Archeologists Find Stone Tools That Date Back 3.3 Million Years

How long has the human species been on Earth? The answer changes after each new discovery. The latest tool discovery in Kenya points to the ancestors of humans hunting for food over 3.3 million years ago. That’s about 700,000 years earlier than the Homo family hunted. This group of humanoids used stone tools to hunt for food and to make other items. These early humans had the ability to live off the land. But if there were humans living at that time using stone tools couldn’t there have been humans that were more sophisticated living in other parts of the world?

That question can’t been answered emphatically until there’s proof that more civilized humans live around the same time as these primitive humans. When we look at the world population and examine the diversity that exists in the various cultures, we can assume that this sort of social structure is not unique to this age and time. There had to be other cultures living at the same time or before that were more advanced socially and functionally than this particular homo family.

The question of when and how humans first appeared on Earth will continue to fascinate many like Bruce Karatz for years, but as our technology and awareness grow the answers to these kinds of questions will become more obvious.

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