Red Light Drama

Red Flax is a red light camera company based in Phoenix, Arizona that is currently under investigation for their involvement in federal bribery. A state senator from Cincinnati, Ohio is currently working to eliminate the use of red light cameras in his State. Senator Bill Seitz noted that the investigation of the red light camera company adds a new dimension to the notion that the red light cameras and their existence are all about money. The red light scandal has prompted the senator to request that cities sue their state on the red light issue and drop any lawsuits that are in the works. He also called for cities to refund fines to drivers that were entrapped. The former chief executive of the company pled guilty to the bribery conspiracy in which she tried to get or keep contracts that were established in Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio. Documents show that the CEO of the company was giving politicians thousands of dollars in monetary compensation if they promised to install the red light cameras. Andrew Ginther is currently running for mayor in Columbus, Ohio. Ginther has been working diligently to help with the bribery investigation but keeps the notion that he was not linked to any wrongdoing. He is not a target, subject, focus, or person of interest in the federal investigation. Ginther and Seitz want to do what’s best for the wrongly fined citizens of Cincinnati and Columbus

Thanks to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital for showing me this news.

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