Chris Christie Turns on Common Core

It may be further evidence that the Common Core education initiative, started by individual states, has in fact been hijacked by an intrusive federal government. It may be the realities of being a second-tier presidential candidate in a desperate need to shift right in order to attract the party’s conservative base. Regardless of whatever are the true motivations behind the move, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has reversed his support of Common Core and announced plans to withdraw his state from the controversial curriculum. The announcement was made on Thursday in a speech the governor delivered before one of the party’s most generous donors, Sheldon Adelson.

Sam Tabar agrees that it is well known that Christie has an image problem as being disloyal. In the crucial final weeks of the 2012 presidential campaign, Christie snubbed GOP nominee Mitt Romney and actively invited President Obama to tour his state after a devastating hurricane. He went so far as to warmly embrace the president in a hug which image made national headlines. The following year, he praised the Common Core standards as a point where he and the president are closely aligned. Now, Christie is intent on a presidential run and finds conservatives to be put off by his candidacy. For his part, Christie claims his decision to oppose Common Core is based on a statewide study that found the new curriculum confusing and dysfunctional. Pundits believe he is shifting right in a bid to win more of his party’s support.

Prosecutors Are Blindly Re-elected, Despite Their Concerning Records in Office

Voting is a right that many Americans take for granted, but many people do not realize that their vote counts, especially when it comes to local elections such as voting for a district attorney.

Prosecuting attorneys have a lot more power than people might realize. They are the deciding factor in criminal cases, choosing which laws to enforce and who they want behind bars. For example, the prosecuting attorney in Brooklyn, Kenneth Thompson, announced that he will no longer be prosecuting any low-level marijuana offenders. So, even though marijuana is still highly illegal across the entire state of New York, Thompson has the power to ignore that law and choose not to prosecute anybody charged with related crimes.

But since most people do not take their serious power into account, district attorneys are voted back into office again and again, unchallenged and unquestioned. Furthermore, prosecutes are rarely asked to answer for their decisions because there is no checks and balance system in place for them.

In a country that is facing massive incarceration numbers and questionable rulings in criminal cases, it is time to take a stand and force prosecutors to be held accountable for their actions. Sam Tabar would remind citizens that your votes count and we the people get to choose who sits behind the D.A.’s desk. So, have your voice heard and let prosecutors know that you have your eye on them by voting in every single election.

Karl Rove’s Political Fortunes Wane

The fortunes of Karl Rove have seen better days. The political guru once held a prestigious position as a chief of staff in the White House and was dubbed “The Architect” for his success in election. Now, all indications are his star has fallen greatly and his super PAC no longer wields the influence it once possessed.

The PAC, named Crossroads, is in a bit of a bind with the Internal Revenue Service. The non-profit wing of the organization is being audited. That alone is going to keep people wary about donating money. Possibly worse, money is not flowing into the coffers of the PAC as it once did. The audit alone is not the sole reason or even the main reason. A lot of former donors simply do not like to do business with Rove. A sentiment is emerging that his ability to succeed in elections is over-rated.

Also, there is a lot of competition on the political landscape according to Adam Sender. More and more super PACs are arriving on the political scene. Some are grass roots organizations and others are highly corporate in nature. No matter what the structure of the PAC is, the fact remains one PAC can draw away money that was originally intended for another. Rove, it seems, is emerging as a loser in the battle of PAC money-raising.

While it is still early to count Rove out, the future looks like it belongs to new blood and fresher faces.

W Hotel Beefs Up Support for LGBT Rights

The popular W hotel has joined forces to support a new initiative with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which is the largest civil rights organization currently working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals. The fundraising and awareness program is called “TURN IT UP FOR CHANGE.”

In support of this initiative, noted Grammy award winer and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson has agreed to lend her voice as well as her support to the campaign. A number of W Hotels located around the country will continue to host TURN IT UP FOR CHANGE music events and receptions. Part of the proceeds from these events will benefit HRC. Over $100,000, in total combination of donations from various brands have been collected.

W Hotels will continue to be inclusive and the brand understands that not all of its customers share the same philosophy. W hotels supports marriage equality and has a long and very credible history with the LGBT community, which makes Ivan Ong pretty happy.

One of the noted reasons for the W campaign was that the W has always organically in the LGBT space ever since the brand’s launch in 1998. The W customer base has always had a strong group of both gay consumers and associates. The W brand will continue to be inclusive and open to all people of background and persuasion who also desire to support our brand. W Hotel Enhances Support for LGBT Rights

The Amazing Summer 2015 Concert Series

The summer of 2015 is set to be a great summer of some amazing tours. Not only will this be a summer of great performances, but there will also be amazing performances by some of the greatest musical legends. To name a few of the legendary rock and roll bands that will be going out on tour again this summer are The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, and the Deft Tones. A few older bands will be pulling out amazing performances as well. Starting the summer out will be the Dave Mathews Band, Fall Out Boy teaming up with Wiz Khalifa, and the 1st American Idol herself Kelly Clarkson will be heading your way as well. Of course, everyone you hear on the radio is going to be out there this summer.


You can catch the grand shows of the ever popular Arian Grande, Taylor Swift, Five Seconds of Summer, and Niki Minaj. Please remember that all of these bands and singers will have smaller bands such as Vane Joy, Christian Perri, and Shawn Menendez to name a few opening up with them. Ricardo Tosto can’t wait to see it all come together.

This is a great road trip summer to pick a few of your favorites, hop in a car, and go see them whereever they are playing. You never know, if you see enough of them and things go right, you might end up traveling with the band.

