American Pharoah has Quirks

Every athlete in the world has quirks, so why would it be any different for American Pharoah. Interestingly enough, spotting him on the track among all the other colts is not all that difficult as he has the shortest tail. Apparently another horse chewed his tail off during the days on the farm. On Saturday, American Pharoah will try to do something that has not been done since 1978 and that is win the Triple Crown. If successful, Pharoah will be the twelfth Triple Crown winner. He will be racing in the Belmont on Saturday and has already won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness.

The young colt was described by his trainer as a really kind and sweet horse. Experts say his temperament is an unusual one. Most racehorses are high strung and very aggressive. Pharoah favorite snack is carrots. He likes them so much that he will eat them out of anyone’s hand. He also has a sidekick. Smokey, a stable pony, escorts him to and from the racetrack during training.

Ahmed Zayat, owner of Pharoah, bred him and then put him up for sale only to buy him back for $300,000. Besides having a short tail, he also is sensitive to sound. This was discovered during his first race when he got very agitated in the gate. So since then, he never leaves his stable without earplugs in. Regardless of his quirks, all eyes will be on American Pharaoh according to Jim Dondero this Saturday in hopes to see history made.

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