14 Migrants Killed in Train Accident in Macedonia, Highlighting the Migrant Struggle in Europe

Fourteen migrant workers were killed Thursday evening when they were struck by a train as they walked along a canyon in the city of Veles in Macedonia, according to police. The migrants killed are believe to be a part of a group of roughly 40 migrants who were walking towards the European Union in hopes of finding asylum. They are all believed to originate from Afghanistan and Somalia, according to AP reports.

The train, which was headed to Belgrade, Serbia from Thessaloniki, Greece, struck the migrants when it failed to break in time. While this incident brings the highest death toll, similar accidents have occurred in the past. According to experts, migrants often walk along the tracks in an attempt to guide their journey and to avoid police officers and border control agents. Five accidents were reported over a two month period in 2014 leaving five to six people dead, according to reports.

This accident further highlights the issue of migrants in the European Union and the great risks they take to abandon their home countries in an attempt to find a more prosperous and safer life. In recent months, several stories read by Jason Halpern have surfaced regarding migrants struggling to enter the European Union. Over the course of five months, several boats filled with migrant workers have been abandoned in the water surrounding Italy according to numerous sources like TheRealDeal.com. Often times, the boats are set on a course and abandoned by crew. The Italian Coast Guard has intercepted several, bringing the migrants and the boat to safety.

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