrepreneurial entities have played a crucial role in enhancing the livelihood of more than 82 million employees who constitute 62% of the workforce. Typical entrepreneurs are hard workers and risk takers. The aspect of risk has seen most of the entrepreneurs take loans using their own homes and possessions as collateral with the view to expand, grow and float new ideas in the market. 
Most entrepreneurs are confident. There is the need for entrepreneurs to have proper planning skills for purposes of making good deals for their entities besides helping others to prosper. The market has a tendency of rewarding enterprises for their innovation and creativity. To this end, enterprises that float new ideas and solutions in the market have the ability to have higher bottom lines than entities that take long to come up with market oriented solutions to client problems. Entrepreneurs ensure that they make swift decisions owing to their confidence to arrive at rational conclusions within a reasonable period. In addition, most entrepreneurs are not comfortable being appraised by the standard of other people. They focus on being different and operating in their spaces where they can provide multiple solutions to market inconsistencies. 
Entrepreneurs play a central role in enhancing the economy through employing people and providing innovative solutions to market problems. Confident and hard working entrepreneurs head most of the American enterprises. Mark Sparks has been instrumental in identifying start-ups and funding them out into the real market.

Rugged, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist – Andy Wirth


Entrepreneur and philanthropist Andy Wirth is the new board member of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Mr. Wirth’s career spans 25 years in the international resort business, and he is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The holding has two resorts in Olympic Valley, California, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. His efforts at Squaw Valley brought upgrades that took the failing resort from the bottom of the pile to place within the top 20 ski resorts in the world. 

In 2013, 49 year old Wirth suffered a skydiving accident leading to the loss of his arm. The arm was surgically reattached. Through his long recovery, he credits the music of Pearl Jam and a team of Navy Seals with keeping his moral up and his outlook hopeful. The accident hasn’t slowed the rugged gentleman down however, and he is up and running races, and going about both business and charitable duties without missing a step. 

Andy Wirth is the grandson of Theodore Wirth. Theodore Wirth is best known for his work in designing and building community parks across the nation. The younger Mr. Wirth was born in West Germany, and has degrees from Colorado State University and Edinburgh University. He worked at both Rocky Mountain National Park and the San Pedro Wilderness as ranger. He is the recipient of multiple community service awards, and he was named Citizen of the Year by U.S.A. Disabled Sports. His philanthropy supports many environmental organizations as well as the Humane Society of Tahoe. He is a member of the Tahoe Fund Founders Circle, and he acts as the chairman for the Lake Tahoe Winter Olympics Committee. 

He is married to real estate lawyer Karen deRidder, and they have three children. They reside in Truckee, California.

Joseph Bismark a Man of Spirituality and Business


I recently came across an article on the blog Bring on the Random about a businessman named Joseph Bismark. Joseph Bismark is a businessman who has found success in his business career through spirituality, which I find quite remarkable. And he has been able to prove that spirituality is beneficial to corporations through his contributions as a board member at Qnet. He was able to gain his spirituality when he became a monk in the Philippines. He then took what he had learned as a monk and applied it to the word of business earning him great success, which I find clearly shows that he is a remarkable spiritual intellect and businessman. I found that much of his skill is seen in how he helped shape and grow the QI group, infusing business practices with spirituality is what has helped the QI group continue to prosper.
Joseph Bismark is a prime example of a person who leads by unorthodox methods. Even though he had obtained a luxurious lifestyle, he was not content. So he became a monk, this is where he gained the knowledge to help himself as well as others in finding happiness and obtaining success, which is one of the reasons I feel that he is a leader with a fresh perspective on business and life. I feel that he realizes that the workplace is not operated by robots, but real people with real emotions and problems which is what makes the blending of his spirituality so effective in enhancing teamwork and overall success.
But Joseph Bismark is so much more than just a leader; he is an author, a motivational speaker, a businessman, and a person devout to spirituality. And he is, at least to me, an overall inspiring figure. I really find the story and methods of Joseph Bismark to be a breath of fresh air. I find it noble how he left his comfortable life of luxury to become a monk to improve not just his life but also those around him. Overall, I have come to find Joseph Bismark to be and inspiring man.

Who Is Dan Newlin?

Dan Newlin is a personal injury attorney who is highly experienced and to date, has recovered in excess $150 million dollars for his clients. The distinct award of Super Lawyer Law Firm has been given to Dan Newlin and his associates because of their fierce desire to succeed.

Attorney Dan Newlines career began in law enforcement when he was 20 years old. He originally worked for the New Chicago, Indiana Fire and Police Department. Subsequently, he accepted a position at the Orange County Sheriff’s office, which was located in Orlando, Florida. Here is where he worked for 10 years and was able to earn the title of Sheriff Detective. In 1997, Dan Newlin was accepted into Florida College of Law. After graduating in 2000, Dan Newlin (YouTube) went on to establish a small law office with one secretary. With hard work and dedication, his boutique law firm is now home to 18 highly experienced attorneys, each of whom possess a unique speciality as pertaining to law.