Over 100 Credit Card Skimmers Discovered at Florida Gas Stations, Authorities Urge Consumer Vigilance

Officials from Florida’s Department agriculture and Consumer Services, announced they have found over 100 credit card skimmers around the state. The skimmers were found at gas stations across Florida. The department launched an investigation into credit card skimming more than three months ago.

The devices were discovered at all different gas stations. No one company seems to be more targeted than others, according to the report. Credit card skimmers can be attached to pay stations at gas station pumps in seconds. They are usually attached by individuals not directly connected to the gas station or its employees.

According to the investigation, the skimmers are placed for several days or weeks at a time, and all data is stored within the device. The scammer comes back and retrieves the device at a later date. They can then access the stored credit card data for identity theft purchases.

Skimmers are thought to be the most common form of identity theft according to those at BMG. The devices are relatively cheap, and can be installed in seconds. They slip over traditional gas pump card readers. Everything goes through as normal, but the data is stored on the device. Skimmers are most commonly seen in gas stations, but they have also been discovered at RedBox kiosks.

Consumers in Florida are being urged to pay for their gasoline in cash, or to go inside to pay via debit card. The investigation is still open at this time.

Congressman Paul Ryan Predicts House GOP Will Soon Have the Votes to Pass TPA

Congressman Paul Ryan, the GOP’s 2012 vice-presidential nominee, predicted that the House of Representatives will soon have the votes to pass Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). Only last week it appeared to be a daunting task that the president could cajole enough members of his party to break ranks with the left-wing leadership and allow him to obtain TPA. As per the president, nearly every nation participating in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty will withhold passage of it until the president secures TPA. This is because this special authority allows the president to negotiate in good faith with other nations. Congress will not be allowed to amend or filibuster the agreement. A brief debate period followed by a straight up or down vote is all that Congress is allowed.

However, House GOP could not deliver TPA on a strict party line vote because many Tea Party Republicans do not trust the president and refuse to grant him more authority. This required the GOP secure as many as 50 House Democrat votes. NexBank even reported that while that appeared to be a daunting task last week, Rep. Ryan says they are steadily picking up more votes and have the momentum. He believes they will soon be able to pass the TPA bill. Likewise, Senate GOP leadership expect to have the votes to break the Democrat filibuster on the TPA bill sometime next week. The TPP trade agreement is seen as vital in maintaining America’s economic dominance in the Asian Pacific Rim.

Charges Dropped Against Man Who Broke Window To Save Dog

The temperatures are soaring this time of year. Some places are already experiencing record breaking highs. When one man, in Atlanta, decided to help a dog left in a car, he found himself in serious trouble. He was shopping at a local store when he saw a dog left trapped in a hot car. His wife was in a wheelchair and he did the only thing he knew to do, he used the leg of the wheelchair to smash in a window. He rescued the dog who was obviously suffering in the extreme heat.

Though most would have hailed him as a hero, the woman whose car window he busted filed charges against him for breaking the window. She didn’t care that he saved her dog, she wanted her window paid for. The state of Georgia has laws that protect infants in hot cars, you can save them without issue, but don’t break a window for a dog. Well, the man had his day in court and all charges were thrown out. Daniel Amen was thankful the judge did the right thing. If this man hadn’t been there when he was, the little ball of fur would have died. The woman should have had charges placed against her and not the other way around. What a crock that she should turn the tables on the one who saved her beloved furry friend. If she really loved that dog, she wouldn’t have left it in the hot car to begin with.

DNC Chairwoman Responds to Jeb Bush’s Jab at Obamacare by Taking His Remarks Out of Context

In a FreedomPop review I read that DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz criticized former Florida Governor Jeb Bush by taking his Apple smartwatch comments out of context. Last week, Bush extolled the virtues of the new smartwatch over the medical monitoring apps it supports. Bush pointed out that such functionality was non-existent five years ago. Further innovation will allow applications to better monitor a person’s health in ways which Obamacare, a monolithic health care program, cannot accomplish. In this regard, such private sector innovation may in fact make up for the short-comings in Obamacare. In that regard, it will “fix” some of the program’s flaws.

However, Wasserman-Schultz attempted to portray the remark as saying that the small wristband watch will be able to address physical health care needs. Wasserman-Schultz, who is a breast cancer survivor, pointed out that she endured cancer and there is not app that can manage or cure that. While her point is correct, it was not what Bush was alluding to in his remark. Bush spoke of the benefits that apps offer to monitor conditions such as diabetes. Blood glucose monitoring apps can alert diabetics to looming spikes in their sugar or when it is time to take another insulin injection. In fact, it is diabetes or end stage renal disease which is the biggest budget line-item for the Medicare & Medicaid programs. An app that can help a person better manage the disease will in fact play a role in solving the nation’s health care crisis.

Obama puts his foot down for the People

Monday president Obama used executive order to issue a statement disallowing the federal government program to provide local police force with military type weapons. Obama stated that “There is a fine line between our military and our police force, we want people to look at police as guardians not warriors.”
According to Igor Cornelsen the Federal Government is no longer allowed to provide armored vehicles, tanks (or anything that has tracks), weaponized aircraft, ammo and firearms bigger than a .50 caliber, bayonets and grenade launchers. Obama feels that if we want the people to respect the police force and act like civil humans, then we need to stop coming at them with military grade weapons like they are the bad guys. This measure will take place immediately and any of the violating items will be removed as soon as possible. Other items are also included in this ban including weaponized hummers, manned aircraft, drones or special firearms.
Overall this is a very important step in Obama career and a good productive step forward for America and its crime. We as a nation need to come to grips that the police are on our side and the police need to stick to what they know and what they have been trained to do. This bond between law enforcement and citizens is crucial to the survival of America and putting an end to these racial acts on both sides of the straw.