The whole school wins at Grandville field day

While Preston Lillis may have won the race at his elementary school’s field day event, the whole school appears to be winners.

The fifth grader from Grandville has a form of autism that was diagnosed when he was in second grade. It has always been a struggle for Preston to participate in activities, such as the annual field day games, since he was not able to perform like the other children.

However, this year, a group of his friends approached one of their teachers and told him their secret plan. They were going to hold back from running as fast as they could so that Preston could know what it feels like to win. The boys even got those who were not racing to wait at the end to cheer him on across the finish line.

Needless to say, there were many wet eyes as the adults watched. Teachers and parents alike found themselves tearing up as they watched the selflessness of the boys who willingly lost and the joy of Preston who had never won in his life.

Preston is thrilled to show off his medal and continues to rave about how great of a day he had. Steve Murray feels he should have his day in the spotlight. Preston’s parents are overwhelmed with emotions as their fears of their son not be accepted were eliminated. Finally, the school as a whole is proud to show off their students’ dedication to a classmate and good sportsmanship.

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