Over 100 Credit Card Skimmers Discovered at Florida Gas Stations, Authorities Urge Consumer Vigilance

Officials from Florida’s Department agriculture and Consumer Services, announced they have found over 100 credit card skimmers around the state. The skimmers were found at gas stations across Florida. The department launched an investigation into credit card skimming more than three months ago.

The devices were discovered at all different gas stations. No one company seems to be more targeted than others, according to the report. Credit card skimmers can be attached to pay stations at gas station pumps in seconds. They are usually attached by individuals not directly connected to the gas station or its employees.

According to the investigation, the skimmers are placed for several days or weeks at a time, and all data is stored within the device. The scammer comes back and retrieves the device at a later date. They can then access the stored credit card data for identity theft purchases.

Skimmers are thought to be the most common form of identity theft according to those at BMG. The devices are relatively cheap, and can be installed in seconds. They slip over traditional gas pump card readers. Everything goes through as normal, but the data is stored on the device. Skimmers are most commonly seen in gas stations, but they have also been discovered at RedBox kiosks.

Consumers in Florida are being urged to pay for their gasoline in cash, or to go inside to pay via debit card. The investigation is still open at this time.

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