It Took All 7 Of Her Children Getting Whooping Cough To Change This Anti-Vaxxers Mind

A mother of seven from Ottawa, Canada, Tara Hill has turned her back on the anti-vaxxers movement. The irony is she is only doing it now from quarantine, as all seven of her children have whooping cough . They may also have infected Hill’s 5 month old niece who is too young to be vaccinated.

Hill was a staunch believer in the anti-vaxxer movement up until her brother-in-law brought the whooping cough into her nearly vaccine free household. Hill reported how she watched as her youngest child coughed so hard that it was almost like choking. When her mother told her she hadn’t seen anything like since Hill was a child, something finally clicked for her. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG was definitely touched by it all.

Tara Hill did a search of several medical websites and discovered the symptoms her children were displaying – all her children- were that of whooping cough. She stated how she feared the, Big Pharma , and struggled with her fears of them, but has now reversed her beliefs to save her family.

The anti-vaxxer movement started and took hold when a pastor, Terri Pearsons, from Eagle Mountain International Church criticized the vaccines while their church was facing an outbreak of measles. The congregation listened to the pastor and the accusations that vaccines were the blame for autism and began refusing vaccinations. With their refusal, measles quickly spread throughout the congregation, staff and day care.

Even in the face of un-vaccinated children becoming sick and the report of diseases spreading, some parents still hold to the belief that it is their right not to vaccinate.

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