Attorney Dan Newlin, with his dedicated team of associates pride themselves on helping victims get the money they deserve. With focus on personal injury and accident claims, Dan and his team go above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome of each case. Whether personal injury, automobile and motorcycle accidents, or wrongful death, be vaster that Dan Newlin will do everything possible to win the case and help those who are in need of compensation.

If you or a family member are in need of legal advice or services, let Dan Newlin and his qualified associates work for you. Together, they will give personalized attention to get the job done the way you want. Dan Newlin wants plus clients to know he listens; not only with his mind but with heart as well. Each client will receive unprecedented attention from Dan Newlin and his highly qualified legal team.

Joseph Bismarck’s Health and Wellness Views Impact His Business

One of the topics I am very passionate about is health and wellness. I am always on the search for health and wellness articles and I have stumbled across this article about Joseph Bismark from the blog Left Handed – Right Mind. It starts off talking about his credentials and accomplishments. Then it goes into his views about health and wellness. 

One thing that I have read is that he has very strong beliefs in the importance in maintaining a health and wellness lifestyle. He works on behalf of a foundation which the Qi Group has established for a good chunk of his time. He helps to build entrepreneurship among independent marketers for QNet’s health and wellness product lines. Thanks to his contribution, the company has grown significantly in recent years. He has also inspired people to work together as a team. I’ve learned that Joseph Bismark has qualities such as a dynamic personality which is helpful to his success as a businessman. 

Another thing that I’ve learned from the article is that the company that he is working for is looking for ways to encourage recycling and conservation of energy. Joseph Bismark’s passion about health and wellness is a good match for the product lines of QNet.

Fireman, Policeman, Sheriff, Advocate for the Injured: Meet Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin began his career fighting for the things he believed in. He focused his energy and efforts into the areas where he thought he could do the most good. He identified enemies of ordinary people and became a part of the forces that helped reduce the level of damage done. Fire did damage, and left victims in its wake; Dan fought back as a fireman. Criminals did damage, and left victims in their wake; Dan fought back as a policeman, and later on as a sheriff. Accidents did damage, often leaving a trail of victims whose lives were forever changed; Dan fought back as a dedicated advocate for those victims. Often in this world it seems hard to find anyone that cares. People suffer in the aftermath of devastating occurrences like fire, crime, or accidents. People living in the state of Florida can easily find someone that cares, is capable, and has a passion to help.
Although his days of fighting fire and crime are now behind him, Dan Newlin is on a new quest. He is seeking justice for accident victims, and he brings with him the same intense fighting spirit that is the Newlin trademark. Dan and his team of experienced advocates have earned settlements that collectively total in the multi millions, and are experts in addressing some of the more common, and questionable, tactics used by insurance companies.
Another lesser known activity of Dan Newlin is his passion for charitable efforts. In 2010 he created The Dan Newlin Miracle Project. Through this organization Mr. Newlin has raised money to help families with a seriously ill loved one. He partnered with Arnold Palmers Children’s Hospital, and Hugz from Bugz founder Chad Ebbert, to bring hope and motivation to children battling cancer. Several activities took place to bring smiles to those who desperately need something to smile about. Clearly Dan Newlin has a passion for giving to others, and clearly he intends to continue pursuing his passion. Fighting for justice, bringing hope to the hopeless, and having fun doing it all. Well done Mr. Newlin, well done.

Dr. Daniel Amen: Dealing With Health Issues Through Brain Health and Knowledge

Dr. Daniel Amen is a world famous brain specialist and psychiatrist who has made a dramatic impact on health through his research on the brain. Amen is a two- board certified psychiatrist whose resume includes achievements in writing more than sixty scholarly journal articles, appearing in several films dealing with brain and personality issues. His repertoire includes regular tv appearances including Dr. Oz who has been quoted as saying “Dr. Amen is is one of the most gifted minds in science”.

Dr. Amen specializes in child, adolescent and adult psychiatry and nuclear brain imaging. His research into damages suffered by professional football players resulted in a consciousness-raising movement and in curative and preventative measures. He has been influential in philanthropic efforts such as the Saddleback Church’s “Daniel Plan” which works with religious organizations to promote health.

His scientific articles have been published in Molecular Psychiatry, Nature’s Transcendental Psychiatry, the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and many others.He has been termed by Sharecare the “web’s number one most influential mental health expert and advocate”. His online following is huge.

Dr. Amen operates a multi-site clinic and online support page for those seeking better all around health through understanding brain function. Preventative medicine is the best way and the site offers information on how to get comprehensive brain scans, SPECT imaging (Single-Proton-Emission-Computed Tomography), brain healthy habit support, lifestyle and supplement pages.

Dr. Amen’s teaching of proactive brain care and research into brain scan technology and applications to curative and preventative measures have made a significant impact on the lives of many.Anaylzing brain patterns and searching for means to deal with the variety of ADD are another contribution to quality of life for many more.

Dr. Amen’s achievements are matched by his dedication to better health for all and his compassion for others. He represents the best role model for a physician imagineable.

For more information on Daniel Amen’s contributions to the medical field, check out his Huffington Post bio.